• Blek Le Rat
    Blek Le Rat
    ISBN: 9780500501009
    Title: Blek Le Rat
    Author: MCGREGOR KEN

    Blek Le Rat is known worldwide for the quirky ideas and radical politics he has brought to his art form - stencilled images reproduced in colour, traces Blek Le Rat's entire carer to date. This book provides a detailed biography of the artist and traces the extension of his art to the works on paper and canvas now exhibited in art galleries throughout the world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $110.00
  • Moko: Maori Tattooing in the 20th Century
    Moko: Maori Tattooing in the 20th Century
    ISBN: 9781869539078
    Title: Moko: Maori Tattooing in the 20th Century

    Moko is written by Michael King, one of New Zealand's most celebrated historians, and photographed by Marti Friedlander, one of the country¿s most eminent photographers. One of New Zealand's iconic books, originally published in 1972, it was a milestone in New Zealand publishing. Maori subject matter was not thought to be of interest to the New Zealand public at that time, and the author and photographer were relative unknowns--Moko was their first book. To research this book, King and Friedlander travelled thousands of kilometres through the hinterland of New Zealand to find and speak with those who were tattooed, or with people who had first-hand knowledge of the custom. It is also the story of the last generation of Maori women who wore the traditional moko. Marti Friedlander's photographs illustrate with skill and compassion the moko itself, the women who wore it and the environments in which they lived.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Street Art Manual
    Street Art Manual
    ISBN: 9781786275233
    Title: Street Art Manual
    Author: POSTERS BILL

    The Street Art Manual is an illicit, tactical handbook to creating art in public and taking over urban space. Every type of street art is covered, from painting graffiti, to light projections, stenciling, wheat pasting and mural making, with each technique illustrated with step-by-step drawings.

    Arm yourself with the tips and knowledge that no other guide will give you and go out and reclaim the streets in the name of urban creativity.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00

  • Tattoo
    ISBN: 9782330032463
    Title: Tattoo

    The practice of tattooing has an extensive primitive history in Asian and African countries, where it had social, religious and mystical roles. In 3000 BC, Ötzi (whose mummy was famously discovered in the 1990s) covered his body in 57 tattoos. In the West, meanwhile, tattoos have long been signifiers of infamy and criminality, before becoming a badge of identity for various urban tribes. Tattoo examines the artistic nature of the practice and celebrates its many cultural expressions from ancient times to the present. Among the topics explored are Native North American tattoos; American tattooing from the Revolution through the 1980s; Russian criminal tattooing; European sideshow culture; Japan's tattoo boom during the Edo period; tattooing in the Marquesas Islands, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand; and newly emerging Latino, Chicano and Chinese tattoo cultures. Alongside accounts of older tattoo practices (presented through rare artifacts, paintings and archival photographs) and contemporary cultural trends in tattooing, the book pays tribute to the pioneers of the modern era, those responsible for its transformation into the mainstream. In addition, it includes two workshop sections in which contemporary tattoo artists demonstrate their craft. The artists featured are internationally renowned, and many have created a style that has evolved into its own school. The book closes with a series of photos assessing the most recent currents in modern tattooing.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $89.00