• Landscapes: John Berger on Art

    Landscapes: John Berger on Art
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    ISBN: 9781784785840
    Title: Landscapes: John Berger on Art
    Author: BERGER JOHN

    A major new work from the world s leading writer on art
    With Portraits, world-renowned art writer John Berger took us on a captivating journey through centuries of art, situating each artist in the proper political and historical contexts. In Landscapes, a narrative of Berger s own journey emerges. Through his penetrating engagement with the writers and artists who shaped his own thought, Walter Benjamin, Rosa Luxemburg and Bertolt Brecht among them, Landscapes allows us to understand how Berger came to his own way of seeing. As always, Berger pushes at the limits of art writing, demonstrating beautifully how his painter s eyes lead him to refer to himself only as a storyteller. A landscape is, to John Berger, like a portrait, an animating, liberating metaphor rather than a rigid definition. It s a term, too, that reminds us that there is more here than simply the backdrop or by-work of a portrait. Landscapes offers a tour of the history of art, but not as you know it."

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