• Devils are Here

    Devils are Here
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    ISBN: 9781877340192
    Title: Devils are Here
    Author: STOKES CAM

    Ex-cop Cam Stokes knows gangs. His explosive novel takes you inside an outlaw motorcycle gang, the Devils M.C.Gang prospect Rotten craves respect and power. He wants his patch so badly he'll do anything to get it. Before he's accepted, though, Rotten must prove himself to the gang. But Rotten's got problems. The cops are on his tail. He's struggling to control his violent temper, and his growing reliance on P is threatening to ruin everything. And all this is happening, here, now. Cam Stokes was a cop for 18 years and worked on the Auckland Drug Squad and the Organised Crime Unit. He was the detective sergeant in charge of the Auckland Motorcycle Gang Unit when he left the police force in 2004. Now Cam Stokes is an expert on illegal drugs. His company, DRUGSCENE, delivers training on the dangers of methamphetamine and other drugs.

    Format: Paperback
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