• 100 Ideas That Changed Art

    100 Ideas That Changed Art
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    ISBN: 9781786273888
    Title: 100 Ideas That Changed Art
    Author: BIRD MICHAEL

    From the earliest cave paintings through to the internet and street art, this inspiring book chronicles the 100 most influential ideas that have shaped the world of art. Arranged in broadly chronological order, it provides a source of inspiration and a fascinating resource for the general reader to dip into.

    The book shows how developments in materials and technology have radically changed the way that art is produced. Each entry explores when an idea first evolved and how it has resurfaced in the work of different artists up to the present day.

    Illustrated with historical masterpieces and packed with fascinating contemporary examples, this is an inspirational and wholly original guide to understanding the forces that have shaped world art.

    Format: Paperback
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