• Lore
    ISBN: 9781786541529
    Title: Lore

    From the No.1 New York Times bestselling author of THE DARKEST MINDS comes a high-octane story of power, destiny and redemption. A lifetime ago, Lore Perseous left behind the brutal, opulent world of the Agon families - ancient Greek bloodlines that participate in a merciless game every seven years. A game that is about to begin again ...

    For centuries, Zeus has punished the gods with a game called the Agon, which turns them mortal for one week, and at the mercy of being hunted by those with godly ambitions. Only a handful of the original Greek gods remain, the rest replaced by the mortals who killed them and ascended.

    After her family's sadistic murder by a rival bloodline, Lore escapes and vows to repay her parents' sacrifice by doing one thing - surviving. For seven years, she has pushed back dark thoughts of revenge against the man responsible for their murder, a man by the name of Wrath who has attained unimaginable power. Except for one week, every seven years. A week that is fast approaching ...

    When Lore comes home on the first night of the Agon to find Athena gravely wounded on her doorstep, the goddess offers her an alliance; they have a mutual enemy, after all. But as the world trembles under the force of Wrath - a god with the power to destroy all of humanity - will Lore's decision to bind her fate with Athena's come back to haunt her?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Neands
    ISBN: 9780995117648
    Title: Neands
    Author: SALMON DAN

    What if evolution got it wrong and the human race was threatened at the very core of its DNA? Charlie (14) is living in a time when a strange virus is affection sections of the homosapien race. They are becoming more hostile, more aggressive. It seems there is a throwback to the Neand gene that is being transmitted by a virus and altering peoples DNA.

    As his parents, schoolmates, friends and authority figures succumb to the virus or disappear, Charlie and his friends undertake a dangerous journey to find some answers.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.00
  • Rift
    ISBN: 9781760650025
    Title: Rift
    Author: CRAW RACHAEL

    When the Rift opens, death follows. For generations, the Rangers of Black Water Island have guarded the Old Herd against horrors released by the Rift. Cal West, an apprentice Ranger with a rare scar and even rarer gifts, fights daily to prove he belongs within their ranks. After nine years away, Meg Archer returns to her childhood home only to find the Island is facing a new threat that not even the Rangers are prepared for. Meg and Cal can't ignore their attraction, but can they face their darkest fears to save the Island from disaster? Advance praise: "Thrilling, original and intoxicating. I can't recommend this enough." (Isobelle Carmody) "Gripping, brutal, tender. You won't be able to put this book down." (Michael Pryor) "Beautiful, dark and deliciously tense - an astonishing world that will hold you in its finely wrought claws." (Alison Goodman) From the award-winning author of the Spark series, which has been optioned for film. Action-packed YA fantasy based on Greek mythology, perfect for fans of Maggie Stiefvater, Sarah J Maas and Garth Nix.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • Salt #1 Salt
    Salt #1 Salt
    ISBN: 9780143305453
    Title: Salt #1 Salt
    Author: GEE MAURICE

    In a dangerous world, Deep Salt strikes terror into the heart of everyone. Hari lives in Blood Burrow, deep in the ruined city of Belong, where he survives by courage and savagery. He is scarred from fighting, he is dangerous and cruel, but he has a secret gift: he can speak with animals. When his father, Tarl, is taken as a slave and sent to the mine known as Deep Salt, from where no worker ever returns, Hari vows to save him. Pearl is from the ruling families, known as Company, which has conquered and enslaved Hari's people. Her destiny involves marriage that will unite her family with that of the powerful and ambitious Ottmar. But Pearl has learned forbidden things from Tealeaf, her maid, and will never submit to a subordinate life. A long journey through the badlands towards Deep Salt finds Pearl and Hari united for a common cause. It soon becomes clear that the survival of their people depends entirely upon the success of Pearl and Hari's mission.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $21.00
  • Slice of Heaven
    Slice of Heaven
    ISBN: 9780995109247
    Title: Slice of Heaven
    Author: O'LEARY DES

    Life for Sione and his mates at Manawahe East High in South Auckland is pretty sweet – a slice
    of heaven. But one day when they’re in after-school detention there’s an emergency. Another school’s turned up for a softball game but the Manawahe junior boys team has gone awol.

    Sione, TJ, Hieu, Jordan and the rest are hurriedly pulled out of detention and onto the field to form a replacement team, with Leilani in charge of the equipment. The problem is none of them can play and they don’t really want to learn … at least not at first.

    Slice of Heaven is a novel about a bunch of young people surprised by sport that is pitch perfect, funny and packed with life as it’s lived in South Auckland.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Spearo: A Spearfishing Adventure
    Spearo: A Spearfishing Adventure
    ISBN: 9780995117525
    Title: Spearo: A Spearfishing Adventure

    Sean has emigrated to New Zealand with his mother from South Africa after the death of his father. He is finding it hard to fit in at school, cope with his grief and his homesickness. He becomes mates with a boy in his class, Mason, who is a mad keen spearo and gradually becomes involved with his family. He learns all about free diving and spear fishing and competes with the family in spear fishing competitions. One accident and he is thrust into the front line of the competition - it is all up to him.Mary-anne Scott lives in Napier. All her previous titles have been shortlisted for the YA section of the Children's Book Awards: Snakes and Ladders (Scholastic); Coming Home to Roost (Penguin) and Sticking with Pigs (One Tree House).

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.00
  • Tattooist of Auschwitz: YA Edition
    Tattooist of Auschwitz: YA Edition
    ISBN: 9781760686031
    Title: Tattooist of Auschwitz: YA Edition

    I tattooed a number on her arm. She tattooed her name on my heart. In 1942, Lale Sokolov arrived in Auschwitz-Birkenau. He was given the job of tattooing the prisoners marked for survival - scratching numbers into his fellow victims' arms in indelible ink to create what would become one of the most potent symbols of the Holocaust. Waiting in line to be tattooed, terrified and shaking, was a young girl. For Lale - a dandy, a jack-the-lad, a bit of a chancer - it was love at first sight. And he was determined not only to survive himself, but to ensure this woman, Gita, did too. So begins one of the most life-affirming, courageous, unforgettable and human stories of the Holocaust: the love story of the tattooist of Auschwitz. This edition is edited and updated for younger readers, and also contains extra materials, including classroom discussion points, additional photos, maps and documents and other educational resources.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Trio of Sophies
    Trio of Sophies
    ISBN: 9780143774082
    Title: Trio of Sophies

    Mystery, suspense and unsettling revelations . . .

    Today is the first of September, the first day of spring, and it's been sixty-four days since I last saw Sophie Abercrombie. It's been sixty-four days since anyone saw
    Sophie Abercrombie.
    The prettiest Sophie.
    The missing Sophie.

    As Sophie MacKenzie - Mac - confides to her diary, she last saw Sophie Abercrombie kissing James Bacon, their English teacher. Mac has passed this information on to the police, but there is plenty she knows about James Bacon that she has kept to herself. She hasn't even told Twiggy, the third Sophie in their once tightknit threesome.

    The Trio of Sophies is no more.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Under the Mountain
    Under the Mountain
    ISBN: 9780143305019
    Title: Under the Mountain
    Author: GEE MAURICE

    Beneath the extinct volcanoes surrounding the city, giant creatures are waking from a spellbound sleep that has lasted thousands of years. Their goal is the destruction of the world. Rachel and Theo Matheson are twins. Apart from having red hair, there is nothing remarkable about them - or so they think. They are horrified to discover that they have a strange and awesome destiny. Only the Matheson twins can save the world from the terror of what is under the mountain.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $21.00
  • Underwater
    ISBN: 9780473432386
    Title: Underwater

    Bailey has secrets and scars, both of which she’d like to keep hidden. Unfortunately, Pine Hills Resort isn’t the kind of place where anything stays hidden for long.
    Bailey just wants to get through summer quietly, spending as much time in the water as she can.
    Then she meets Adam.
    Bailey’s not looking to make friends, but Adam isn’t easy to ignore. Neither is his ex-girlfriend, Clare.
    As Bailey grows closer to Adam, she draws Clare’s animosity. Will Bailey be able to keep her past a secret, or will Clare discover and reveal the sinister truth about how Bailey really got her scars?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Ursa
    ISBN: 9781760651244
    Title: Ursa
    Author: SHAW TINA

    This alternate history coming-of-age YA is the Winner of the 2018 Storylines Tessa Duder Award.

    “An inferior people, that's what the Director called us at the beginning of his reign, but still useful.”

    There are two peoples living in the city of Ursa: the Cerels and the Travesters. Travesters move freely and enjoy a fine quality of life. Cerel men are kept in wild camps and the women are no longer allowed to have children. The Director presides over all with an iron fist. Fifteen-year-old Leho can't remember a time when Cerels lived without fear in Ursa. His parents once tried to organise an uprising – his mother was blinded, and his father was taken away. But now his world is changing. Revolution is coming. People will die. Will Leho be able to save his family?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • Watched
    ISBN: 9781775501688
    Title: Watched
    Author: BAKER TIHEMA

    Remember always: You are being Watched. One morning Jason and Rory wake up in their dorm room at boarding school, the next, they have been transported to an intensive training facility for teens with superpowers. Equipped with the abilities to manipulate gravity and harness dark energy, Jason and Rory discover their strengths, weaknesses - and themselves. Enveloped in a realm of action, mystery and superhuman powers, the two protagonists believe they are being trained to hone their powers and ensure the ongoing survival of humanity. But as they grow more powerful and discover the deadly secrets of the Watchers, Jason and Rory struggle to keep their friendship intact in the face of mounting peril.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • When Water Burns #2 Telesa
    When Water Burns #2 Telesa
    ISBN: 9780995106727
    Title: When Water Burns #2 Telesa

    With Nafanua and the Covenant Sisterhood out of the way, Leila and Daniel are finally able to love without fear of retribution. Or are they? As a malicious teles plots her revenge, a mysterious stranger arrives on the island. Fuelled by hate and running from a fiery past, he looks to Leila for answers and she must fight to contain the fury of fanua-afi while trying to protect all those she loves. Are Leila and Daniel destined to be forever divided by the elements? When it comes to Water and Fire, daughter of earth and son of the ocean, who will endure?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.00
  • Winter of Fire 25th Anniversary Ed.
    Winter of Fire 25th Anniversary Ed.
    ISBN: 9781775435983
    Title: Winter of Fire 25th Anniversary Ed.

    An acclaimed classic by multi-award winning author Sherryl Jordan, this epic fantasy is brought back for a 25th anniversary! Born into a dark world trapped forever in icy winter, Elsha is a child of the Quelled, a branded people doomed to mine firestones to warm the ruling class, the Chosen. But Elsha has visions and an uncommon strength of spirit. Condemned to death on her 16th birthday for defiance, Elsha is saved when she is called to be Handmaiden to the Firelordthe most powerful being in her world, the only one with the gift of divining firestones. Viewed with distrust by the Chosen who now surround her, she has a bitter fight ahead to strive for a better world for her people

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $19.00
  • Wynter's Thief
    Wynter's Thief
    ISBN: 9780995117464
    Title: Wynter's Thief

    Fox is a fringe dweller, with a T branded on his cheek that marks him a thief. He lives on his wits and moves from village to village. As the story opens he sees a commotion and finds Wynter, chained by her father, working as a water diviner. She finds water for the drought-strapped village, but they turn on her and want to burn her as a witch.

    Fox rescues her and together they flee. They dream of finding a safe place they can lsettle and resolve the unanswered questions about their past. But she is being pursued... and he is a thief.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Zeke Battle: Earthquake Boy
    Zeke Battle: Earthquake Boy
    ISBN: 9780473493448
    Title: Zeke Battle: Earthquake Boy
    Author: WILSON DOUG

    The Ring of Fire, the necklace of earthquakes and volcanoes around the Pacific, from Chile, to California, to Japan and Iran and back to New Zealand has become hugely active. Wellington is Smashed. Can anyone find a way to slow or even stop the cataclysms? Zeke battle, a homeless and orphan boy has an answer. The unsung genius, at first lorded and then rejected, offers a wildly dramatic solution. He'll blow up the trigger points for the quakes, drilling deep into the earth to get there. Along with his girlfriend Rosie Moon and his close friend Skitzy Jones, Zeke embarks on a global campaign to fight the Ring of Fire. ? Huge global controversy calls him a mad man, risking far more than any climate change scenario. But there are no other options. He drills in Wellington and Chile and Japan. The world holds its breath while wild activists seek to destroy Zeke and his friends. US and Russia take sides.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
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