• Under the Sea

    Under the Sea
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    ISBN: 9780991360888
    Title: Under the Sea
    Author: LEIDNER MARK

    In Under the Sea, a high-school pariah tries to get her stolen drugs back, a married woman copes with death by having an affair, an insect gets drunk at the brink of a civil war, a social outcast loses her shit in a bougie café, a middle-aged man battles an interdimensional void, a middle-school student waxes memoiristic about heartbreak, and a translator sends an email that ends his career. Blending absurdity and realism, meaning and banality, and love and death in equal measure, each tale weaves a portrait of our world that will leave readers thinking two things simultaneously: Oh the horror! Oh the beauty!

    “In a literary world of fictional same old same old, Mark Leidner is a real deal original. In Under the Sea, Leidner leads us through a world of stolen drugs, weird tales about characters named Tzara-9, modern sickness, break-ups and anti-break-ups. There’s only one thing you can say about a writer like this: He’s a total bad ass.“

    – Scott McClanahan, author of The Sarah Book

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.00
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