• Art of Computer Programming 1-4a

    Art of Computer Programming 1-4a
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    ISBN: 9780321751041
    Title: Art of Computer Programming 1-4a
    Author: KNUTH DONALD E

    A specially priced library of all four volumes available so far of Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming.

    •The Art of Computer Programming is the most influential work ever written on the subject, and Volume 4A is the first new volume in more than 35 years.
    •Knuth is the foremost authority in the world on computer algorithms and programming.
    •The suggested list price is a $50 savings versus purchasing the volumes individually. Ever since the first volume first appeared in 1968, Donald Knuth'sThe Art of Computer Programming& has been universally acclaimed as the most important work ever written on the subject of computer programming. Dr. Knuth published two more volumes in fairly quick succession, with Volume 3 being released in 1973. These three volumes have achieved legendary status among computer scientists. His many admirers have been anxiously awaiting the release of the next piece ever since. Finally, after a wait of more than thirty-five years, the first part of Volume 4 is at last ready for publication. This boxed set brings together Volumes 1 - 4A in one elegant case, and offers the purchaser a $50 discount off the price of buying the four volumes individually. Having this library on their shelves will be a badge of honor for all serious programmers worldwide. Donald E. Knuth (Stanford, CA) is one of the most revered figures in all of computer science. Knuth began in 1962 to prepare textbooks about programming techniques, and this work evolved into a projected seven-volume series entitled& The Art of Computer Programming . Volumes 1-3 first appeared in 1968, 1969, and 1973. Having revised these three in 1997, he is now working full time on the remaining volumes. Approximately one million copies have already been printed, including translations into six languages. See the overflow page for a list of his accomplishments and honors.

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