• Biba Decade 1963-1975
    Biba Decade 1963-1975
    ISBN: 9781851777990
    Title: Biba Decade 1963-1975

    A revealing look at the fashion revolution of the 1960s and '70s through the groundbreaking, hip, and now-legendary London emporium Biba, this book looks at "the most beautiful store in the world." Biba, founded in 1963 by designer Barbara Hulanicki, quickly gained cult status and outgrew several locations before the five-story "Big Biba" opened in 1973. More than a store, it was a haven of cool for artists, movie stars, and rock musicians. This book tells the story of the Biba decade, and how the label revolutionized retail and fashion culture. With a wealth of previously unpublished material, including full-color facsimiles of the six luxurious Biba catalogs and archival photographs, "The Biba Decade" looks at the first retailer to bring affordable fashion to young consumers. Stunning new photography documents the unique Biba look, and the designer and her contemporaries offer their personal insights.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $85.00
  • Birds of Paradise: Costume as Cinematic Spectacle
    Birds of Paradise: Costume as Cinematic Spectacle
    ISBN: 9783863352189
    Title: Birds of Paradise: Costume as Cinematic Spectacle

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $134.00
  • Black in Fashion Wearing the Colour Black in Nz
    Black in Fashion Wearing the Colour Black in Nz
    ISBN: 9780473194734
    Title: Black in Fashion Wearing the Colour Black in Nz
    Author: DE PONT DORIS

    The history of black in fashion, society and culture in New Zealand

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Bloom: Navigating Life & Style
    Bloom: Navigating Life & Style
    ISBN: 9781785033650
    Title: Bloom: Navigating Life & Style

    âe~Bloom is a dream for me. I cannot believe I have been given the opportunity to share some thoughts and ideas that I wish were available to me in a book when I was growing up. By exploring the different aspects of my life that are important to me, such as travel, fashion, interiors and more, I hope to give you an honest perspective on the lessons I've learned along the way and why they are meaningful to me.

    Bloom is not a book about living the perfect lifestyle, it's about giving you the confidence to find the lifestyle that is perfect for you.âe(tm) Estée Lalonde

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Blue Blooded
    Blue Blooded
    ISBN: 9783899556469
    Title: Blue Blooded

    Jeans are equal parts subculture and establishment. Worn as both work clothes and luxury fashion, they are practically universal. This book contains everything you need--and want--to know about jeans.Denim embodies authenticity, rebellion, workwear, and the old west. Denim hunters tirelessly search ghost towns for vintage jeans. Families weave heritage cloth for generations. Craftsman on foreign shores preserve the old ways while designers back home redefine the iconic five-pocket look. And all of us trade stories of how we got that perfect fade.Blue Blooded is the story of denim and denim culture: The secrets of selvedge. The true origins of the Osaka Five. The immigrants and inventors in the Wild West who created jeans. Exclusive profiles of the independent designers and makers invigorating the denim scene, like 3sixteen and Iron Heart, along with forces like Levi's that shaped the industry. No other garment has the iconic status of jeans. Jeans are never out of fashion, and they will continue to outlive other sartorial trends for the foreseeable future.A contemporary overview of our favorite article of clothing, Blue Blooded introduces traditional brands as well as designers who are stirring up the industry. The book covers the topic of jeans in its entirety--from their rivets to their various washes and from their cultural history to a recommended selection of stores where they can be bought. And, of course, the things every denimhead needs to know: How to wash--or not wash--your jeans. How denim is made. And how denim makes us who we are.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $120.00
  • Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories to Inspire Confidence - Start-to-finish Makeup Techniques to Achieve Fabulous Looks
    Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories to Inspire Confidence - Start-to-finish Makeup Techniques to Achieve Fabulous Looks
    ISBN: 9780811877046
    Title: Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories to Inspire Confidence - Start-to-finish Makeup Techniques to Achieve Fabulous Looks
    Author: BROWN BOBBI

    From best-selling author and global makeup mogul Bobbi Brown, this beauty guide presents Bobbi's Pretty Powerful philosophy and inspires women to use makeup to be their best selves. With step-by-step application instructions, face charts breaking down the different looks, and personal stories from real women and celebrities, this book outlines the best tricks and techniques Bobbi has culled from her remarkable career in the beauty industry.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Bodies
    ISBN: 9780312427207
    Title: Bodies
    Author: ORBACH SUSIE

    Esteemed Psychotherapist and writer Susie Orbach diagnoses the crisis in our relationship to our bodies and points the way toward a process of healing. Throughout the Western world, people have come to believe that general dissatisfaction can be relieved by some change in their bodies. Here Susie Orbach explains the origins of this condition, and examines its implications for all of us. Challenging the Freudian view that bodily disorders originate and progress in the mind, Orbach argues that we should look at self-mutilation, obesity, anorexia, and plastic surgery on their own terms, through a reading of the body itself. Incorporating the latest research from neuropsychology, as well as case studies from her own practice, she traces many of these fixations back to the relationship between mothers and babies, to anxieties that are transferred unconsciously, at a very deep level, between the two. Orbach reveals how vulnerable our bodies are, how susceptible to every kind of negative stimulus - from a nursing infant sensing a mother's discomfort to a grown man or woman feeling inadequate because of a model on a billboard. That vulnerability makes the stakes right now tremendously high. In the past several decades, a globalized media has overwhelmed us with images of an idealized, westernized body, and conditioned us to see any exception to that ideal as a problem. The body has become an object, a site of production and commerce in and of itself. Instead of our bodies making things, we now make our bodies. Susie Orbach reveals the true dimensions of the crisis, and points the way toward healing and acceptance.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Body by Science: a Research-based Program for Strength Training, Body Building, & Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week
    Body by Science: a Research-based Program for Strength Training, Body Building, & Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week
    ISBN: 9780071597173
    Title: Body by Science: a Research-based Program for Strength Training, Body Building, & Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week
    Author: LITTLE JOHN

    Building muscle has never been faster or easier than with this revolutionary once-a-week training program

    In "Body By Science," bodybuilding powerhouse John Little teams up with fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff to present a scientifically proven formula for maximizing muscle development in just 12 minutes a week. Backed by rigorous research, the authors prescribe a weekly high-intensity program for increasing strength, revving metabolism, and building muscle for a total fitness experience.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $44.00

  • Boot
    ISBN: 9781856696630
    Title: Boot

    The Boot is an elegant showcase of cutting-edge boots from around the world, designed by the worlds greatest footwear designers. The book explores the obsession, the fetish and the fashions associated with this iconic form of footwear. From riding boots to knee-high stilettos, from ankle boots to thigh-high lacers, The Boot will speak volumes to style-savvy shoe fashionistas. The book kicks off with a historical essay that charts the boots emergence from a primitive, felt-lined leather hide to a prime fashion artefact. In-depth spreads on the most important shoe designers working today, with photographs and illustrations of their recent creations, give a greater insight into their inspirations and techniques. The pictures are accompanied by anecdotes and descriptions, including details of materials, craft techniques, heel and toe styles, embroidery, beading and embellishment. Factual, informative and fun to read, The Boot promises to be the first history of boots ever published.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $84.00
  • Born-Again Vintage: 25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent & Recycle Your Wardrobe
    Born-Again Vintage: 25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent & Recycle Your Wardrobe
    ISBN: 9780307405272
    Title: Born-Again Vintage: 25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent & Recycle Your Wardrobe

    Fashion designer Bridgett Artise believes in second chances--a philosophy that extends all the way to her clothing line, B. Artise Originals. Fashion gave her a second chance at happiness and success, and, in turn, she gives vintage garments that have lost their luster another chance at being fashionable. Mixing contemporary clothing with the best elements of a vintage piece--like the collar of a funky fifties housedress or the pockets of a seventies-style jacket--and piecing them back together in a whole new way, she creates one-of-a-kind garments that are both trend setting and timeless.

    An old-fashioned ruffled shirt with terrific buttons, plus an inexpensive tank top, can become a unique top. A poodle skirt and that so-last-year's knee-length cardigan sweater can be turned into anything from a mini-poncho to a structured tube top. With fashions for every season, Born-Again Vintage contains patterns for:

    -Pants that pair perfectly with winter boots and a sweater dress that's sexy and simple
    -A cropped jacket + sweater corset that are perfect for a flirty spring fling
    -Dresses + bags to keep summer easy and breezy
    -Pretty-in-a-blink dresses + accessories for a big night out

    Born-Again Vintage updates the trends of fashion eras gone by and brings the unparalleled quality of vintage into a new age. Complete with a vintage shopping guide, handy style tips, and ideas for reinventing disused cast-offs, Born-Again Vintage is a must-have for vintage shoppers and sewers alike.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $63.00

  • Bow Tie Book
    Bow Tie Book
    ISBN: 9780789329196
    Title: Bow Tie Book
    Author: HANCOCK J

    The perfect adornment for the bookshelves of today's modern gentleman, The Bow Tie Book is the first illustrated book devoted to the classic menswear accessory. "If you have a swagger, a bow tie can be a badge of courage...The bow is not for the timid of heart...but a beautifully asymmetrical, slightly tousled bow is a perfect look for a romantic nonconformist man of style." --GQ style writer Glenn O'BrienFrom its humble beginnings around the necks of seventeenth-century Croatian mercenaries, the bow tie has evolved to become one of the signature accessories in the modern gentleman's wardrobe. Once relegated to the uniforms of nerds, waiters, and wedding parties, bow ties now adorn the collars of men of all ages and appear on the runways of Paris and London as well as the streets of Brooklyn and Silver Lake. More than an accessory, bow ties tell the world you are a man of style, substance, and individuality; a man who likes to stand out in a crowd but is polite; a man who respects himself and those around him enough to put his best foot forward; a man of whimsy, intelligence, and imagination. The Bow Tie Book includes a brief history of the bow tie and features more than 100 full-color and black-and-white photographs of bow tie-wearing men, along with quotes and essays from bow tie wearers, designers, and their admirers. It also includes over 20 full-color illustrations created specially for this book by noted artist James Gulliver Hancock, as well as a fully illustrated and removable "How to Tie a Bow Tie" cheat sheet. The Bow Tie Book makes the perfect gift for the uniquely stylish man.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Breaking Free of Bingeing & Dieting: 30 Things Women Need to Know
    Breaking Free of Bingeing & Dieting: 30 Things Women Need to Know
    ISBN: 9780901221117
    Title: Breaking Free of Bingeing & Dieting: 30 Things Women Need to Know

    Essential information on the subjects of bingeing, dieting and body image. This book destroys some of the myths surrounding bingeing and dieting, and provides encouragement to take the first steps towards breaking free of them.
    Author bio: Lena Cromartie, MNZAC, MBACP (accred), is a qualified and experienced specialist counsellor and life coach who works in the field of eating and body image difficulties. She runs a private therapeutic practice called Freedom with Food.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $19.00
  • Bright Lights Paris: How to Shop, Dine, & Live Parisian Style
    Bright Lights Paris: How to Shop, Dine, & Live Parisian Style
    ISBN: 9780425280706
    Title: Bright Lights Paris: How to Shop, Dine, & Live Parisian Style
    Author: NILES ANGIE

    The Parisian woman sparks admiration and envy wherever she goes. But as honorary French girl Angie Niles knows, there are as many ways to be Parisian as there are arrondissements. Find out what Parisian women wear, where they shop and hang out with their friends, the chicest decor tricks and how to cook and entertain - as if you just rolled out of bed and onto the cobblestone streets of Le Marais.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $55.00
  • Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion
    Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion
    ISBN: 9782080202697
    Title: Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion

    Legendary actress Brigitte Bardot led fashion revolutions throughout her career; this retrospective includes BB s comments on her iconic style in a rare, intimate interview. Brigitte Bardot is a style icon whose legacy has undeniably shaped the face of fashion as we know it. She was discovered by a magazine editor at only 14 years old, her career blossomed as the world emerged from the ashes of World War II. She found fame and admiration on the big screen in the 1950s and then became the fiery sex symbol of the groovy and liberated 1960s. Over the course of her career, all of the great French designers including Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, and Pierre Cardin outfitted Bardot on- and offscreen. In photographs that capture her attending receptions by Queen Elizabeth II and Charles de Gaulle or on glamorous visits to the United States, in fashion shoots and on film sets, or relaxing on a grassy field, this volume illustrates all the key looks that BB wore and brought to the international spotlight as she invented and edited her own highly imitated style. In an extensive and extremely rare interview, accompanied by her personal comments on the photographs, Bardot explains the context of the often vanguard fashions she wore, making headlines wherever she went. Evoking French style and the glamour of St. Tropez, her legacy endures from ballerina slippers with sweeping skirts to figure-hugging knitwear, gingham fabrics and gypsy dresses, kohl eyeliner and tousled hair."

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $75.00
  • Brooklyn Street Style
    Brooklyn Street Style
    ISBN: 9781419717956
    Title: Brooklyn Street Style
    Author: DAHL SHAWN

    Brooklyn style is edgy, creative, and often localised by neighbourhood. It’s not about chasing labels. It is stylish on its own terms, and it is dressing for life. Brooklyn Street Style explores what has made the borough a global trendsetter through more than 200 striking street-style photographs, as well as style advice from a host of Brooklyn tastemakers. This diverse crew of notable women in the design, fashion, food, and entertainment worlds includes style expert Mary Alice Stephenson, chef Leslie Parks, Girls costume designer Jenn Rogien, and award-winning actor and playwright Eisa Davis. Chapters distill trends – from the maker movement to eco-conscious fashion – and highlight some of the most exciting designers and boutiques. For both visitors and Brooklynites alike, the guide concludes with a detailed neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood listing of essential shops, markets, restaurants, and bars.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Bunny Mellon The Pursuit of Perfection
    Bunny Mellon The Pursuit of Perfection
    ISBN: 9781455588749
    Title: Bunny Mellon The Pursuit of Perfection
    Author: GORDON MERYL

    A new biography of Bunny Mellon, the style icon and American aristocrat who designed the White House Rose Garden for her friend JFK and served as a living witness to 20th Century American history, operating in the high-level arenas of politics, diplomacy, art and fashion.
    Bunny Mellon, who died in 2014 at age 103, was press-shy during her lifetime. With the co-operation of Bunny Mellon's family, author Meryl Gordon received access to thousands of pages of her letters, diaries and appointment calendars and has interviewed more than 175 people to capture the spirit of this talented American original.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Burlesque Handbook
    Burlesque Handbook
    ISBN: 9780061782190
    Title: Burlesque Handbook
    Author: WELDON JO

    'The Burlesque Handbook' is the no-holds-barred, totally feisty, pocket-sized manual for the aspiring, the practicing, and the admiring burlesque fan.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Bust Diy Guide to Life Making Your Way Through Every Day
    Bust Diy Guide to Life Making Your Way Through Every Day
    ISBN: 9781584798965
    Title: Bust Diy Guide to Life Making Your Way Through Every Day

    Whether it's sewing clothes, making cheese, or growing a garden, the modern appeal of "do-it-yourself" projects has a broader reach than ever. And who better to teach us how to DIY our lives than the über-crafty editors of BUST, the quirky, raw, and real magazine "for women who have something to get off their chests"? In The BUST DIY Guide to Life, magazine founders Debbie Stoller (of Stitch 'n Bitch fame) and Laurie Henzel have culled more than 250 of the best DIY and craft projects from its 15-year history. Organized by category--beauty and health, fashion, food and entertaining, career, finance, travel, and sex--and written in BUST's trademark brazen and witty style, this quintessential DIY encyclopedia from the quintessential DIY magazine is eclectic, empowering, hilarious, and downright practical, truly capturing the spirit of women today.

    Praise for the BUST DIY Guide to Life:

    "This lifestyle manual will come in handy when you need anything from a headache remedy to a dirt-cheap wedding." --Entertainment Weekly

    "Has tips on beauty, fashion, and finance, too, all with attitude. But our dog-eared pages? Decorating, all the way." -- Los Angeles Times

    "It's a rare do-it-yourself book that combines instructions for both homemade pot holders and Tantric sex. But The Bust DIY Guide to Life isn't your typical how-to manual. The book, by Bust magazine cofounders Laurie Henzel and Debbie Stoller, is an irreverent yet informative guide to much of what life throws your way--removing laundry stains, lubricating a bicycle chain, even planning a wedding on the cheap." --Akron Beacon Journal

    "Looking for one source to provide answers on how to do practical things? This is it! A friendly compendium that shows you (with many pictures and diagrams) how to replace a broken zipper, make soap, turn your bell bottoms into straight-leg jeans, how to buy an old house, how to buy a vintage car, how to skateboard and lots more." --The Fresno Bee

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $51.95
  • Butler's Guide to Gentlemen's Grooming
    Butler's Guide to Gentlemen's Grooming
    ISBN: 9781849943703
    Title: Butler's Guide to Gentlemen's Grooming

    Do things in style, with this essential advice from a real British butler to the rich and famous
    Real gentlemen know that it is essential to be well groomed. And since not everyone has a personal butler at hand, this short guide is here to take his place. It cuts to the chase, with information on skin and hair care (including nasal hair trimming); a style guide (with tips on what to wear for what occasion); and advice on keeping your clothes and shoes in tip-top shape.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $20.00
  • Button Box: Lifting the Lid on Women's Lives
    Button Box: Lifting the Lid on Women's Lives
    ISBN: 9780099593096
    Title: Button Box: Lifting the Lid on Women's Lives
    Author: KNIGHT LYNN

    I used to love the rattle and whoosh of my grandma s buttons as they scattered from their Quality Street tin. An inlaid wooden chest the size of a shoe box holds Lynn Knight s button collection. A collection that has been passed down through three generations of women: a chunky sixties-era toggle from a favourite coat, three tiny pearl buttons from her mother s first dress after she was adopted as a baby, a jet button from a time of Victorian mourning. Each button tells a story. They change our view of the world and the world s view of us said Virginia Woolf of clothes. The Button Box traces the story of women at home and in work from pre-First World War domesticity, through the first clerical girls in silk blouses, to the delights of beading and glamour in the thirties to short skirts and sexual liberation in the sixties.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Calculating the Cosmos: How Mathematics Unveils the Universe
    Calculating the Cosmos: How Mathematics Unveils the Universe
    ISBN: 9781781254332
    Title: Calculating the Cosmos: How Mathematics Unveils the Universe
    Author: STEWART IAN

    In Calculating the Cosmos, Ian Stewart presents an exhilarating guide to the cosmos, from our solar system to the entire universe. He describes the architecture of space and time, dark matter and dark energy, how galaxies form, why stars implode, how everything began, and how it's all going to end. He considers parallel universes, the fine-tuning of the cosmos for life, what forms extraterrestrial life might take, and the likelihood of life on Earth being snuffed out by an asteroid.

    Beginning with the Babylonian integration of mathematics into the study of astronomy and cosmology, Stewart traces the evolution of our understanding of the cosmos: How Kepler's laws of planetary motion led Newton to formulate his theory of gravity. How, two centuries later, tiny irregularities in the motion of Mars inspired Einstein to devise his general theory of relativity. How, eighty years ago, the discovery that the universe is expanding led to the development of the Big Bang theory of its origins. How single-point origin and expansion led cosmologists to theorize new components of the universe, such as inflation, dark matter, and dark energy. But does inflation explain the structure of today's universe? Does dark matter actually exist? Could a scientific revolution that will challenge the long-held scientific orthodoxy and once again transform our understanding of the universe be on the way? In an exciting and engaging style, Calculating the Cosmos is a mathematical quest through the intricate realms of astronomy and cosmology.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00

  • Calorie Fallacy
    Calorie Fallacy
    ISBN: 9780473292379
    Title: Calorie Fallacy

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Camp: Notes on Fashion
    Camp: Notes on Fashion
    ISBN: 9781588396686
    Title: Camp: Notes on Fashion

    Drawing from Susan Sontag's seminal essay, this striking volume explores the meaning of camp and its expression in fashion from its origins to today

    Although an elusive concept, "camp" can be found in most forms of artistic expression, revealing itself through an aesthetic of deliberate stylization. Fashion is one of the most overt and enduring conduits of the camp aesthetic. As a site for the playful dynamics between high art and popular culture, fashion both embraces and expresses such camp modes of enactment as irony, humor, parody, pastiche, artifice, theatricality, and exaggeration.

    Drawing from Susan Sontag's seminal essay "Notes on Camp," the book explores how fashion designers have used their m tier as a vehicle to engage with the camp aesthetic in compelling, humorous, and sometimes incongruous ways. As a sartorial manifestation of the camp sensibility, this thought-provoking publication contributes new theoretical and conceptual insights into the camp canon through texts and images. Stunning new photography by Johnny Dufort highlights works by such fashion designers as Virgil Abloh, Thom Browne, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Alessandro Michele, Franco Moschino, Miuccia Prada, Richard Quinn, Yves Saint Laurent, Elsa Schiaparelli, Jeremy Scott, Anna Sui, Gianni Versace, and Vivienne Westwood.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $67.00
  • Capsule Wardrobe 1001 Outfits from 30 Pieces The
    Capsule Wardrobe 1001 Outfits from 30 Pieces The
    ISBN: 9781863958950
    Title: Capsule Wardrobe 1001 Outfits from 30 Pieces The
    Author: WENDY MAK

    "Cluttered closets create cluttered lives. Too often we are left rummaging around an overflowing wardrobe, ironically at a loss for what to wear. However, owning a capsule wardrobe, which consists of a limited amount of clothing, will set you free! The Capsule Wardrobeintroduces thirty wardrobe essentials - tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories - that will create the ultimate mix-and-match wardrobe for the working woman. Professional stylist Wendy Mak instructs readers on how to use different pieces together to achieve one thousand different unique looks from work to weekend. Learn to- - Curate and build a true mix-and-match wardrobe - Create unique everyday looks specific to body type - Pick the right pieces to stretch your fashion dollar - Transition from the office to after dark in a flash - Reduce fashion mistakes and impulse buying - And more! With detailed descriptions and illustrations of each of the thirty pieces, plus a list of all one thousand outfits in a handy table, The Capsule Wardrobewill revitalize the way you use your closet, make dressing easy and worry-free, and help you reinvent your personal style."

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Capture Your Style
    Capture Your Style
    ISBN: 9781419722158
    Title: Capture Your Style
    Author: SONG AIMEE

    Foreword by Diane von Furstenberg
    From Instagram star Aimee Song, creator of the popular fashion blog "Song of Style," comes the very first how-to Instagram guide, breaking down the essentials to taking gorgeous photos and building your brand and following.
    With over three million Instagram fans, Aimee Song knows a thing or two about taking the perfect Instagram photo. And Instagram is so much more than a platform for pretty pictures. It s the fastest-growing social media network with an engaged community, a major marketing tool for brands, a place where Beyonce drops her albums, and a hub where products can be bought with a simple double tap. Including everything from fashion, travel, food, decor, and more, Aimee includes insider tips on curating a gorgeous feed and growing an audience.
    In this ultimate how-to Instagram guide, you ll learn:
    . How to brighten, sharpen, and filter your photos
    . The best apps and filters
    . How to prop and style food and fashion photos
    . Ways to craft your voice and story on Instagram
    . How to gain more Instagram followers
    . Secrets behind building a top Instagram brand
    . How to transform an Instagram hobby into a successful business
    . Tips fordriving revenue based on your following
    "Capture Your Style" will empower you to become your own master mobile photographer, whether you re looking to launch an e-commerce business or simply sharing a gorgeous meal with your friends, turning even the most mundane moment into Instagold. This is a must-have reference for anyone interested in the ins and outs of stylish personal branding.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00

  • Capturing Fashion: the Photographs of Gleb Derujinsky
    Capturing Fashion: the Photographs of Gleb Derujinsky
    ISBN: 9782080202734
    Title: Capturing Fashion: the Photographs of Gleb Derujinsky

    Groundbreaking fashion photographer Gleb Derujinsky invigorated the fashion industry with his glamorous, exotic, and often unconventional photographs. Gleb Derujinsky s career as a fashion photographer took hold in the golden age of European haute couture, when Balenciaga and Pierre Balmain were at the top of their game and Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were designing their first runway shows. Although air travel was still reserved for the happy few, Derujinsky convinced his editors Carmel Snow and Diana Vreeland to send him around the world to photograph beautiful models like Carmen Dell Orefice and his future wife, Ruth Neumann draped in expensive gowns juxtaposed against rough desert dunes or a glittering ocean at sunset. His ideas were revolutionary and they gave rise to the mystique and glamour that is now pervasive in fashion. Derujinsky was the quintessential Renaissance man photographer, award-winning cinematographer and commercial director, inventor, WWII veteran, world traveler, jewelry designer, musician, ski instructor, Ferrari America race-car driver, and champion glider pilot. His passion for photography started at the tender age of six, by ten, he had built a photo enlarger, and as a teenager, he became the youngest member of the Camera Club of New York. His photographs appeared in major lifestyle magazines and extensively in "Harper s Bazaar" from 1950 to 1970. This is the first monograph to celebrate his major contributions to the history of fashion and photography."

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $135.00
  • Cartier in the 20th Century
    Cartier in the 20th Century
    ISBN: 9780500517673
    Title: Cartier in the 20th Century

    Created with the full co-operation of Cartier, this exquisite book showcases the rich holdings of the Cartier Collection and archive. It features not only a sumptuous array of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and tiaras, but also cocktail and smoking accessories, mystery clocks and lavish objects created by Cartiers ateliers in Paris, London and New York. Organized thematically, the book features magnificent jewels and accessories owned by such arbiters of taste as Daisy Fellowes, the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace, Barbara Hutton and Elizabeth Taylor. Throughout, specially commissioned photographs of Cartiers legendary jewels are accompanied by vintage photographs drawn from the Condé Nast and Cartier archives of these royals, socialites and Hollywood stars in their Cartier finery, including work by Steichen, Horst, Beaton and Charbonneau.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $115.00
  • Case Against Fragrance
    Case Against Fragrance
    ISBN: 9781925355956
    Title: Case Against Fragrance

    Kate Grenville had always associated perfume with elegance and beauty. Then& the headaches started.

    Like perhaps a quarter of the population, Grenville reacts badly to the artificial fragrances around us: other people's perfumes, and all those scented cosmetics, cleaning products and air fresheners. On a book tour in 2015, dogged by ill health, she started wondering: what's in fragrance? Who tests it for safety? What does it do to people?

    The more Grenville investigated, the more she felt this was a story that should be told. The chemicals in fragrance can be linked not only to short-term problems like headaches and asthma, but to long-term ones like hormone disruption and cancer. Yet products can be released onto the market without testing. They're regulated only by the same people who make and sell them. And the ingredients don't even have to be named on the label.

    This book is based on careful research into the science of scent and the power of the fragrance industry. But, as you'd expect from an acclaimed novelist, it's also accessible and personal.& The Case Against Fragrance& will make you see--and smell--the world differently.

    Kate Grenville is one of Australia's most celebrated writers. Her bestselling novel The Secret Riverreceived the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and the Miles Franklin Literary Award. The Idea of Perfectionwon the Orange Prize. Grenville's other novels include Sarah Thornhill, The Lieutenant, Lilian's Story, Dark Placesand Joan Makes History. Kate lives in Sydney and her most recent works are the non-fiction books One Life: My Mother's Storyand The Case Against Fragrance.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Casual Sweet Clothes: Favourite Pieces for Every Day
    Casual Sweet Clothes: Favourite Pieces for Every Day
    ISBN: 9781780671734
    Title: Casual Sweet Clothes: Favourite Pieces for Every Day

    Casual Sweet Clothes offers you gorgeous tops, dresses, jackets and skirts with a designer edge. Simple step-by-step instructions and diagrams guide you through the process of sewing each garment, and the full-size patterns included at the back of the book guarantee perfectly fitting results every time. The 18 simple but stylish casual pieces in this book make the foundation of a hand-made wardrobe that will last for years.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Catwalking the Life & Work of Chris Moore
    Catwalking the Life & Work of Chris Moore
    ISBN: 9781786270634
    Title: Catwalking the Life & Work of Chris Moore

    Chris Moore is the undisputed king of catwalk photography. His six-decade career includes images of all the iconic catwalk shows because he was at them all.

    This is the ultimate and only edit of Moore's work throughout his career and covering the changing face of the catwalk.

    Covering each of the decades images are accompanied with essays by award-winning fashion critic Alexander Fury, based on extensive interviews with Moore, exploring Moore's career along with key catwalk moments.

    From Coco Chanel's final show to Galliano's graduation, supermodels to showstoppers, McQueen to Versace and more Catwalking presents the definitive catwalk highlights captured by the man who has seen and shot it all.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $100.00

  • Celia Birtwell
    Celia Birtwell
    ISBN: 9781844008445
    Title: Celia Birtwell

    Celia Birtwell's prints have been worn by everyone from the 1960s London in crowd to noughties fashionistas. This book is a highly illustrated scrapbook of the life of one of the most renowned textile designers of the last 50 years.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Champagne Supernovas
    Champagne Supernovas
    ISBN: 9781471136993
    Title: Champagne Supernovas

    The 1990s were all about fashion and Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen were the trio of rebel geniuses who made it great. Each had an amazing talent and each had demons that would jeopardize that same talent. Collectively, they represented a 'moment' in fashion and pop culture that upended everything that had come before it. Maureen Callahan explores a particular, pivotal time - the moment when the 1980s gave way to the 1990s, the alternative became the mainstream, and Gen X took over the reins of power in the fashion industry - through the lives of three people who would become both fashion icons and cautionary tales of the era.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $22.00
  • Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Mcqueen & the 90s Renegades Who Remade Fashion
    Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Mcqueen & the 90s Renegades Who Remade Fashion
    ISBN: 9781471137877
    Title: Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Mcqueen & the 90s Renegades Who Remade Fashion

    The 1950s had rock 'n' roll and the 60s had the Beats. In the 70s and 80s, it was punk rock and modern art. But for the 1990s, it was all about fashion and Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen were the trio of rebel geniuses who made it great. Each had an amazing talent and each had demons that would jeopardize that same talent. Collectively, they represented a moment in fashion and pop culture that upended everything that had come before it. In the tradition of pop-cultural histories like Girls Like Us and Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, Maureen Callahan explores a particular, pivotal time - the moment when the 1980s gave way to the 1990s, the alternative became the mainstream, and Gen X took over the reins of power in the fashion industry - through the lives of three people who would become both fashion icons and cautionary tales of the era. Callahan interviews insiders and reveals exclusive insights into the biggest dramas surrounding the most celebrated personalities of the decade: why Kate Moss and Johnny Depp broke up, how Marc Jacobs came through the crucible of the AIDS crisis, and what really drove Alexander McQueen to suicide. Champagne Supernovas is the story of that singular time, as exemplified the lives of the three luminaries who forever changed the way we think about fashion and culture.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Chanel Catwalk: The Complete Karl Lagerfeld
    Chanel Catwalk: The Complete Karl Lagerfeld
    ISBN: 9780500518366
    Title: Chanel Catwalk: The Complete Karl Lagerfeld

    Ever since his first show for the house in 1983, Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel collections have consistently made headlines and dictated trends the world over. For the first time, every Chanel collection ever created by Lagerfeld is here gathered in a single volume - a unique opportunity to chart the development of one of the world's most influential fashion brands and discover rarely seen collections. This definitive publication opens with a concise history of the house of Chanel, from the days of Coco Chanel to today, followed by a brief biographical profile of Karl Lagerfeld, before exploring the collections themselves, which are organized chronologically and introduced by a short text unveiling each collection's influences and highlights. Each collection is illustrated with carefully curated catwalk images, showcasing hundreds of spectacular clothes (from evening dresses and day suits to casual and sports pieces), details, accessories (from hats and jewelry to handbags and shoes), beauty looks and set designs - and of course the top fashion models who wore them on the runway, from Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista to Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. A rich reference section, including an extensive index, concludes the book. A treasure trove of inspiration, this richly illustrated publication will be the must-have reference for all fashion professionals and Chanel obsessives.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $120.00
  • Chanel: Collections & Creations
    Chanel: Collections & Creations
    ISBN: 9780500513606
    Title: Chanel: Collections & Creations
    Author: BOTT DANIELE

    Chanel's combination of tradition, originality, and style has always made it the most seductive of fashion labels. Here the House of Chanel opens its private archives, revealing a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from 1920 onwards. Dazzling clothes, intricate accessories, beautiful models, and timeless design leave no doubt as to the lasting fame of her name and embody everything that has come to symbolize the magic of Chanel. The book explores five central themes-the suit, the camellia, jewelry, makeup and perfume, the little black dress-and follows the threads from past to present to show how these key items have been rediscovered and reinvented by new designers. It includes many previously unpublished archive photographs and original drawings by Karl Lagerfeld, as well as glorious images from some of the greatest names in fashion photography.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Chanel: Couture & Industry
    Chanel: Couture & Industry
    ISBN: 9781851776436
    Title: Chanel: Couture & Industry
    Author: DE LA HAYE AMY

    A gorgeously illustrated, compelling look at the fashion empire of the House of Chanel and its eternally elegant founder. Using previously unpublished material from the Chanel archives, this groundbreaking book looks at Chanel up close: her career, her style, her workroom, her customers, and her rivals. 40 full-color and 80 black-and-white illustrations.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Chanel: the Art of Creating Fragrance Flowers of the French Riviera
    Chanel: the Art of Creating Fragrance Flowers of the French Riviera
    ISBN: 9781419719387
    Title: Chanel: the Art of Creating Fragrance Flowers of the French Riviera

    Chanel No. 5 has been made with flowers from the same picturesque patch of land between the Alps and the Mediterranean, known as the Pegomas Valley, since the perfume was created in 1921. Every year hundreds of pounds of flowers are cultivated, picked, and distilled, following secret traditions. For the first time, the artisanal techniques used to create the world s most coveted perfumes are revealed.
    The six-volume collection contains a book on each of the main five flowers from which all Chanel perfumes are made "centifolia" rose, iris, jasmine, geranium, and tuberose with the first book profiling the creators and detailing the process. This beautiful and lavish gift set offers a fascinating look into the storied brand of Chanel and the art of making perfume."

    Format: Slipcased
    Price: $300.00
  • Chanel: the Enigma
    Chanel: the Enigma
    ISBN: 9782080202239
    Title: Chanel: the Enigma

    This new biography offers unprecedented insight into Coco Chanel s complex and enigmatic life and features previously unpublished information and images. Coco Chanel continues to beguile more than fourdecades after her death; her life and work are a source of enduring fascination. Chanel expert Isabelle Fiemeyer unveils the mysteries that have surrounded the private and public figure by piecing together new research with accounts from Chanel s intimate friends and relatives, artists, writers, photographers, directors, actors, scholars, and those who worked with her inside the House of Chanel.The author describes Chanel s carefully crafted persona and then gradually elucidates each layer of intrigue that surrounded the great fashion designer to reveal the woman behind the enigma. Her life was marked by suffering that stemmed from affronts, an absent father, abandonment, and death, but also by vitally positive forces her idealized childhood, collaborations with the world s greatest artists, and her permanently hypnotic, albeit staged, presence. Her life and work became inextricably linked and remain endlessly captivating. While the myth surrounding Chanel was extolled, perpetuated, and modulated by some, others twisted it, reviling and vilifying the designer, denouncing her as dispassionate and criticizing her for her poor relationship with her family, her mistakes, and her role during the war.Offering fresh revelations about Chanel s life, this handsome volume includes photographs and previously unpublished material, as well as new documents from the wartime period. "

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Chanel: The Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns
    Chanel: The Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns
    ISBN: 9780500519813
    Title: Chanel: The Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns

    When Karl Lagerfeld was named at the helm of the fashion house in 1983, he set out to radically shake up and update its image - not only through bold collections but also, from 1987 onwards, by choosing to shoot the house's campaigns himself, a move that was unprecedented for a fashion designer. Conceived in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel, this definitive publication opens with an essay by Patrick Mauriès before exploring the campaigns themselves, organized chronologically. A carefully curated selection of images showcases hundreds of spectacular clothes worn by the top fashion models - and personalities - of each era, from Inès de la Fressange, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, to Kirsten Stewart and Lily Rose Depp, captured in glamorous locations, from Coco Chanel's Paris apartment to the French Riviera or LA. Presented in a high-end, slipcased package, Chanel: the Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns offers an unrivalled overview of the house of Chanel as seen through the eyes - and lens - of Karl Lagerfeld himself.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $110.00
  • Chanel: The Making of a Collection
    Chanel: The Making of a Collection
    ISBN: 9781419740084
    Title: Chanel: The Making of a Collection

    A gorgeously illustrated exploration of the history, culture, and design process of the famed fashion house Chanel

    Chanel: The Making of a Collectiontraces the design process of the world-renowned fashion house, revealing how a collection is created. Moving from the studio to the fashion show, fashion writer Laetitia Cénac has unprecedented access to explore a world that is usually carefully guarded from the public eye. With hundreds of beautifully rendered fashion illustrations from acclaimed artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Karl Lagerfeld's approach to design is brought to life, as are the talents of the masterfully skilled artisans--the embroiderers, flower makers, shoemakers, hat makers, and more--who specialize in everything from buttons and leather to lace, silk, and cashmere. Delving into the history and culture of the brand, while also detailing contemporary collections, Chanel: The Making of a Collectionis a richly visual insider's look at the enduring creative legacy of this haute couture icon.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $55.00
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