• Peoples Coffee Barista Handbook

    Peoples Coffee Barista Handbook
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    ISBN: 9780473190798
    Title: Peoples Coffee Barista Handbook

    An 85 page full color illustrated handbook on how to make beautiful espresso.

    With a 15 page introduction on the unique way Peoples Coffee trades with coffee producers, the handbook tells both a story about their coffee business and goes on to set a firm foundation for making great espresso.

    LAUNCH UPDATE: Have you ever tried coffee flavoured beer? If you were at Unity Books Thursday 19th you would have been able to taste some. The unusual flavour of beer was on tap at the launch of Peoples Coffee Barista Handbook, a fully illustrated manual about how to make the prefect espresso. The book includes an introduction about the way Peoples Coffee trades with coffee producers as well as telling the story of their business.

    The beer, if you’re interested, came courtesy of Aro Street’s newest micro-brewery Garage Project. It is the result of collaboration between themselves and Peoples Coffee who provided a specially brewed black coffee for the mix. Check out some photos of the book launch below.

    Photography © Marta Starosta // Unity Books

    Dave and Matt Lamason speaking at the launch of Peoples Coffee Barista Handbook. Cheers guys. We all like coffee here.

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