• Children of the Furnace

    Children of the Furnace
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    ISBN: 9780995104037
    Title: Children of the Furnace
    Author: MURRAY BRIN

    Dark, powerful and heartbreaking, Children Of The Furnace compels with a uniquely stunning world and one of the greatest characters you’ll ever be afraid for.
    Under the iron rule of the Revelayshun, one boy discovers the truth…

    ‘Ty promised my ma he’d bring me up right. Bring him up to hear the rhythm beat, she said, and to feel the heartsblood warm. Not Strong — not in their way — but strong in the ways of the heart.’

    When the Revelayshun murders his pa, Wil discovers through savage inquisition that he’s marked as a Heater, one of the old-time
    heretics who burned up the world.
    But Wil holds the key to a secret. Sekkerland’s Shame, the Atrocity, is a great lie — and the Revelayshun will use fire, blood and death to hide the truth.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
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