• Lily Max: Slope, Style, Fashion

    Lily Max: Slope, Style, Fashion
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    ISBN: 9780908689934
    Title: Lily Max: Slope, Style, Fashion

    'I thought you said you could ski, Lily Max?' says Violet. Like my outfit screams CANNOT SKI or something. Exuberant young fashionista Lily Max finds herself in a major predicament on the first day of school skiing. Miss Sprotts is totally NOT COOL with her radically modified ski outfit - and everyone is about to discover she's an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. When an ad appears for the Snow Festival's fashion show, Lily Max is confident she has time to create a stunning collection, and learn to ski. But with her arch-rival and queen-of-mean Violet Huges scheming to beat her, can all her crazy dreams come true?

    Format: Paperback
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