• Steve McCurry in Search of Elsewhere: Unseen Images
    Steve McCurry in Search of Elsewhere: Unseen Images
    ISBN: 9781786279170
    Title: Steve McCurry in Search of Elsewhere: Unseen Images

    A unique collection of previously unseen images spanning Steve McCurry's extraordinary career.

    Steve McCurry is known for creating some of the most iconic images of recent times and in this new collection, he shares previously unseen photographs from his incredibly rich archive. In Search of Elsewhere takes us across the globe and offers new perspectives on many of the locations that the photographer has already made famous - from India, Myanmar and Cuba, to Kashmir and the white-washed temples of the Himalayas. Each image is reproduced at large format and in remarkable detail and this new compilation reveals the incredible depth of his work.

    "I compare photography to food, air, and sleep... this creative energy, this impulse, is what gives us purpose, pleasure, joy, happiness and love." Steve McCurry

    Also available:

    Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $110.00

  • Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures: 40 Years of Photography
    Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures: 40 Years of Photography
    ISBN: 9781786272355
    Title: Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures: 40 Years of Photography

    The biggest and most comprehensive volume on Steve McCurry published to date and the final word on forty years of McCurry's incredible work. Written and compiled by Bonnie McCurry, Steve's sister and President of the McCurry Foundation, Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures is the ultimate book of McCurry's images and his approach to photography.

    The book brings together all of McCurry's key adventures and influences, from his very first journalistic images taken in the aftermath of the 1977 Johnstown floods, to his breakthrough journey into Afghanistan hidden among the mujahideen, his many travels across India and Pakistan, his coverage of the destruction of the 1991 Gulf War and the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York, up to his most-recent work. Totaling over 350 images, the selection of photographs includes his best-known shots as well as over 100 previously unpublished images. Also included are personal notes, telegrams, and visual ephemera from his travels and assignments, all accompanied by Bonnie McCurry's authoritative text - drawn from her unique relationship with Steve - as well as reflections from many of Steve's friends and colleagues.

    Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures is the complete, definitive volume on McCurry.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $90.00
  • Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand
    Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand
    ISBN: 9781477310335
    Title: Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand

    Garry Winogrand--along with Diane Arbus and Lee Friedlander--was one of the most important photographers of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as one of the world's foremost street photographers. Award-winning writer Geoff Dyer has admired Winogrand's work for many years. Modeled on John Szarkowski's classic book Atget, The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand is a masterfully curated selection of one hundred photographs from the Winogrand archive at the Center for Creative Photography, with each image accompanied by an original essay.

    Dyer takes the viewer/reader on a wildly original journey through both iconic and unseen images from the archive, including eighteen previously unpublished color photographs. The book encompasses most of Winogrand's themes and subjects and remains broadly faithful to the chronological and geographical facts of his life, but Dyer's responses to the photographs are unorthodox, eye-opening, and often hilarious. This inimitable combination of photographer and writer, images and text, itself offers what Dyer claims for Winogrand's photography--an education in seeing.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $113.00
  • Street Photographer's Manual 2ed
    Street Photographer's Manual 2ed
    ISBN: 9780500545263
    Title: Street Photographer's Manual 2ed
    Author: GIBSON DAVID

    In recent years, photo sharing on social media has rejuvenated street photography, and its spirit has been reborn. The Street Photographer's Manual is about the possibilities of street photography as a medium, and how it can be approached in an accessible way.

    The book begins with an overview of street photography, examining its past, present, and future, and looking at how the genre has changed over time. The reader is then introduced to twenty of the most acclaimed international street photographers. This new, revised edition features six new photographers: Troy Holden, Merel Schoneveld, Melissa Breyer, David Gaberle, Michelle Groskopf, and Craig Whitehead.

    Integrated within the profiles are twenty fully illustrated tutorials, including how to shoot a face in a crowd and how to train your eye to observe and capture the unexpected. The Street Photographer's Manual shows you that being a street photographer is partly about looking for luck. But luck requires inspiration--and that is where this book is indispensable.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Tina Modotti Photographer & Revolutionary by Margaret Hooks
    Tina Modotti Photographer & Revolutionary by Margaret Hooks
    ISBN: 9788416248834
    Title: Tina Modotti Photographer & Revolutionary by Margaret Hooks

    The life and work of Italian-born photographer Tina Modotti is magnificently portrayed in this generously illustrated volume by expert Margaret Hooks. It is a detailed study of an extraordinary life, from her early years in Italy to her time as a Hollywood actress, her first steps as a photographer with Edward Weston, her stay in Mexico with Diego Rivera and her twenty years as an active communist in Mexico, Spain and Moscow, during which she risked her life to carry funds to political prisoners in Romania and endured deadly bombings in Madrid and Barcelona. 'Modotti's famous portraits of celebrities and common people, her journalistic photography depicting poverty and political turmoil and her abstract compositions of flowers and objects are all included in this superb book. Tina Modotti (Italy, 1896 - Mexico, 1942), although often overshadowed by her lovers Edward Weston and Diego Rivera, is undoubtedly one of the most important women photographers of the twentieth century. She is considered a pioneer of critical photojournalism in Mexico as her work reflected her commitment to the underprivileged and their social struggle. Some of her photographs have reached record-setting prices in auctions Illustrated throughout

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $80.00
  • Trees: Between Earth & Heaven  Gift Edition
    Trees: Between Earth & Heaven Gift Edition
    ISBN: 9781683839262
    Title: Trees: Between Earth & Heaven Gift Edition

    Art Wolfe's immersive photos capture the wonder humans have felt about trees for millennia.

    From the ancient Assyrian Tree of Life to the Iroquois peoples' Tree of Peace, trees have played an archetypal role in human culture and spirituality since time immemorial. An integral part of a variety of faiths--from Buddhism and Hinduism to Nordic and aboriginal religions--trees were venerated long before any written historical records existed.

    This sense of reverence and wonder is beautifully evoked in these vivid images from legendary photographer Art Wolfe. The new, giftable format of his celebrated book on the topic, Trees, focuses on both individual specimens and entire forests, offering a sweeping yet intimate look at an arboreal world that spans six continents. To accompany these timeless images, author Gregory McNamee weaves a diverse and global account of the myths, cultures, and traditions that convey the long-standing symbiosis between trees and humans, and renowned ethnobotanist Wade Davis anchors the text with a penetrating introduction. Humans have always shared this planet with trees, and this book is both a breathtaking journey through and an homage to that relationship and its past, present, and future--now in a new, beautiful, and highly giftable format.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $53.00

  • Understanding a Photograph
    Understanding a Photograph
    ISBN: 9780141392028
    Title: Understanding a Photograph

    John Bergers explorations of the relationships between the individual and society, culture and politics, and experience and expression through the written word, films, photographic collaborations and performances are unmatched in their diversity, ambition and reach. His television series and book "Ways of Seeing" revolutionized the way that art is understood. Now, "Understanding a Photograph" gathers the photography writings of one of the most internationally influential authors of the past 50 years. "Understanding a Photograph" is arranged chronologically, leading the reader on a thought-provoking journey through selected essays from hallmark works such as "About Looking" and "Another Way of Telling," as well as previously uncollected pieces written for exhibitions or catalogues that discuss a wide range of artists--from August Sander to Jitka Hanzlova. This collection of some 25 texts has been carefully selected by novelist and essayist Geoff Dyer, who has also written a critical study of Bergers oeuvre.
    John Berger (born 1926) is a novelist, poet, screenwriter and critic. He is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including "To the Wedding," "About Looking" and "G.," for which he was awarded the Booker Prize. Among his best-known works are the television series and book, "Ways of Seeing." He has received prestigious awards for his writing, including the Petrarca-Preis and a Golden PEN Award.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Vogue on Location People, Places, Portraits
    Vogue on Location People, Places, Portraits
    ISBN: 9781419732713
    Title: Vogue on Location People, Places, Portraits

    Travel around the globe with Vogue's most exotic fashion, travel, and lifestyle stories

    Have fashion, will travel. That's the vision behind Vogue on Location, a journey in itself through the many spectacular voyages that the magazine took over the years. Spanning a century, this remarkable book includes dispatches and travel writing by journalistic icons like Jan Morris, Truman Capote, Lee Miller, Lesley Blanch, and Frances FitzGerald, as well as stunning editorials from legendary photographers like Irving Penn, Henry Clarke, Helmut Newton, Arthur Elgort, Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh, and Annie Leibovitz.

    With historic reportage and landmark fashion shoots in far-flung locales like India, Iran, Morocco, Bali, Vogue on Location captures important moments in both travel and fashion history. An essential addition to any Vogue lover's shelf, Vogue on Location is sure to inspire a sense of fantasy and flight.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $100.00
  • Wanderlust Europe The Great European Hike
    Wanderlust Europe The Great European Hike
    ISBN: 9783899558661
    Title: Wanderlust Europe The Great European Hike
    Author: RODDIE ALEX

    From the temperate climes of the Spanish islands, over the Nordic fjords, and to the summit of alpine peaks, Wanderlust Europe points the reader in the direction of the continent's most awe-inspiring routes. Offering expert knowledge on how best to experience nature's majesty, this stimulating manual for hikers of all skill levels traverses far-reaching locales in pursuit of breathtaking beauty and a sense of freedom. Combining first-hand tips with informative maps and an array of spectacular photography, this book is a welcome addition to the Wanderlust series and for anyone with an urge to connect with the great outdoors.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $120.00
  • We Protest: Fighting for What We Believe In
    We Protest: Fighting for What We Believe In
    ISBN: 9780847867950
    Title: We Protest: Fighting for What We Believe In
    Author: LAMPERT TISH

    A call to action--inspiring citizens to stand up and fight for social justice in our nation.

    In the last few years we have seen a wave of activism wash across our nation and inspire unprecedented protest and civic engagement. People came together in record-breaking numbers, outspoken and persistent. With the winds of resistance at their backs, people linked arms and set out to defend our freedoms and each other.

    Photojournalist Tish Lampert captures the spirit of the heroes and ordinary citizens on their activist journey to defend their American values during the most conflicted era in our recent history. The book charts the chronology of social-change movements that have dominated the headlines over the past several years: the fight for women's rights and gender equality, immigration rights, civil liberties, gun violence, and the environment. Lampert takes us to the front lines of activism, where she has documented each protest and their respective leaders, as well as the legions of ordinary Americans standing together to protect the values of our great nation.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $105.00

  • While the Fires Burn: A Glacier Odyssey
    While the Fires Burn: A Glacier Odyssey
    ISBN: 9780500544778
    Title: While the Fires Burn: A Glacier Odyssey

    In 2009, Daniel Schwartz began a photographic art project documenting visible evidence of the disappearance of glaciers around the world, intending it as a catalyst for reflections on climate history and the relationship between glacial cycles and human lifespan in the context of natural ecology and human progress.

    The project's geographical field of interest extends from today's Alpine cryosphere to areas of prehistoric glaciation in what is now the great plain of Switzerland, to as far afield as Pakistan (Karakoram range), Uganda (Rwenzori range), and Peru (Cordillera Blanca)--all of which demonstrate dramatically shrinking glaciers at differing stages. Schwartz has traveled widely over many years and has created new views of rarely photographed glaciers, such as those in equatorial Africa.

    Combining spectacular close aerial photography with archival documents in more than 160 photographs, Schwartz links art and science and continues an interdisciplinary tradition with roots in early eighteenth-century Switzerland, the birthplace of glaciology. These beautifully detailed photographs define new ways to examine glaciers as a functional archive of human presence, and to consider human intervention in natural history.

    The film "Beyond the Obvious--Daniel Schwartz. Photographer" follows Schwartz during the final stages of "While the Fires Burn." Information at http: //www.goldeneggproduction.ch/portfolio-item/beyond-the-obvious-en/#tab-id-3

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $90.00
  • Why It Does Not Have to be in Focus: Modern Photography Explained
    Why It Does Not Have to be in Focus: Modern Photography Explained
    ISBN: 9780500290958
    Title: Why It Does Not Have to be in Focus: Modern Photography Explained

    Why take a self-portrait but obscure your face with a lightbulb (Lee Friedlander, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (1968)? Or deliberately underexpose an image (Vera Lutter, Battersea Power Station, XI: July 13, 2004)? And why photograph a ceiling (William Eggleston, Red Ceiling, 1973)? In Why It Does Not Have To Be In Focus, Jackie Higgins offers a lively, informed defence of modern photography. Choosing 100 key photographs with particular emphasis on the last twenty years she examines what inspired each photographer in the first place, and traces how the piece was executed. In doing so, she brings to light the layers of meaning and artifice behind these singular works, some of which were initially dismissed out of hand for being blurred, overexposed or badly composed.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Wildlife Photography
    Wildlife Photography
    ISBN: 9781781575123
    Title: Wildlife Photography

    There is nothing quite so satisfying as capturing a stunning wildlife photograph; a good one will reflect practice, patience, careful equipment choice and dedication. Those challenges are perhaps why so many enthusiast photographers aspire to perfect their images in this area; to get their work recognised by the photographic community as well as record their experiences.

    This book reveals more world-class images with every turn. More than that, though, it takes a practical approach. It comprehensively introduces natural-history and wildlife photography techniques alongside truly useful tips about what gear you'll need (and what you can avoid) in your pursuit of perfection. It is illustrated by the author's professional work; his clients include National Geographic & Time amongst others.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Women Photographers: Contemporaries
    Women Photographers: Contemporaries
    ISBN: 9780500411179
    Title: Women Photographers: Contemporaries

    With the rise of feminism, women photographers conquered the mainstream, with an increasingly commodified art world now viewing them simply as photographers and not merely a novelty or subcategory. Some women combined their photography practice with video, installations and other media, while others used the camera as a tool for questioning the concept of imagemaking itself, or for opening a fruitiful dialogue with subjects, instead of imposing an outside viewpoint. A rising awareness of environmental concerns went hand in hand with the issues of globalization and diversity.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Women Photographers: Pioneers
    Women Photographers: Pioneers
    ISBN: 9780500411155
    Title: Women Photographers: Pioneers

    Women began working as photographers in the second half of the 19th century, a time when the rules of the medium had not yet been codified and experimentation was the order of the day. Some opened their own studios, patenting their own equipment and carving out a place for themselves in this new artistic field, while others were obliged to work anonymously or under pseudonyms. As the 20th century dawned, women embraced genres ranging from pictorialist soft focus to documentary realism and surrealist photomanipulation, fearlessly exploring the boundaries of photographic possibility.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Women Photographers: Revolutionaries
    Women Photographers: Revolutionaries
    ISBN: 9780500411162
    Title: Women Photographers: Revolutionaries

    With the rise of feminism, women photographers conquered the mainstream, with an increasingly commodified art world now viewing them simply as photographers and not merely a novelty or subcategory. Some women combined their photography practice with video, installations and other media, while others used the camera as a tool for questioning the concept of imagemaking itself, or for opening a fruitiful dialogue with subjects, instead of imposing an outside viewpoint. A rising awareness of environmental concerns went hand in hand with the issues of globalization and diversity.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • World
    ISBN: 9783961712762
    Title: World

    Michael Poliza is more than a seasoned globetrotter who has traveled through almost 170 countries. He is also a collector of the world, always on the lookout for breathtaking landscapes, remote regions, and intact nature reserves. With his camera ever on hand, Poliza does not only want to experience the beauty of the planet, but also to make it accessible to all.
    In his two great books, Africa and Eyes over Africa, as well as his single volumes on South Africa, Kenya, and Namibia, Poliza opened our eyes to the diversity of the African continent. In AntArctic, the WWF ambassador created a sensitive double portrait of the polar regions. And in his characteristic aerial photographs, he even opened up new perspectives on well-known places like Mallorca.
    In this trade edition of The World, Poliza opens his digital treasure chest to reveal previously unpublished images from all seven continents. Like a true photographic world tour, we travel with him to Australia and New Zealand, to Vietnam and Myanmar, to the west of the USA and north to Canada, to the Galapagos Islands and Bolivia, across the Antarctic and the many lands of Africa.
    No matter how different the regions he explores, the photographer always captures extraordinary images, instilling both the beauty of our planet and an urgent need to protect the natural world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $140.00
  • World's Great River Journeys: 50 Scenic Voyages along the Waterways of 5 Continents
    World's Great River Journeys: 50 Scenic Voyages along the Waterways of 5 Continents
    ISBN: 9781912081943
    Title: World's Great River Journeys: 50 Scenic Voyages along the Waterways of 5 Continents

    Journeying by river provides the perfect opportunity to discover new places or see a new side of a familiar destination. Presented here are 50 remarkable and memorable trips chosen because of the stunning scenery they pass through as well as the historic and cultural sites that can be visited from side excursions. Some cover lengthy trips such as a cruise on the Danube that passes through ten countries from its source before emptying into the Black Sea; others are shorter but have a strong, unifying theme, such as Portugal's Douro River that was built on viticulture. In Southeast Asia, the leisurely pace of a river trip along the Yangtze, Mekong or Ayeryawaddy Rivers allows time to take in the ancient cultures and exotic landscapes. Beautiful countryside, wine-rich valleys and dramatic gorges are the highlights of a river journey; the scenery is constant and ever changing. But as well as the natural wonders, there are also remarkable man-made engineering feats to experience as you pass through intricate lock systems or under state-of-the-art bridges. All the important landmarks and cities, scenery and architecture are described for each journey, and each one is illustrated with a route map.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Wrecks: The Memory of the Sea
    Wrecks: The Memory of the Sea
    ISBN: 9788857234960
    Title: Wrecks: The Memory of the Sea

    Stefano Benazzo's evocative images of shipwrecks--the remains of magnificent sea cathedrals, bound to inevitable decline. Through powerful images of wrecks shot over decades on the world's coastlines, Italian photographer Stefano Benazzo brings again to life the sailors, as well as the immigrants. The duty of memory prompts us to keep with grateful remembrance the sailors' endeavor and traditions. Wrecks are the evidence of men who have been cornerstones of economic, social, and maritime history, as well as of their courage and suffering.

    Benazzo's images settle for future generations the features of ships that elements will destroy more and more. The distance makes it difficult to approach wrecks, and it is nearly impossible to transport them to museums.

    Benazzo's photographs lead us to pry deeply into ourselves, bringing out our richness and our diversified nature. In the author's imagination, these wrecks seem to be miraculously ready to sail again with perseverance and to fulfill their mission: they express the hope of salvation and life.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
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