• Transference

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    ISBN: 9781645701507
    Title: Transference
    Author: KEATON B T

    An arcane discovery in the late 21st century allows the spiritual essence of men—that is the soul—to be captured upon bodily death. The process by which the soul’s energy is then placed into newly cloned tissue became known as transference. Control of this technology fell under the dominion of Jovian, a powerful prophet and head of the Church which offers this gift of eternal physical life... for a price.
    Banished to a mining colony on a distant planet is Barrabas Madzimure, the notorious king of thieves. Only when Barrabas faces execution does he claim that another man committed his crimes decades earlier. The authorities are suspicious. Is he the Madzimure of legend, and a potential threat to Jovian's new world order? Or he is just another victim of transference?
    The story of a grim personal mission, Transference takes the reader on a heart-racing journey through rebellion, revenge, revelation, and the soul's search for identity.

    "A crackerjack of a debut… The pages (or screens) will fly by!" - Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo & Nebula award winning author of The Terminal Experiment

    "Keaton creates a science fiction masterwork..." - IndieReader.com, ?????

    “... a fantastical novel of epic scale." - Foreword Clarion, ????

    "Transference is a debut gem in the sci-fi genre." - Self-Publishing Review, ????½

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
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