• After Tehran a Life Reclaimed

    After Tehran a Life Reclaimed
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    ISBN: 9780143175711
    Title: After Tehran a Life Reclaimed
    Author: NEMAT MARINA

    In the international bestseller "Prisoner of Tehran," Marina Nemat chronicled her arrest, torture, and two-year imprisonment in Iran's notorious Evin prison at the age of sixteen. Yet her journey was far from over.

    "After Tehran" is a moving account of Nemat's struggle to overcome her past and break the silence about her detainment. Following her escape from Iran, she builds a new life in Canada with her husband and infant son. But Nemat is haunted by survivor's guilt. She feels increasingly compelled to speak out about what happened to her in prison, even if it means revealing the painful secrets she'd much rather forget. As her riveting story eventually becomes a bestselling book, Nemat's life is forever changed. She gains the strength to confront her past, re-engage with her distant father, and emerge from the emotional ravages.

    Her story is one of courage and recovery, an amazing tale of resilience written by a truly inspiring woman.

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