• Death Hunters #1 Royal Orchid

    Death Hunters #1 Royal Orchid
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    ISBN: 9780473491857
    Title: Death Hunters #1 Royal Orchid
    Author: MEAD DENIKA

    A vengeful dragon.
    A magician lurking in the shadows.
    A ragtag team fighting to stop the planet from plunging into turmoil.

    When fourteen-year-old Ivy falls through a portal into Ghost Orchid, she is scared and alone. Then, she meets a group of teen rebels fighting to save the icy wasteland. But are they really the good guys? Or are they as crazy and dangerous as they seem?

    Struggling to understand her place in this strange world, she listens to a slithery voice in her head which promises a way out – a way home. But is she prepared to abandon her new friends, her kea and snow-mouse? Or will she stay and fight to stop Ghost Orchid and Earth from descending into chaos

    Format: Paperback
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