• Inkberg Enigma

    Inkberg Enigma
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    ISBN: 9781776572663
    Title: Inkberg Enigma

    "Haven't you always thought there's something WEIRD about this town, Miro?"

    Miro and Zia live in Aurora, a fishing town nestled in the shadow of an ancient castle. Miro lives in his books; Zia is never without her camera. The day they meet, they uncover a secret. The fishing works, the castle, and the town council are all linked to an ill-fated 1930s Antarctic expedition. But the diary of that journey has been hidden, and the sea is stirring up unusual creatures. Something has a powerful hold over the town.

    With Zia determined to find out more, Miro finds himself putting aside his books for a real adventure.

    Format: Paperback
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