• Royal Gardens of the World
    Royal Gardens of the World
    ISBN: 9780857838018
    Title: Royal Gardens of the World
    Author: LANE MARK

    The book is a sumptuous exploration of 21 of the world's most celebrated royal gardens, from the formal splendour of Versailles to the organic, sustainable Highgrove.

    In mainland Europe you can journey from the formal splendour of Het Loo in the Netherlands and Fontainebleau in France to the Baroque World Heritage Site of the Royal Palace of Caserta in Southern Italy. Further afield still lies the Taj Mahal in India and the Peterhof Palace in Russia.

    Each featured garden will include the history, plantings and evolution of the garden as well as plant portraits of key plants and information about the design and layout of each. Countries included are: England, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, India, Bali and Japan.

    This inspiring global selection of royal gardens is a perfect gift for any gardening enthusiast or armchair traveller and takes the reader on a journey of architecturally significant houses and their classic gardens as well as providing planting ideas that range from modest to grand, simple to ornate.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $88.00
  • Setting the Scene: A Masterclass in Garden Design
    Setting the Scene: A Masterclass in Garden Design
    ISBN: 9781910258590
    Title: Setting the Scene: A Masterclass in Garden Design

    In Setting the Scene, leading landscape/garden designer and Chelsea Gold medallist George Carter distils a career of over thirty years in garden design into pithy lessons that will be invaluable to any garden designer (or garden owner). George Carter's work has been inspired by the gardens of the past, from the formality of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the informal landscapes of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He cites the landscape designer Humpry Repton (1752-1818) as his greatest influence. Setting the Scene shows us how successful gardens are designed and made. Following the pattern set by Repton in his famous Red Books, George Carter takes us through the process in meticulous detail, leading us from the initial site plan to the glory of the finished garden, and illustrating each chapter with photographs and plans of gardens from his own portfolio, including Albemarle House in Charlottesville, Virginia, a cottage in Pennsylvania, farmhouses in Mirmande in south-eastern France, Los Moritos in Trujillo, The Garden of Surprises in Burghley, Lincolnshire, Penshurst Place, Kent, Holkham Hall, Norfolk, the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, his own garden at Silverstone Farm, Norfolk, and the garden of the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $125.00
  • Sissinghurst an Unfinished History
    Sissinghurst an Unfinished History
    ISBN: 9780007240555
    Title: Sissinghurst an Unfinished History

    A fascinating account from award-winning author Adam Nicolson of the history of Nicolson's own national treasure, his family home: Sissinghurst.Sissinghurst is world-famous as a place of calm and beauty, a garden slipped into the ruins of a rose-pink Elizabethan palace. But is it entirely what its creators intended? Has its success over the last thirty years come at a price? Is Sissinghurst everything it could be? The story of this piece of land, an estate in the Weald of Kent, is told here for the first time from the very beginning. Adam Nicolson, who now lives there, has uncovered remarkable new findings about its history as a medieval manor and great sixteenth-century house, from the days of its decline as an eighteenth-century prison to a flourishing Victorian farm and on to the creation, by his grandparents Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson, of a garden in a weed-strewn wreck. Alongside his recovery of the past, Adam Nicolson wanted something else: for the land at Sissinghurst to live again, to become the landscape of orchards, cattle, fruit and sheep he remembered from his boyhood. Could that living frame of a mixed farm be brought back to what had turned into monochrome fields of chemicalised wheat and oilseed rape? Against the odds, he was going to try.Adam Nicolson has always been a passionate writer about landscape and buildings, but this is different. This is the place he wanted to make good again, reconnecting garden, farm and land. More than just a personal biography of a place, this book is the story of taking an inheritance and steering it in a new direction, just as an entrepreneur might take hold of a company, or just as all of us might want to take our dreams and make them real.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $36.00
  • Sissinghurst: the Dream Garden
    Sissinghurst: the Dream Garden
    ISBN: 9780711237346
    Title: Sissinghurst: the Dream Garden

    Step inside the world's most famous garden and understand the strength of its attraction since is was bought and transformed by writer Vita Sackville West and diplomat Harold Nicholson in the 1930s. This unforgettable garden of rooms is influential today for its design, its exuberant planting, and its effect on visitors as a complete garden experience. Author Tim Richardson explores its power and its magic, explaining the nuances of its evolution and shows how we can all enjoy it today.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Small Garden Design
    Small Garden Design
    ISBN: 9780143785774
    Title: Small Garden Design
    Author: BANGAY PAUL

    Paul Bangay is renowned for the expansive and elegant gardens with classical lines and symmetrical plantings that he has created in Australia and all over the world. Yet gardens on this grand scale are not accessible to everyone. With more of us living in apartments, townhouses and terraces, our gardens are now being squeezed into small spaces such as balconies, courtyards, lightwells or rooftops - and this makes for challenging garden design. In Small Garden Design, Paul applies his 25 years of experience with gardens of all sizes to reveal how best to structure, design and choose plants for small spaces. Chapters on Balconies & Terraces, Rooftops, Inner City, Lightwells and Courtyards are lavishly illustrated with photos by Simon Griffiths and enhanced with lots of practical tips on plant types, paving, irrigation, soil, outdoor dining, lighting and making the space appear larger. In this accessible and practical book, Paul shows us 'how to make the most of the small space you have, and how to transform it into the paradise that we all aspire to?.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Step-By-Step Bonsai
    Step-By-Step Bonsai
    ISBN: 9781409344087
    Title: Step-By-Step Bonsai

    Know, grow, and create beautiful bonsaiBonsai is the ultimate introduction to bonsai trees, with illustrated step-by-step projects to make bonsai for beginners simple and achievable. With an A-Z directory of bonsai tree care, you'll learn the key techniques needed to create your own beautiful miniature landscapes. Author and internationally renowned bonsai artist Peter Warren has taught and worked all over the world and brings you the best of Japanese bonsai. His expertise will introduce you to the tools you'll need, tips for bonsai tree care, styling ideas and how to get the best from your bonsai plants. A complete 'how to' on planting, propagation, pruning and training techniques, plant care, and siting. Bonsai trees will bring serenity to your garden and make your landscape truly unique, even in an urban setting. With traditional techniques, display ideas and 20 contemporary projects for your miniature trees,Bonsai uses photographic guides to make growing bonsai easy and approachable.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Stonefields by the Seasons
    Stonefields by the Seasons
    ISBN: 9781760895082
    Title: Stonefields by the Seasons
    Author: BANGAY PAUL

    Paul Bangay's celebrated Victorian property, Stonefields, has now been under his expert care for 15 years. Today, his vision is complete and the garden is mature and more beautiful than ever.

    In this new book, Paul takes the reader through the changing seasons to highlight different aspects of the garden and the trusted design and planting principles he has applied at Stonefields. From the vibrant autumn colours in the woodland, to the jubilant flowering of the crab apple trees in October and the harvesting of vegetables in the summer, this is a delightful and exquisitely photographed journey through the garden that tells the story of its evolution since The Garden at Stonefields was published in 2013. Sharing practical advice, too, Paul explains the gardener's essential quarterly tasks as well as his favourite and recommended plants for each season.

    But this is also a beautiful book of reflection on a much-loved garden to which a gardener has dedicated many years of time and care. Looking back on all he has achieved in this treasured space, Paul muses on creativity, achievements and disappointments, the human connection to the changing Australian landscape and the inevitabilities of change and the passage of time. More than just an intimate tour around Stonefields today, this book is an invitation to reflect on the meaning and rich rewards of gardening itself.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Story of Gardening: A Cultural History of Famous Gardens from Around the World
    Story of Gardening: A Cultural History of Famous Gardens from Around the World
    ISBN: 9781911595748
    Title: Story of Gardening: A Cultural History of Famous Gardens from Around the World

    A fully updated and revised edition of a gardening classic.

    From the cooling fountains of the Alhambra to the imposing palace grounds of Chinese emperors and the clean lines of the formal French parterre, this inspiring history charts the fascinating evolution of gardening over thousands of years, bringing to life the world's most beautiful and magnificent gardens.

    The Story of Gardening explains the origins of the most influential gardening styles. Acclaimed garden designer and plantswoman Penelope Hobhouse draws on her extensive experience and shows you how an appreciation of style and techniques from all over the world helps us to understand how modern gardens have developed.& Unrivalled in its coverage and written with the author's characteristic clarity and authority, this exceptional book is guaranteed to appeal to gardening enthusiasts or all ages and levels of expertise.&

    Chapters include:
    The Origins of Gardening:& the gardens of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Persia.
    Gardens of Ancient Greece and Rome: The beginnings of botany and herbalism and design developments in the Classical world.
    The Gardens of Islam: the 'fourfold' garden's spread from the Middle East.
    The Medieval Gardens of Christendom:& The layers of meaning in the gardens of the Middle Ages.
    The Renaissance Vision in Italy: The transition from classical villa gardens.
    The Flowering of the European Garden: Louis XIV's power-gardening.
    Plants on the Move: Early plant enthusiasts who searched for new species.
    The English Landscape Garden: The 18th& century Landscape Movement
    The Eclectic 19th& Century:& European gardening during technological change.
    The Americas Gardening's evolution on the American continent.
    Gardens of China:& Chinese gardening's links with the landscape and painting.
    The Japanese Garden: Japanese design's influence on the rest of the world.
    From Naturalism to Modernism: Pioneer voices as gardening goes global.
    Visions of the Future: The faces shaping gardening in the 21st& century.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Super Organic Gardener
    Super Organic Gardener
    ISBN: 9781526737472
    Title: Super Organic Gardener

    If you care about what you eat, you should care about how you grow it.

    Gardeners can demonstrate that by going beyond organics to veganics - growing without animal inputs - they are a driving force in saving the environment.

    This book gives you the tools to grow without harming the planet and animals, and explains why moving beyond organics towards super organic vegan gardening is the way to show you are genuinely concerned about environmental issues and the industrial commodification of living, sentient creatures.

    From advice about how to make and buy natural fertilisers and compost, to putting nutritional values on what you grow, and to how to cook it, and how to share your plot with wildlife, this book covers all the bases.

    The foreword is by RHS Chelsea Flower Show best in show winner Cleve West, who is a passionate vegan gardener. Vegan Organic Network and Garden Organic have backed the book too.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00

  • Weeds on Trial: The Verdicts Every Gardener Needs
    Weeds on Trial: The Verdicts Every Gardener Needs
    ISBN: 9781910821275
    Title: Weeds on Trial: The Verdicts Every Gardener Needs
    Author: BINNEY RUTH

    This ingenious and informative new illustrated book reveals the inside stories of more than 50 common and successful weeds, including cultivated `thugs' which gardeners plant at their peril, and presents its findings as evidence for the prosecution and defence. It then explores the ways in which the weeds are so successful, whether annual, biennial or perennial, and suggests effective ways of removing or controlling them, and for using them wisely. Where important, as with weeds such as Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam, it includes your legal obligations as a gardener to stop these most pernicious weeds from spreading.
    A useful reference section tells you all you need to know about weeding tools, weedkillers, composting weeds and using mulches to stop them spreading, plus specific details on weeds in lawns and ponds and weeds and the law.
    So whether you're worried by groundsel or ground elder, nettles or knotweed, bamboo or brambles, or would like to encourage dandelions or clovers to grow exactly where you want them, then these are the verdicts you need.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Wild at Home: How to Style & Care for Beautiful Plants
    Wild at Home: How to Style & Care for Beautiful Plants
    ISBN: 9781782497134
    Title: Wild at Home: How to Style & Care for Beautiful Plants

    Make your home a healthier and more beautiful place to be with Hilton Carter's inspirational ideas.

    "Hilton Carter's love for plants is infectious... His lush and exuberant displays are inspiring reminders that plants can be so much more than neat little containers on a window sill." Grace Bonney, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Design*Sponge

    Take a tour through Hilton's own apartment and other lush spaces, filled with a huge array of thriving plants, and learn all you need to know to create your own urban jungle. As the owner of over 200 plants, Hilton feels strongly about the role of plants in one's home--not just for the beauty they add, but for health benefits as well: 'having plants in your home not only adds life, but changes the airflow throughout. It's also a key design element when styling your place. For me, it wasn't about just having greenery, but having the right variety of greenery. I like to see the different textures of foliage all grouped together. You take a fiddle leaf fig and sandwich it between a birds of paradise and a monstera and.... yes ' You will be armed with the know-how you need to care for your plants, where to place them, how to propagate, how to find the right pot, and much more, and most importantly, how to arrange them so that they look their best. Combine sizes and leaf shapes to stunning effect, grow your own succulents from leaf cuttings, create your own air plant display, and more.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $43.00

  • Wild Your Garden: Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Sanctuary for Nature
    Wild Your Garden: Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Sanctuary for Nature
    ISBN: 9780241435816
    Title: Wild Your Garden: Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Sanctuary for Nature
    Author: ASHTON JIM & JOEL

    "It's up to every single one of us to do our bit for wildlife, however small our gardens, and The Butterfly Brothers know just how that can be achieved." Alan Titchmarsh

    Join the rewilding movement and share your outdoor space with nature.

    We all have the potential to make the world a little greener. Wild Your Garden, written by Jim and Joel Ashton (aka "The Butterfly Brothers"), shows you how to create a garden that can help boost local biodiversity.

    Transform a paved-over yard into a lush oasis, create refuges to welcome and support native species, or turn a high-maintenance lawn into a nectar-rich mini-meadow to attract bees and butterflies.

    You don't need specialist knowledge or acres of land. If you have any outdoor space, you can make a difference to local wildlife, and reduce your carbon footprint, too.

    "Wildlife gardening is one of the most important things you can do as an individual for increasing biodiversity and mitigating the effects of climate change. From digging a pond to planting a native hedge, the Butterfly Brothers can help you every step of the way." Kate Bradbury

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $37.00
  • Woburn Abbey the Park & Gardens
    Woburn Abbey the Park & Gardens
    ISBN: 9781910258132
    Title: Woburn Abbey the Park & Gardens

    The park and gardens at Woburn Abbey tell a fascinating story, and one that illuminates the history of English landscaping from the sixteenth century to the present day. Drawing on the enormous quantity of material available in the Woburn archives, as well as the historic images and details preserved in the art in the Abbey itself, this book describes how the park and gardens developed, following wider trends in landscaping as well as the individual tastes of the successive dukes and duchesses. It also places the significant developments in the park and gardens in the context of the other gardens built at the time. The dukes (and before them the earls) of Bedford have been in possession of Woburn Abbey since 1540. Over the centuries, in all the major periods of English landscaping, gardens have been built at Woburn which not only reflect the styles of their times, but also throw light on the changing responses to the natural landscape which initiated those changes in style. Almost all of the important figures in English landscaping - from Isaac de Caus to George London and Henry Wise, Charles Bridgeman and Humphry Repton - worked for the Bedford family at one time or another. In our own time, a ten-year programme of restoration of Repton's Pleasure Gardens initiated by the present Duchess is under way. When this is finished, in 2018, the result will be the most complete Repton pleasure grounds anywhere in the world. In this book Keir Davidson weaves specific and wider themes together in a way that brings the whole enthralling story to life, engaging the reader with historic gardens that are not simply part of a lost past, but can be experienced today.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $110.00
  • Yates Garden Guide 79ed
    Yates Garden Guide 79ed
    ISBN: 9781460753125
    Title: Yates Garden Guide 79ed
    Author: YATES

    One of the oldest New Zealand books in continuous publication remains the most comprehensive, reliable and practical source of advice for all New Zealand gardeners.

    Detailing hundreds of plant species, this new and fully revised edition of the Yates Gardening Guide contains everything you need to know about growing trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit. The new 79th edition includes: - New recommendations for pest and disease control and updated problem-solving charts - Recommendations on keeping chickens - How to establish a community garden - Encouraging bees in the garden - Growing microgreens - Transplanting - A new herb planting and growing chart - New and revised hints from some of New Zealand's top gardeners.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
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