• Zeustian Logic

    Zeustian Logic
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    ISBN: 9781776571383
    Title: Zeustian Logic

    A big-hearted novel about the aftermath of tragedy, with a fresh
    and funny take on ubiquitous boyhood obsessions of Greek
    myth, astronomy and computer gaming.
    When Zeus, king of the gods, made enemies, he just hurled a
    thunderbolt at them. That’s one way to deal with your problems.
    Tuttle, a.k.a. Zeustian Logic, has problems of his own. His father was a
    famous mountain guide who didn’t come back, lost in the Everest Death
    Zone. His little brother has gone quiet. Boyd next door is out to get him.
    At least Tuttle has the stars. Through the telescope things fall into shape:
    eagle, serpent’s tail, scorpion, hunter, all those brilliant dots on the
    black. Everything’s out there, indifferent and immense.
    Zeustian Logic is a funny, warm and moving novel for early teens.

    Format: Paperback
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