• Duterte Harry: Fire & Fury in the Philippines

    Duterte Harry: Fire & Fury in the Philippines
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    ISBN: 9781925322842
    Title: Duterte Harry: Fire & Fury in the Philippines

    The first biography of Rodrigo Duterte, the murderous, unpredictable President of the Philippines, whose war on drugs has seen thousands of people killed in cold blood.

    Rodrigo Duterte was elected President of the Philippines in 2016. In his first six months in office, 5,000 people were murdered on the streets, gunned down by police officers and vigilante citizens - all with his encouragement and blessing.

    Duterte is a serial womaniser and a self-confessed killer, who has called both Barack Obama and Pope Francis 'sons of whores'. He is on record as saying he does not 'give a shit' about human rights. Yet he is beloved of the 16.6 million Filipinos who voted for him, seen as down and dirty, vulgar but honest, a breath of fresh air, and an iconoclastic, anti-imperialist rebel.

    In this revelatory biography, reporter Jonathan Miller charts Duterte's meteoric rise to success, and shows how this fascinating, fearsome man can be seen as the embodiment of populism in our time.

    Through interviews with Duterte himself, his sister, daughter and son, two former presidents, old friends, death squad hitmen, and relatives of his victims, Miller shows that far from the media cartoon of The Godfather, John Wayne, Hugo Chavez, and Donald Trump rolled into one, Duterte is a sinister, dangerous man, who should not be taken lightly.

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