• Almighty Dollar

    Almighty Dollar
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    ISBN: 9781783963768
    Title: Almighty Dollar

    An incisive new take on popular economics: follow a dollar on its journey around the world!
    Greenbacks, singles, bucks or dead presidents: call dollars what you will, more than $1,200,000,000,000 worth of notes are floating around right now – in wallets, in ATMs, under mattresses or in shop tills. And that’s before you count the money held electronically in banks.

    But what is really happening as these billions of dollars go around the world every day? In succinct, clear terms Dharshini David lays bare the complexity of the opaque international system. By following $1 from a shopping trip in suburban Texas, via China’s Central Bank, Nigerian railroads, the oil fields of Iraq and beyond, The Almighty Dollar answers questions such as: why is China the world’s biggest manufacturer – and the US its biggest customer? Is free trade really a good thing? Why would a nation build a bridge on the other side of the globe?

    Publisher Jennie Condell said: “Dharshini David is a rising star – a born communicator and trained economist who has reported on business and economics stories around the world. This is a future classic: a truly popular book that allows readers with little or no knowledge of economics to grasp the global economy, by means of one simple concept. It is perfect reading for everyone who wants to understand the realities of our globalised world. We are thrilled to be working with Dharshini and to be launching her as a major new voice in non-fiction.”

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