• Deciding: A Guide to Even Better Decision Making

    Deciding: A Guide to Even Better Decision Making
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    Title: Deciding: A Guide to Even Better Decision Making

    Deciding by Roger Estall and Grant Purdy

    This book is intended to help decision-makers of all types make even better decisions. The central thesis is that whether 'Deciders' realise it or not, all decisions are made using what the authors describe as 'the universal method of decision-making'. The adequacy of each decision therefore depends on how skilfully the method is applied, whether Deciders achieve 'sufficient certainty' about the outcomes that will flow from the decision and the contribution made by those outcomes to the organisation's Purpose.

    The authors shun jargon. The eight chapters and five appendices of the book include many practical tips with examples and anecdotes from various sectors that explain the universal method. Issues such as context, assumptions, and detecting and responding to change after the decision is made are addressed and there are clear, simple diagrams - including an easy-to-follow illustration of the universal method - to help the reader grasp the main concepts.

    The authors say that Deciding is a book for thinkers, rather than for those seeking a formulaic or procedurally rigid methodology. They will have realised their goal, they say, if Deciding causes readers to reflect on the way they apply the universal method, reinforce what they already do well, and recognise opportunities to improve.
    The Authors

    Roger Estall and Grant Purdy who first met in 2003, have similar, yet separate 40+ year careers as both Deciders and advisers. They have each chaired and served on boards and held executive and technical management roles in multiple areas of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Now based in Sydney and Melbourne respectively, their careers have taken them to many parts of the world.

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