• Fat Wallet: Fast Guide to Money

    Fat Wallet: Fast Guide to Money
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    ISBN: 9780473354671
    Title: Fat Wallet: Fast Guide to Money

    Money is a core survival skill yet schools and universities rarely offer training in this area. Parents are poorly equipped or unsure how to prepare children for financial success and open discussions about money remain a social taboo. Fat Wallet changes all that. You will gain confidence with the money in your life, understand your personal attitudes beliefs and behaviours around money and learn to get confortable with “money speak”. Fat Wallet is basic financial advice written for those who want to improve their relationship with the money in their lives.

    Stephen Church is a successful businessman that built and ran 7 companies, two of which sold to public firms. His career included sharebroking, options and foreign currency trading, and business in the investment property sector. Stephen also worked as a sector manager for NZ Trade and Enterprise and offered management-consulting services through his company Creative Island Ltd. Fat Wallet was inspired by a desire to assist young adults understand the complexity of money using basic concepts and relatable graphics.

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