• Decades 100 Years of Style & Fashion

    Decades 100 Years of Style & Fashion
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    ISBN: 9781408806364
    Title: Decades 100 Years of Style & Fashion

    Cameron Silver runs the most glamorous vintage boutique in L.A., where Hollywood royalty go to find couture that is totally unique and utterly timeless. He is an expert at taking the finest clothing from the past and giving it a second life--and this is whatDecadesis all about. It's the story--from Cameron's contemporary perspective--of twentieth-century style and innovation. The syles he showcases, along with his perceptive and witty commentary, dispel many of our preconceptions about decades past: the Edwardians weren't all buttoned up after all, the ubiquitous Audrey Hepburn wasn't the only fashion icon of the fifties, and yes, it was actually possible to dress with elegance in the eighties.Each chapter opens with a pair of women who epitomize rival hot trends, decade by decade--like the luminous Cheryl Tiegs, with her sunshine sexiness, versus Bianca Jagger, the dark disco goddess of Studio 54. The chapters close with a designer of the decade: think Chanel, YSL, and Dior at their most fabulous. Cut tall and slender, the book features 200 archival images of vintage fashions that still look stunningly modern. It's a bubbly, beautiful, spirited volume that will make you see style in a totally new way.

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