• Family Trusts 101

    Family Trusts 101
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    ISBN: 9780473214661
    Title: Family Trusts 101
    Author: XUCCOA JANET

    Updated and revised second edition. If you are considering purchasing assets, including property, or if you are thinking about protecting your assets, then this book is "must read" for you. From her years of study and experience, Janet Xuccoa brings you a simple, easy to understand guide to the basics of Trust use and amnagement, including: How Trusts can to exist; If a Trust is appropriate for you; The best steps to take to place assets into a trust: How Trustees should act; What a Professional Trustee can and should do for a Trust; How to manage a Trust. You don't need any previous experience with Trusts to get real value from this text. With lots of clear examples and an every-day style, Janet makes it simple to understand how trusts can protect your home and your wealth in times of trouble.

    Format: Paperback
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