• Limping Man #3 Salt Trilogy

    Limping Man #3 Salt Trilogy
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    ISBN: 9781921656293
    Title: Limping Man #3 Salt Trilogy
    Author: GEE MAURICE

    The Limping Man is small, wizened and cruel, but his subjects worship him, chanting as he arrives for the burning of the witches. He holds all who come near him in his psychic web, making them bow down and serve his will. And he is raising an army to destroy the humans and Dwellers. Hana escapes the Limping Man's henchmen as they come to take her mother. When she meets Ben, son of Lo, they set out on a dangerous quest to rid the world of the evil Limping Man. But first they must discover the secret to his power. The Limping Man is the third book of the Salt Trilogy, a compelling fantasy adventure from one of New Zealand's finest writers.

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