• Human's Guide to the Future

    Human's Guide to the Future
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    ISBN: 9781760780029
    Title: Human's Guide to the Future

    Technology is evolving at the fastest rate we've ever seen.But what does this mean for the future of the human race? Do we resist these changes or embrace them?Biomedical engineer, inventor and visionary Dr Jordan Nguyen has lived a life of curiosity and wonder. He believes that technology is a tool, and only we - as humans - have the power to use this tool to create a positive tomorrow.In A Human's Guide to the Future, Dr Jordan takes us on a journey to explore the exciting innovations being developed around the world and through his own endeavours, including inspiring advancements in: - Robotics- Artificial Intelligence- Bionics and Biomedical Technology- Extended Reality - Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality- Cloud Computing and AvatarsOpen your mind to endless possibilities because your future is in your hands

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