• Mrs Battleship

    Mrs Battleship
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    ISBN: 9780995106796
    Title: Mrs Battleship
    Author: TIPENE TIM

    Tim tells tales from his childhood - some humorous, others horrifying. He also tells of the amazing teachers he encountered and the difference they made to his life. Includes 14 stories in all, plus author information and a page of contacts for further help or information.

    Mrs Battleship is a collection for junior readers: vignettes from his primary school years - both funny and sad, such as when he realised that not all children suffered as he did - a light-bulb moment for him. There were several teachers in his journey that championed him, who saw what was happening at home - and they made a life-changing difference. This is a collection about truth and triumph. It contains helplines and free teachers notes on One Tree House's website - making it a ground-breaking book for reading aloud and class discussion.

    Format: Paperback
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