• Long Days

    Long Days
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    ISBN: 9781905583027
    Title: Long Days
    Author: WETZEL MAIKE

    Demonstrating an unflinching insight into the internal worlds of adolescent men and women, this collection of stories presents an array of memorable characters. From a young woman seeing a dead body for the first time to a sister watching her anorexic sibling transform, this anthology delves deeply into people's lives, capturing their fears and frustrations against a backdrop of pressures at pivotal moments. In the background, an over-eager teacher might be explaining "the facts of life" in unnecessary, lurid detail, but in the foreground, students are taking secret, drastic measures. A gymnastics class may be limbering up for an impressive display, but in reality, its diet-crazed girls faint in alarming numbers. With pared down but insistent language, this compendium achieves a poise and clarity, presenting tales of humanity that are as captivating as they are conflicted.

    Format: Paperback
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