• Blind Giant: Being Human in a Digital World

    Blind Giant: Being Human in a Digital World
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    ISBN: 9781848546448
    Title: Blind Giant: Being Human in a Digital World

    The digital age.

    An age of isolation, warped communication, disintegrating community. Where unfiltered and unregulated information pours relentlessly into our lives, destroying what it means to be human.

    Or an age of marvels. Where there is a world of wonder at our fingertips. Where we can communicate across the globe, learn in the blink of an eye, pull down the barriers that divide us and move forward together.

    Whatever your reaction to technological culture, the speed with which our world is changing is both mesmerizing and challenging.

    In The Blind Giant, novelist and tech blogger Nick Harkaway draws together fascinating and disparate ideas to challenge the notion that digital culture is the source of all our modern ills, while at the same time showing where the dangers are real and suggesting how they can be combated. Ultimately, the choice is ours: engage with the machines that we have created, or risk creating a world which is designed for corporations and computers rather than people. This is an essential handbook for everyone trying to be human in a digital age.

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