• Art Photography Now: Revised Expanded
    Art Photography Now: Revised Expanded
    ISBN: 9780500289426
    Title: Art Photography Now: Revised Expanded
    Author: BRIGHT SUSAN

    Now revised and expanded, this essential survey presents the work of eighty of the most important artist-photographers in the world. The book is divided into seven sections -- Portrait, Landscape, Narrative, Object, Fashion, Document, and City -- that explore the diverse subjects, styles, and methods of the leading practitioners. Introductions to each section outline the genres and consider why photographers are attracted to certain themes, and how issues like memory, time, objectivity, politics, identity, and the everyday are tied to their approaches. Each photographer's work is accompanied by Susan Bright's commentaries and by quotations from the artist. Leading artists such as Andreas Gursky, Cindy Sherman, Sophie Calle, Nan Goldin and Martin Parr, Gregory Crewdson, Candida Hofer, Gabriel Orozco, and Wolfgang Tillmans are featured alongside emerging international figures, including Viviane Sassen, LaToya Ruby Frazier, and Leigh Ladure. The introduction explores the historical relationship between art and photography from the early nineteenth century, and a new final chapter looks at the changes photography has undergone in recent years.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • As It Was - Frank Habicht's Sixties
    As It Was - Frank Habicht's Sixties
    ISBN: 9783775744904
    Title: As It Was - Frank Habicht's Sixties
    Author: HABICHT, FRANK

    Young London, permissive paradise: Habicht's images capture the uninhibited spirit of the 1960s
    The iconic black-and-white photographs of Hamburg-born photographer Frank Habicht (born 1938) reflect the spirit of the Swinging Sixties in London. In the 1960s, the conservative postwar years in England gave way to a period of upheaval, with a younger generation dreaming of an unconstrained life, one full of free love, peace and harmony. On the streets of the British capital, Habicht began photographing the profound social and political changes that were underway.
    Habicht, who has lived in New Zealand since 1981, has produced photographs for many international magazines and newspapers, such as the Guardian, Die Welt, Camera Magazine and Twen. His photographs were recently exhibited at the Barbican in London, and he has made portraits of music and film greats such as Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, Jane Birkin, Christopher Lee and Vanessa Redgrave.
    Frank Habicht: As It Was collects Habicht's photos from the 1960s in an opulent book. A unique collection of images of the swinging, groovy, hippie and psychedelic '60s in London, it offers an eye-opening contribution to the history of a country that is currently undergoing yet more social transformation.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $107.00
  • As Time Goes by 1982 1988 1997 2014
    As Time Goes by 1982 1988 1997 2014
    ISBN: 9783905929799
    Title: As Time Goes by 1982 1988 1997 2014

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $127.00
  • Asia & Oceania: Around the World in 125 Years
    Asia & Oceania: Around the World in 125 Years
    ISBN: 9783836568845
    Title: Asia & Oceania: Around the World in 125 Years
    Author: GOLDEN REUEL

    A Photographic Journey from Lebanon to Easter Island
    The world's biggest continent captured by National Geographic's master photographers

    For over five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated people with its incredible photographs and gripping stories of all corners and oceans of the Earth. Inspired from our monumental Around the World in 125 Years, this volume curates over 250 captivating images, sourced directly from the National Geographic archives. Traversing travel, wildlife, science, history, culture, and conservation, this compendium is in equal parts a breathtaking homage to the kaleidoscopic wonders of Asia and Oceania, and a unique tribute to the world's most famous photography magazine.

    Split into geographical sections Middle East, South, Southeast, North and East Asia, as well as Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and the Pacific and South Pacific Islands, our trans-continental journey through time and space spans across evocative black-and-white pictures to autochromes, from the golden age of Kodachromes to digital. Along the way, we tread the mile-long rock cleft leading up to the singular approach of the lost city of Petra; take in the majesty of the Taj Mahal; get uncomfortably close and personal with Kamchatka brown bears; discover Japan's 'naked festival' where men heedlessly plunge into darkness wearing next to nothing; and come nose to nose with gray reef sharks in the waters of the Marshall Islands. Photographers featured include Steve McCurry, David Doubilet, Jodi Cobb, and Frans Lanting.

    Readers will discover how National Geographic evolved from presenting a romantic view of the continent for its armchair travellers, long before the Travel Channel and Google Images, to edgier stories reflecting overcrowded cities, rural hardships, and environmental threats. Complete with prime examples of the magazine's revered and groundbreaking underwater and wildlife photography, this book is both a window to the world and a cultural investment to be cherished and shared.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $110.00
  • Assume Nothing
    Assume Nothing
    ISBN: 9780476004931
    Title: Assume Nothing

    With this intimate series of images, Rebecca Swan launches an inquiry into the understanding of gender across cultures, nations, and generations. Assume Nothing features frank and arresting images of twenty-five participants, along with their candid--and sometimes heartrending--comments about what it has meant to exist outside of traditional gender identities.

    The participants range in age from twenty to sixty. They are Haitian American, Samoan New Zealander, Maori, European Australian, Aboriginal, and African English. They are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, and pansexual. In terms of gender, they are transsexuals, gender queers, eunuchs, sister girls, drag kings and queens, and the alternative gender roles traditional to Maori and Samoan cultures.

    In their blurring of boundaries, Swan's images ask readers to examine their assumptions--and even, at moments, their own sexuality. They reveal the harm that results from forcing living bodies to conform to preexisting roles and capture a deeper reality of struggle, uncertainty, and process. Above all, they point the way to the creation of a new vocabulary of gender and a world of increased tolerance where, when it comes to gender, nothing is assumed.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00

  • Auto Photo
    Auto Photo
    ISBN: 9782869251311
    Title: Auto Photo

    The camera's romance with the car: a photo history

    Autophoto explores photography's longstanding and generative relationship to the automobile. Since its invention, the automobile has reshaped our landscape, extended our geographic horizons and radically altered our conception of space and time, influencing the practice of photographers worldwide.
    The book shows how the car provided photographers with new subject matter and a new way of exploring the world. It brings together 500 works made by 100 historical and contemporary artists from around the world, including Robert Adams, BrassaI, Edward Burtynsky, Langdon Clay, John Divola, Robert Doisneau, William Eggleston, Elliott Erwitt, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Anthony Hernandez, Yasuhiro Ishimoto, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Joel Meyerowitz, Daido Moriyama, Catherine Opie, Martin Parr, RosAngela RennO, Ed Ruscha, Hans-Christian Schink, Malick SidibE, Stephen Shore and Henry Wessel.
    Capturing formal qualities such as the geometric design of roadways or reflections in a rear view mirror, these photographers invite us to look at the world of the automobile in a new way. Autophoto also includes other projects, such as a series of car models that cast a fresh eye on the history of automobile design, created specifically for the Fondation Cartier show by French artist Alain Bublex, plus a comparative history of automobile design and photography, essays by scholars and quotes by participating artists.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $85.00
  • A-Z of Wildlife Watching LP
    A-Z of Wildlife Watching LP
    ISBN: 9781787014312
    Title: A-Z of Wildlife Watching LP

    This visually lavish coffee table book is packed with the most extraordinary and fascinating animals to see in the wild, from African elephants and Sumatran tigers to aardvarks and butterflies. Alongside a detailed description of each creature's habits and characteristics, we explain where best to find them and how to increase the chances of an encounter.- Full of stunning photos and authoritative text- Designed for both novices and enthusiasts- Readers can mark off what they've seen

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Babe
    ISBN: 9783791381039
    Title: Babe

    Curated by one of today's most sought-after photographers, this collection of work by young female artists captures the voices and visions that are shaping a generation of women. 21-year-old Canadian photographer Petra Collins is leading the way in a contemporary girl power revolution that proves feminism and sexuality aren't mutually exclusive. Babe includes work by Collins as well as over 30 artists who have been part of her online collective The Ardorous. Though their work is aesthetically varied, it all represents a current zeitgeist characterized by explorations of female identity, scrutinization of the role of the Internet and social media, and a penchant for pastel colors. The artists in the book, such as Arvida Bystrom, Sandy Kim, Harley Weir, Jeanette Hayes, and Kristie Muller, hail from a variety of places, including New York, London, Moscow, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Toronto. Together they reflect an all-accepting, affirming, distinctly female point of view that teens and young women everywhere can respond to. With a Foreword by Tavi Gevinson, writer, actress, fashion blogger, and creator of the online magazine Rookie, this is an inspiring collection for a new generation of creative, forward thinking women.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Back to the Future
    Back to the Future
    ISBN: 9783832797263
    Title: Back to the Future

    We're all aware of getting older and may obsess over how our bodies gradually change with the years. Have you ever wanted to step back a few years and reconnect with a younger self? Would it be amusing or just plain creepy? "Back to the Future" is a book by Argentinian artist Irina Werning, who takes old pictures and then mimics them years later with the subjects dressed, styled, and posed exactly as they were in the original. The results are quirky and a fascinating insight into the aging process. Surprisingly, the subjects often slip seamlessly into their old persona, so that even though their physical appearance may have changed, the spirit is still plainly the same.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $90.00
  • Ballerina Project
    Ballerina Project
    ISBN: 9781452181813
    Title: Ballerina Project

    Created by New York City-based photographer Dane Shitagi over the span of eighteen years,Ballerina Project has become the most significant, unique, and creative photographic archive of renowned ballerinas in the world.

    A brilliant collection of photographs that encapsulate the delicate majesty of ballerinas around the world:With over one million followers on Instagram,Ballerina Project has the largest network of fans in the world for ballet and has become an online phenomenon.

    * Featuring over 170 inspiring black and white and full-color photographs that beautifully capture the artistry, strength, and dedication of more than 50 accomplished ballerinas
    * Iconic locations across the globe including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, London, Rome, and Paris create a timeless backdrop for these remarkable portraits
    * Introductions by renowned principal ballerinas Isabella Boylston and Francesca Hayward are also included to provide a more exclusive reading experience

    Fans ofSan Francisco Ballet at Seventy-Five,Lois Greenfield: Moving Still, andBalancing Acts will also love the captivating imagery found withinBallerina Project.

    Dane Shitagi is a New York City-based photographer who created the Instagram phenomenon @ballerinaproject_

    This unique book is bound in pink satin cloth with gold foil stamping and a pink satin ribbon marker.

    Ballerina Project is an ideal gift for any aspiring ballerina or ballet photographer.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $80.00
  • Balls & Bulldust
    Balls & Bulldust
    ISBN: 9783869307077
    Title: Balls & Bulldust

    'Balls and Bulldust' explores life and work among the cattlemen of the Northern Territory in Australia. This is not another cowboy story, but rather one about men and women working intensely hard while seeking some kind of solitude and sense of space in the midst of harsh conditions.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $130.00
  • Basics Creative Photography Behind the Image - Research in Photography
    Basics Creative Photography Behind the Image - Research in Photography
    ISBN: 9782940411665
    Title: Basics Creative Photography Behind the Image - Research in Photography

    This is a lively exploration in how to transform the simple act of photographing into a powerful work. Caruana and Fox explain how research can contribute to a dynamic project and bring a whole new dimension to an image.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $61.00
  • Be a Super Awesome Photographer
    Be a Super Awesome Photographer
    ISBN: 9781786275578
    Title: Be a Super Awesome Photographer

    Become a super-awesome photographer with this fantastic new book.

    Using real photographs for inspiration, this great book features 20 exciting and instant photo challenges to help you create your own masterpieces. All you need is a camera and your super snapping skills. Learn how to be invisible, play with your food, stop time, and much more

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $22.00

  • Before They Pass Away
    Before They Pass Away
    ISBN: 9783832797591
    Title: Before They Pass Away
    Author: NELSON JIMMY

    Limited Edition of 250 signed and numbered copies on a custommade transparent book holder. Jimmy Nelson's fascinating photography project in a breathtaking XXL Edition. Each of the three different editions contains a series of three signed portraits of tribesmen. The signed and numbered book comes in a clamshell box with portfolio. This historic volume showcases tribal cultures around the world. With globalization, these societies are to be prized for their distinctive lifestyles, art and traditions. They live in close harmony with nature, now a rarity in our modern era. Jimmy Nelson not only presents us with stunning images of customs and artifacts, but also offers insightful portraits of people who are the guardians of a culture that they-and we-hope will be passed on to future generations in all its glory. Nelson's large-plate field camera captures every intricate detail and fine nuance for posterity. What's more, this splendid pageantry is set against a vivid backdrop of some of the world's most pristine landscapes.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $280.00
  • Beginner's Photography Guide
    Beginner's Photography Guide
    ISBN: 9780241241271
    Title: Beginner's Photography Guide

    If you're new to photography, then The Beginner's Photography Guide is perfect for you. The ideal starting point for digital camera users, this manual explains key concepts in simple terms before offering step-by-step visual guides to every function.

    The Beginner's Photography Guidecompares and contrasts the effect of different approaches, showing you how to take the photos you want and develop your photography ability. Learn how to overcome every photographer's challenge, from working in dim lighting to setting up the perfect flash. This fully updated edition takes into account new photography trends and the latest equipment on the market.

    Start snapping with The Beginner's Photography Guide and get the most out of your digital camera.

    Previous edition ISBN 9781409322795.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Berlin Cool Cities
    Berlin Cool Cities
    ISBN: 9783832798222
    Title: Berlin Cool Cities

    "Cool Cities Berlin" is an extraordinary illustrated coffee table book that is both a guide to the city and a portrait of its urban scene. Berliners offer an insider's perspective on themselves and their city. There's something for every taste among the numerous recommendations for shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, and cool spots in Germany's creative metropolis.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $115.00
  • Best Ever Video Tips Lp
    Best Ever Video Tips Lp
    ISBN: 9781743607589
    Title: Best Ever Video Tips Lp

    From the world's leading travel guide publisher comes "Lonely Planet's Best Ever Video Tips, " the latest title in the stylish and snappy "Lonely Planet's Best Ever" series."" Learn how to shoot and share better travel videos with 50 bite-sized, cleverly illustrated tips on assembling a kit, shooting techniques, editing and sharing. Designed for the novice and experienced videographer alike, this handy-sized guide will give you the skills to capture great moments on film with your smartphone, tablet or digital camera.

    Authors: Lonely Planet

    About Lonely Planet: Since 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world's leading travel media company with guidebooks to every destination, an award-winning website, mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveller community. Lonely Planet covers must-see spots but also enables curious travellers to get off beaten paths to understand more of the culture of the places in which they find themselves.

    "'Lonely Planet. It's on everyone's bookshelves; it's in every traveller's hands. It's on mobile phones. It's on the Internet. It's everywhere, and it's telling entire generations of people how to travel the world.' "-- Fairfax Media

    "'Lonely Planet guides are, quite simply, like no other.' "- New York Times

    "Lonely Planet guides have won the TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015."

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $17.00

  • Best Loved Villages of France
    Best Loved Villages of France
    ISBN: 9782080201836
    Title: Best Loved Villages of France

    The Best Loved Villages of France takes the reader to forty-four of the countrys most treasured locations. Always picturesque, but often well-kept secrets, the book offers insight into French village life. Visit a crumbling medieval fortress with the mayor of Lavardin or peruse the maritime objects found at sea by a mustached fisherman in Saint-Suliac, stroll along the windsurfers paradise at Wissant bay or promenade through the manicured grounds of Vaux-le-Vicomte, enjoy a fresh langoustine dinner in Corsica or catch the sunrise over the fairytale castle in Montsoreau. This book offers an illustrated tour around all twenty-two regions of France, from Provence and the Alps, to Normandy and the Loire. A charming selection of aerial and intimate photographs invite the reader to explore these splendid locales, while the descriptions, anecdotes, and interviews with local village-dwellers plunge you into the individual history and character of Frances diverse regions. Feel inspired by journalist Stéphane Berns informative and practical travel tips and recommendations, and start planning your own adventure to Frances most loved villages or simply enjoy the armchair tour.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Best of Doisneau: Paris
    Best of Doisneau: Paris
    ISBN: 9782080202178
    Title: Best of Doisneau: Paris

    The legendary photographer's quintessential portraits of Paris--including several previously unpublished works--in an affordable new paperback. Robert Doisneau's ability to infuse images of daily life with poetic nuance has given enduring popular appeal to his work. In this new volume, he leads us on an entrancing tour into Parisian gardens, along the Seine, and through crowds of Parisians. Workers, beggars, lovers, jugglers, children, dancers--Doisneau's lens captures all, in myriad lights and moods. Sometimes humorous, often ironic, and unfailingly tender, his oeuvre is iconic and reflects the Paris of our dreams. Composed, structured images are featured alongside impromptu snapshots of Parisian life, demonstrating the range of Doisneau's talent as both artist and photojournalist.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Best of Eyes over Africa
    Best of Eyes over Africa
    ISBN: 9783961710379
    Title: Best of Eyes over Africa

    In 2006, to fulfill a long-held dream, widely acclaimed photographer Michael Poliza and friend Stefan Breuer undertook a helicopter journey across Africa. Skimming close to the ground, they flew over 17 countries on their zigzag route from Hamburg to Cape Town. Poliza's alluring - and often surprising - photographs share this exceptional journey with the world. With a bird's-eye view, we witness the astounding beauty, scale and diversity of this imposing continent. The accompanying texts give a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the photographs and brief background to some of the most fascinating subject matters. A rare treat, both for the lover of fine photography and for the nature enthusiast. 120 colour photographs

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $90.00
  • Big Book of Breasts
    Big Book of Breasts
    ISBN: 9783822833032
    Title: Big Book of Breasts
    Author: HANSON DIAN

    Say no to silicone: The greatest natural breasts of our times Some call it the American obsession, but men everywhere recognize the hypnotic allure of a large and shapely breast. In The Big Book of Breasts, Dian Hanson explores the origins of mammary madness through three decades of natural big-breasted nudes. Starting with the World War II Bosom-Mania that spawned Russ Meyer, Howard Hughes's The Outlaw and Frederick's of Hollywood, Dian guides you over, around, and in between the dangerous curves of infamous models including Michelle Angelo, Candy Barr, Virginia Bell, Joan Brinkman, Lorraine Burnett, Lisa De Leeuw, Uschi Digard, Candye Kane, Jennie Lee, Sylvia McFarland, Margaret Middleton, Paula Page, June Palmer, Roberta Pedon, Rosina Revelle, Candy Samples, Tempest Storm, Linda West, June Wilkinson, Julie Wills, and dozens more, including Guinness World Record holder Norma Stitz, possessor of the World's Largest Natural Breasts. The 420 pages of this book contain the most beautiful and provocative black and white and color photos ever created of these iconic women, plus nine original interviews, including the first with Tempest Storm and Uschi Digard in over a decade, and the last with Candy Barr before her untimely death in 2005. In a world where silicone is now the norm, these spectacular real women stand as testament that nature knows best. The editor: Dian Hanson is a twenty-five-year veteran of men's magazine publishing. She began her career at Puritan magazine in 1976 and went on to edit a variety of titles, including Partner, Oui, Hooker, Outlaw Biker, and Juggs magazines. In 1987 she took over the ?60s title Leg Show and transformed it into the world's best-selling fetishpublication. Most recently, she authored TASCHEN's Terryworld, Tom of Finland: The Comic Collection and History of Men's Magazines six-volume set.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $100.00
  • Big Book of Pussy
    Big Book of Pussy
    ISBN: 9783836521826
    Title: Big Book of Pussy
    Author: HANSON DIANE

    The body part series wraps up with the origin of us all

    First,The Big Book of Breasts, thenThe Big Penis Book,The Big Book of Legs, and the weightyBig Butt Book. What could follow but anin-depth exploration of the female pudendum, that coveted orifice man spends nine months trying to escape, and a lifetime attempting to reenter?The Big Book of Pussy, not to be confused with a book of big pussy, closes out this popular series with an offering sure to be as controversial as it is popular. As in previous volumes, editor Dian Hanson delves into the historical significance of this humble os, to show how the yoni has been coveted, feared, reviled, and worshipped by civilizations worldwide, from New Guinea to old Ireland. The text is supported byplayful photographs of women exposing their vulvas, from 1900 to the present day. Because depiction of this body part has long been wrapped in unwarranted shame,The Big Book of Pussyreframes the subject, featuring models who expose their most private part enthusiastically, happily, with smiles spread wide as& well, you get the picture. And with 400+ photos the point is made emphatically, in images both naturally furry and stylishly groomed.

    Included are interviews withthe auteur known asPussyman, theex-cop who turned masturbation into millionswith a toycalledtheFleshlight, Vanessa del Rio, squirterFlower Tucci,vaginal performance artist Mouse, and the singularBuck Angel.Contemporary photographersTerry Richardson, Richard Kern, Ralph Gibson, Jan Saudek, Guido Argentini, Ed Foxand others share their favorite pussy photos, so that by page 372 even the shiest reader will be calling, “Here, kitty, kitty!”

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $92.00
  • Big Book of Pussy 3d
    Big Book of Pussy 3d
    ISBN: 9783836551625
    Title: Big Book of Pussy 3d
    Author: HANSON DIAN

    The origin of the world: The cat's out of the bag--in 3 luscious dimensions First, The Big Book of Breasts, then The Big Penis Book, The Big Book of Legs, and the weighty Big Butt Book. What could follow but The Big Book of Pussy, an in-depth exploration of the female pudendum, that coveted orifice man spends nine months trying to escape, and a lifetime attempting to reenter? And what could follow that butThe Big Book of Pussy 3-D? In 220 pages, featuring 110 black and white photos converted to sublime 3-D by the nerdy little genius Jon Schnitzer and his crew at The Brain Factory, The Big Book of Pussy 3-D doesn't just contain the same photos from the original volume, but also many never-before-seen photos unique to this edition. And as with the other-body parts 3-D editions, the effects are subtle on the page, but intensely dimensional when you slip on your red and blue anaglyph glasses included with this volume. Fans of the untrimmed wild-caught pussy, take note that hair provides one of the best subjects for 3-D viewing, demanding meticulous hand conversion by the 3-D artist with a full and fluffy viewing pay-off. Text in English, French, and German

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $90.00
  • Big Penis Book: the Fascinating Phallus
    Big Penis Book: the Fascinating Phallus
    ISBN: 9783836502139
    Title: Big Penis Book: the Fascinating Phallus
    Author: HANSON DIAN

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $100.00
  • Birth of a Clown
    Birth of a Clown
    ISBN: 9783865218537
    Title: Birth of a Clown

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $75.00
  • Black & White Photography: The Timeless Art of Monochrome in the Post-digital Age
    Black & White Photography: The Timeless Art of Monochrome in the Post-digital Age
    ISBN: 9781781573242
    Title: Black & White Photography: The Timeless Art of Monochrome in the Post-digital Age

    Beautifully illustrated and far-reaching in scope, this guide is destined to be a standard reference for years to come. Alongside the work of author Michael Freeman, you'll find the work of iconic black and white photographers such as Ansel Adams, Ian Berry, Bill Brandt, Edward Curtis, Brett Weston and Edward Weston, amongst others.
    From its historic roots, black and white photography in the digital age is thoroughly explored. Freeman covers all aspects of black-and-white digital photography: the fine art tradition as well as the techniques. Learn how to see and expose in black and white, digitally convert color to monochrome and develop a black and white digital workflow using the latest software.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Borrowed Light
    Borrowed Light
    ISBN: 9783791357423
    Title: Borrowed Light
    Author: BERRY IAN

    This visual history of photography from its inception to the present day is a treasure trove of 400 color and black-and-white images, carefully sequenced and profoundly evocative.

    Culled from the idiosyncratic collection of photographer and curator Jack Shear, recently gifted to the Tang Teaching Museum, this selection of photographs offers a highly immersive viewing experience. Page after page of images allow the reader to make their own connections across time, place, style, and technique. Modeled after Sam Wagstaff's seminal 1978 A Book of Photographs, this volume features work by history's most revered photographers, alongside anonymous snapshots, press photos, and even images from NASA's collection. Surprising and wholly absorbing, this collection celebrates every aspect of the photographic medium.
    Published in association with the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $165.00
  • Brazil
    ISBN: 9783832798130
    Title: Brazil

    A Brazilian proverb states, "Those who leave will take longing on their journeys." However, translating "saudade" with "longing" doesn't do the term justice. Olaf Heine's photographs convey impressions that are hard to put into words. Since 2010, the renowned photographer has captured the soul of Brazil. Presenting the land of Carnival and Copacabana in black-and-white is not as paradoxical as it might first seem. Heine's photographs are as deeply melancholic as they are sensual. With a keen sense for shapes and textures, he also exemplifies Oscar Niemeyer's words: "The whole universe is made of curves." These curves appear in architecture and human bodies, and also permeate the Brazilian lifestyle. From the intensity of its passions to the lightness of its shapes, Olaf Heine portrays a fascinating country in all its diversity and beauty.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $175.00
  • Buller A Secret Shared
    Buller A Secret Shared
    ISBN: 9780995129221
    Title: Buller A Secret Shared
    Author: COBURN PETER

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Burning Beauty
    Burning Beauty
    ISBN: 9789186741020
    Title: Burning Beauty

    Burning Beauty is a comprehensive summary of photographer David LaChapelle, stretching from the early 1980s to 2012. With more than 200 colour illustrations and four essays, it reflects LaChapelle's entire oeuvre. LaChapelle's imagery has the ability not only to attract our gaze with seductive and remarkable bodies, settings and objects in every conceivable and inconceivable constellation, it also has the capacity to incite reactions that charge our seeing with emotions that engender a relationship between the image and its viewer. His imagery places the viewer in the midst of the turbulent visual culture of the past quarter-century and invites us to a blend of passion, comedy, exaggeration and critical reflection. Published to accompany the exhibition Burning Beauty at The Swedish Museum of Photography in Stockholm, this book offers a unique insight in one of the most important contemporary artists in the world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $115.00
  • Camera Crazy
    Camera Crazy
    ISBN: 9783791349558
    Title: Camera Crazy

    This book celebrates the history of toy and novelty cameras, explores how these items spurred international photography movements, and makes clear just how popular they remain today. The introduction of Kodak's Brownie (the world's first simple, low-cost camera) in 1900 made photography accessible to the masses. Soon everyone had a camera, and snapshots became the most popular means of capturing a time, place, or memory. As the medium became more ubiquitous, so did the variety of cameras available. This remarkable book celebrates the "toy camera" and its rise out of a novelty market. Inexpensive, often shamelessly marketed to children, and sometimes just plain quirky, these cameras have become a niche industry that thrived during the analog film era and continues to enjoy immense popularity in our digital world. Full-color photographs showcase the most unusual examples of functioning cameras--retro analogs, custom pieces, cool new products from Japan, and all sorts of camera-themed objects and accessories--and the photographs they create. Interviews with the inventor of the Holga and those responsible for Lomography help explain Game Boy and Batman-themed cameras, and cameras specifically made to photograph cats. Insightful essays explore the role of marketing and hipster culture in these cameras' popularity, as well as the newfound enthusiasm for their "special" effects.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Camera Lucida
    Camera Lucida
    ISBN: 9780099225416
    Title: Camera Lucida

    This personal, wide-ranging, and contemplative volume--and the last book Barthes published--finds the author applying his influential perceptiveness and associative insight to the subject of photography. To this end, several black-and-white photos (by the likes of Avedon, Clifford, Hine, Mapplethorpe, Nadar, Van Der Zee, and so forth) are reprinted throughout the text.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Camera Lucida: Vintage Design Edition
    Camera Lucida: Vintage Design Edition
    ISBN: 9781784876012
    Title: Camera Lucida: Vintage Design Edition

    Examining themes of presence and absence, these reflections on photography begin as an investigation into the nature of photographs - their content, their pull on the viewer, their intimacy. Then, as Barthes contemplates a photograph of his mother as a child, the book becomes an exposition of his own mind. He was grieving for his mother at the time of writing. Strikingly personal, yet one of the most important early academic works on photography, Camera Lucida remains essential reading for anyone interested in the power of images.

    A special Vintage Design Edition, with wrap-around cover and stunning photography throughout the text.

    'Effortlessly, as if in passing, his reflections on photography raise questions and doubts which will permanently affect the vision of the reader' Guardian

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.00
  • Campervan Crazy
    Campervan Crazy
    ISBN: 9780857833136
    Title: Campervan Crazy

    "A camper is not just a camper. It's whatever you want it to be."

    Introduced in the 1950s, the campervan has captured the hearts of people all over the world and become a much-loved symbol of travel and fun. Owners are extraordinarily passionate about their campers; some treat them as an extension of their home, others undertake epic journeys in them, across desert and sea, through Europe, Asia and Africa. Some strap surfboards to the roof and head for the nearest beach, while others soup up the engines and take them drag racing. All will spend hours restoring and customising them and even more talking about them with fellow bus owners.
    Campervan Crazy is a tribute to this passion, to the owners who have lavished time, effort and inspiration on their vans, and, of course, to the campervan itself. It traces the cult of the campervan, from family runabouts to holiday home and design icon. Above all else, the campervan is living history and you will find chapters dedicated to 'births, marriages and deaths', 'wide-eyed wanderers' as well as some 'buses behaving badly'.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Carlos Saura: Vanished Spain
    Carlos Saura: Vanished Spain
    ISBN: 9783869309118
    Title: Carlos Saura: Vanished Spain
    Author: SAURA CARLOS

    When the great Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura (born 1932) was a young man, he planned to make a book about his native Spain that would counter the propaganda imagery of the Franco regime. He set out for Andalusia and central Spain in the late 1950s, striving to create a portrait of the country. Since then, Saura has been fascinated not only by the process of photographing but by its technology, as demonstrated by his museum-quality collection of hundreds of historical and self-made cameras. Torn between the two media at the beginning of his career, he eventually chose to become a filmmaker but continued to take photographs.
    Carlos Saura: Espana Anos 50 offers comprehensive insight into Saura's photography with a focus on his black-and-white work of the 1950s--compelling images of landscapes, villages, bullfights and people of a bygone era.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $140.00
  • Cat Lady Chic
    Cat Lady Chic
    ISBN: 9781419714023
    Title: Cat Lady Chic

    The term "Cat Lady" can evoke the image of an unfashionable, unkempt, and slightly unhinged spinster hoarding multiple cats. Cat Lady Chic serves as the antidote to this unflattering point of view, celebrating the Cat Lady with a compilation of artful, playful, and sophisticated images of some of the most renowned, beautiful, and accomplished women in modern history with the cats they love.
    The volume features a sharp, funny introductory essay on the Cat Lady conundrum along with scores of photo#65533;graphs of felines paired with famous feline fans across a spectrum of backgrounds, including figures such as Audrey Hepburn, Georgia O'Keeffe, Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe, Zelda Fitzgerald, Lana Del Rey, Lauren Bacall, Joan Jett, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and more.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $33.00
  • Cecil Beaton Portraits & Profiles
    Cecil Beaton Portraits & Profiles
    ISBN: 9780711235502
    Title: Cecil Beaton Portraits & Profiles
    Author: BEATON CECIL

    Cecil Beaton was a fashion, portrait and war photographer, a diarist, painter, interior designer and an Academy Award-winning stage and costume designer. He is one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of the twentieth century and is renowned for his images of elegance, glamour and style.

    Portraits by Beaton: Photographs and Diaries combines Beaton's photographic and pen portraits. His images often flattered but his diaries and journals didn't necessarily follow suit; he was described by Jean Cocteau as 'Malice in Wonderland'. Grouped together chronologically in chapters on Bright Young Things, The War Years, High Society, Hollywood Royalty, and The Peacock Revolution, Beaton's portraits offer insight, beauty, witty observations and a fascinating glimpse into his world.

    Included are Fred Astaire, Mick Jagger, Marlon Brando ('pallid as a mushroom, smooth-skinned and scarred, with curved feminine lips and silky hair, he seems as unhealthy as a lame duck. Yet his ram-like profile has the harsh strength of the gutter'), Maria Callas, Coco Chanel, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn ('she is like a portrait by Modigliani where the various distortions are not only interesting in themselves but make a completely satisfying composite'), Elizabeth Taylor, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe ('she romps, she squeals with delight, she leaps on the sofa. It is an artless, impromptu, high-spirited, infectiously gay performance. It will probably end in tears'), Princess Grace, Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill.

    Cecil Beaton's life spanned many worlds and these are captured here through his fabulous photographs and incisive pen portraits.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $75.00

  • Celebrity Pets on the French Riviera in the 50s & 60s
    Celebrity Pets on the French Riviera in the 50s & 60s
    ISBN: 9783832798765
    Title: Celebrity Pets on the French Riviera in the 50s & 60s
    Author: QUINN EDWARD

    George Clooney is not one for long-term relationships. But what's remained beyond the grasp of any woman to date was no problem for the pot-bellied pig Max: before it died in 2006, Max had spent 18 years at the side of the "Sexiest Man Alive." Even half a century ago, the photographer Edward Quinn recognized that the relationship between stars and their pets is a special one. On the Cote d'Azur--the Mecca of the 1950s and 1960s jet set--he managed to create some of his most personal celebrity portraits in the presence of their pets. Often shy and always on guard against fair-weather friends, our glimpses of stars in "Celebrity Pets" alongside their animal companions are unusually approachable and natural: Picasso romping around with his dogs, Kabul and Lump, or the writer Somerset Maugham on all fours, face to face with his Pekingese, Chin. And we see the mongrel Guapa in a situation that every man of the world would have dreamed of: in bed with Brigitte Bardot.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $140.00
  • Che Guevara
    Che Guevara
    ISBN: 9788857237404
    Title: Che Guevara

    Fifty years after Ernesto Guevara's death, Che Guevara tú y Todos (the title tú y Todos , is taken from a poem written for his wife before leaving for Bolivia) aims to redeem his figure from the oblivion of the pop icon fuelled by posters and T-shirts, and to restore it to its more human, vital, and historical dimension.

    The book develops philologically in three levels, which have different multi-media solutions, all captivating and with considerable communication effectiveness. Using a journalistic style of narration, the first level talks about the geopolitical context. The second level is biographical. With numerous and original archived materials, it goes through the character's private and public experiences, such as his official speeches, his considerations on education, foreign policy and economics, the sense of the revolution and hope in "New Man". Lastly, there is an a-temporal level with an intimist tone. It focuses on texts of a more personal nature, such as his diaries and letters to friends and family, and includes recordings of poems dedicated to his wife Aleida, in which doubts, contradictions and reflections take shape.

    Hundreds of jotted down thoughts, diaries and letters intimately reveal one of the characters that most deeply marked an age. It is Ernesto Guevara, El Che, talking about himself.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Chromes
    ISBN: 9783869303116
    Title: Chromes

    William Egglestons standing as one of the masters of colour photography is widely acknowledged. But the gradual steps by which he transformed from an unknown into a leading artist are less well known. Steidl has undertaken to trace these steps in an ambitious series of publications. Before Color (Steidl, 2010) explored Egglestons revelatory early black and white images, while Chromes is an edit of more than 5,000 Kodachromes and Ektachromes taken from ten chronologically ordered binders found in a safe in the Eggleston Artistc Trust. This archive had once been used by John Szarkowski who selected the forty-eight images printed in Egglestons seminal book William Egglestons Guide, while the rest of the archive has remained almost entirely unpublished. This book presents Egglestons early Memphis imagery, his testing of colour and compositional strategies, and the development towards the poetic snapshot. In short, Chromes shows a master in the making.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $572.00
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