• 1971 - Never a Dull Moment: Rock's Golden Year
    1971 - Never a Dull Moment: Rock's Golden Year
    ISBN: 9781784162061
    Title: 1971 - Never a Dull Moment: Rock's Golden Year


    The Sixties ended a year late âe" on New Year's Eve 1970, when Paul McCartney initiated proceedings to wind up The Beatles. Music would never be the same again.
    The next day would see the dawning of a new era. 1971 saw the release of more monumental albums than any year before or since and the establishment of a pantheon of stars to dominate the next forty years âe" Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Rod Stewart, the solo Beatles and more.
    January that year fired the gun on an unrepeatable surge of creativity, technological innovation, blissful ignorance, naked ambition and outrageous good fortune. By December rock had exploded into the mainstream.
    How did it happen? This book tells you how. It's the story of 1971, rockâe(tm)s golden year.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • 30-Second Opera
    30-Second Opera
    ISBN: 9781782407560
    Title: 30-Second Opera
    Author: SHIRLEY HUGO

    The bestselling 30-Second... series takes a revolutionary approach to learning about those subjects you feel you should really understand. Each title selects a popular topic and dissects it into the 50 most significant ideas at its heart.& Every idea, no matter how complex, is explained in 300 words and one image, all digestible in just 30 seconds.&

    Live operatic performance was once part of popular culture yet in modern times it has become caricatured as exclusive, overwhelming and, often, very very long.& 30-Second Opera& raises the curtain so that anyone can enjoy& opera, classical or contemporary, without the elitism. Compiled by opera buffs, not the bourgeoisie, it serves up all you need to enjoy the spectacle, the music, and above all the voices - from Farinelli to& femme fatale.&

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • Akram Khan: the Fury of Beautiful Things
    Akram Khan: the Fury of Beautiful Things
    ISBN: 9782330130084
    Title: Akram Khan: the Fury of Beautiful Things

    Founded 20 years ago in London by the dancer and choreographer Akram Khan (born 1974) and the producer Farooq Chaudhry, Akram Khan Company has become one of the most dynamic troupes on the international contemporary dance scene. Trained in Kathak, Khan has created an innovative choreographic language that fuses the vocabulary of traditional Indian dance with contemporary dance. His performances also feature collaborators from a vast array of disciplines: he has collaborated with the dancer Sylvie Guillem, the actress Juliette Binoche, the artists Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor, the choreographer and dancer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Israel Galvan and Kylie Minogue, among others.This beautifully illustrated book is the first monograph on Khan, appraising two decades of his ceaseless production and the 26 pieces created by Akram Khan Company since its foundation.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $120.00
  • Arboretum
    ISBN: 9781786899507
    Title: Arboretum
    Author: BYRNE DAVID

    For over thirty years, besides making music, David Byrne has focused his unique genius upon forms as diverse as the archaeology of music as we know it, architectural photography and the uses of PowerPoint. Now he presents his most personal work to date, a collection of drawings exploring the form of the tree diagram.

    Arboretum is an eclectic blend of science, automatic writing, self-analysis and satire. A journey through irrational logic - the application of scientific rigour and form to irrational premises, proceeding from careful nonsense to unexpected sense.

    The tree diagram is a form that might reveal more about yourself than you dreamed possible.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Astral Weeks: A Secret History Of 1968
    Astral Weeks: A Secret History Of 1968
    ISBN: 9780735221369
    Title: Astral Weeks: A Secret History Of 1968
    Author: WALSH RYAN H

    A mind-expanding dive into a lost chapter of 1968, featuring the famous and forgotten: Van Morrison, folkie-turned-cult-leader Mel Lyman, Timothy Leary, James Brown, and many more

    Van Morrison's Astral Weeks is an iconic rock album shrouded in legend, a masterpiece that has touched generations of listeners and influenced everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Martin Scorsese. In his first book, acclaimed musician and journalist Ryan H. Walsh unearths the album's fascinating backstory--along with the untold secrets of the time and place that birthed it: Boston 1968.

    On the 50th anniversary of that tumultuous year, Walsh's book follows a criss-crossing cast of musicians and visionaries, artists and hippie entrepreneurs, from a young Tufts English professor who walks into a job as a host for TV's wildest show (one episode required two sets, each tuned to a different channel) to the mystically inclined owner of radio station WBCN, who believed he was the reincarnation of a scientist from Atlantis. Most penetratingly powerful of all is Mel Lyman, the folk-music star who decided he was God, then controlled the lives of his many followers via acid, astrology, and an underground newspaper called Avatar.

    A mesmerizing group of boldface names pops to life in Astral Weeks James Brown quells tensions the night after Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated; the real-life crimes of the Boston Strangler come to the movie screen via Tony Curtis; Howard Zinn testifies for Avatar in the courtroom. From life-changing concerts and chilling crimes, to acid experiments and film shoots, Astral Weeks is the secret, wild history of a unique time and place.

    One of LitHub's 15 Books You Should Read This March

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00

  • Beethoven: The Man Revealed
    Beethoven: The Man Revealed
    ISBN: 9781783963249
    Title: Beethoven: The Man Revealed
    Author: SUCHET JOHN

    "An ideal 'first book' on Beethoven" from one of the world's most eminent classical music aficionados (Booklist).

    Beethoven scholar and classical radio host John Suchet has had a lifelong, ardent interest in the man and his music. Here, in his first full-length biography, Suchet illuminates the composer's difficult childhood, his struggle to maintain friendships and romances, his ungovernable temper, his obsessive efforts to control his nephew's life, and the excruciating decline of his hearing. This absorbing narrative provides a comprehensive account of a momentous life, as it takes the reader on a journey from the composer's birth in Bonn to his death in Vienna.

    Chronicling the landmark events in Beethoven's career--from his competitive encounters with Mozart to the circumstances surrounding the creation of the well-known "F r Elise" and Moonlight Sonata--this book enhances understanding of the composer's character, inspiring a deeper appreciation for his work. Beethoven scholarship is constantly evolving, and Suchet draws on the latest research, using rare source material (some of which has never before been published in English) to paint a complete and vivid portrait of the legendary prodigy.

    "A gripping and thought-provoking read." --Howard Shelley, pianist and conductor

    "By exercising a genuine authority in identifying how Beethoven, the man, manifests himself in our appreciation of the music, Suchet brings an incisive freshness to an extraordinary life." --Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal of the Royal Academy of Music

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • Big Book of BTS: The Deluxe Unofficial Bangtan Book
    Big Book of BTS: The Deluxe Unofficial Bangtan Book
    ISBN: 9781629377599
    Title: Big Book of BTS: The Deluxe Unofficial Bangtan Book

    THE HOTTEST GROUP IN THE WORLD! Already K-pop's hugest artist, the members of BTS are looking to make 2020 their most successful year ever! Between selling out arenas, dropping mixtapes, and filming a surprise concert documentary, BTS has still found time to release wildly popular hits like "Boy with Luv" and "Idol." For these icons, the best may still be yet to come. The Big Book of BTS is the biggest and most complete guide to all things Bangtan. Including more than 100 fullcolor photographs, you'll get an in-depth look at the lives of RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, Jin, and Jungkook. It also explores their meteoric rise, musical influences, unbeatable style, far-reaching activism, and bond with fans. The Big Book of BTS is a must-have for ARMYs as well as new K-pop fans everywhere!

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne
    Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne
    ISBN: 9781787392700
    Title: Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne

    Immerse yourself in the glorious story of Black Sabbath with the stories of their classic songs, in one beautifully illustrated volume. This celebration of 50 years of Sabbath includes rare-on-the-page memorabilia throughout the book as it tells the story of the band and all their classic songs, as well as the hugely popular hits from Ozzy as a solo artist.&

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Book of Cohen: David Cohen on Leonard Cohen
    Book of Cohen: David Cohen on Leonard Cohen
    ISBN: 9780947493882
    Title: Book of Cohen: David Cohen on Leonard Cohen
    Author: COHEN DAVID

    This is a story of two Cohens, the famous singer and not- so-famous lifelong New Zealand fan. It spans several generations and locations, from the refugee waves of Europe of the 19th century to suburban NZ in the late 1970s, late-night Montreal and New York and the menacing frontiers of the Middle East.
    Part memoir, part travelogue, part biography, part
    philosophical reflection, Book of Cohen is as stimulating,
    eclectic and surprising as its subject, full of sharp-eyed
    observation and hard-won wisdom. You will enjoy this book,
    even its gaps and silences. After all, as the man himself might
    say, that’s how the light gets in.
    — Jonathan Freedland
    From the Hutt to Tel Aviv, music writing to memoir, David
    Cohen takes an intimate, erudite voyage around that other
    Cohen, the immortal Leonard. Questions of identity —
    Jewishness, lost fathers — are at the heart, the gravelly
    undertow of well-earned weltschmerz always backlit by both
    Cohens’ dry-as-desert-dust humour.
    — Diana Wichtel

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Bound for Glory
    Bound for Glory
    ISBN: 9780141187228
    Title: Bound for Glory

    Bound For Glory is the funny, cynical and earthy autobiography of Woody Guthrie, the father of American folk music. He tells of his childhood running wild in an Oklahoma oil-boom town, the tragedies that struck his family and of his life on the open road during the Great Depression - hell-raising and brawling in boxcars, all the while singing to raise a dime for his next meal. But above all, this is a song for an America Woody saw from the lonesome highway, as he travel led from one end of the country to the other with guitar in hand and the songs that made him a legend drifting out over the Dust Bowl.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Carnival of the Animals
    Carnival of the Animals
    ISBN: 9781474968041
    Title: Carnival of the Animals
    Author: WATT FIONA

    A delightful board book with beautiful illustrations and simple lyrical text. Press the embedded sound buttons to hear specially arranged music from Saint-Saëns famous The Carnival of the Animals. The music includes the majestic Royal March of the Lions, the humorous Fossils and the delicate Aquarium. An ideal introduction to a famous piece of classical music for little children. The stylish illustrations make it an ideal gift. Scan the QR code on the back of the book to hear more music from The Carnival of the Animals.

    Format: Board Book
    Price: $30.00
  • Celine Dion Lets Talk About Love 33 1/3 Series
    Celine Dion Lets Talk About Love 33 1/3 Series
    ISBN: 9780826427885
    Title: Celine Dion Lets Talk About Love 33 1/3 Series
    Author: WILSON CARL

    Non-fans regard Céline Dion as ersatz and plastic, yet to those who love her, no one could be more real, with her impoverished childhood, her (creepy) manager-husband's struggle with cancer, her knack for howling out raw emotion. There's nothing cool about Céline Dion, and nothing clever. That's part of her appeal as an object of love or hatred - with most critics and committed music fans taking pleasure (or at least geeky solace) in their lofty contempt. This book documents Carl Wilson's brave and unprecedented year-long quest to find his inner Céline Dion fan, and explores how we define ourselves in the light of what we call good and bad, what we love and what we hate.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.00
  • Clash: All the Albums, All the Songs
    Clash: All the Albums, All the Songs
    ISBN: 9780760359341
    Title: Clash: All the Albums, All the Songs

    Formed in London in 1976 by Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, and Paul Simonon at the outset of that city's punk rock boom, The Clash went on to outlast their peers and create some of the most influential albums in rock 'n' roll--not just punk--even breaching the mainstream in 1982 and earning the title "The Only Band That Matters" along the way. In their eight-year career, The Clash offered six CBS Records studio releases, including one double and one triple LP, and increasingly melded influences ranging from rockabilly to ska, reggae, and even hip-hop into their sound.

    Veteran music journalist Martin Popoff dissects each of the 103 tracks, including the circumstances that led to their creation, the recording processes, the historical contexts, and more. In addition, an introductory essay sets the scene for each album, while sidebar features explore influences on the band, album art, non-LP singles, the band's staunch political stance, and song details, such as running time, instruments played, engineers, and studios.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Classical Music Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
    Classical Music Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
    ISBN: 9780241301975
    Title: Classical Music Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

    From Mozart to Mendelssohn, this comprehensive guide to classical music history and classical music biography is the perfect latest addition to the bestselling Big Ideasseries.

    Easy to understand and clear to follow, this history of classical music explores and explains music theory and the impact of seminal pieces, while also providing fascinating stories about the lives of crucial composers and performers.

    The Classical Music Bookanalyses over 90 works by famous composers from Thomas Tallis in the early period to baroque masters like Bach and Handel to the classical genius of Beethoven and Wagner and beyond to the modern day in order to explore the key ideas underpinning the world's greatest classical compositions and musical traditions, and define their importance to the musical canon, placing them into their wider social, cultural, and historical context.

    Regardless of whether you are relatively new to the subject and want to learn or if you are a classical music aficionado, there is plenty to discover inThe Classical Music Book.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $48.00
  • Compact Disc
    Compact Disc
    ISBN: 9781501348518
    Title: Compact Disc
    Author: BARRY ROBERT

    Object Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things.

    The story of the compact disc is also the story of the end of physical media. It is the story of how the quest for perfection laid the grounds for the death of a great industry. For in the passage from analogue media, like records and tapes, to digital formats, like CDs, something changed in the nature of media and in the relationship we have with music. Music became code, a sequence of 1s and 0s, a flow of pure information. The material structure of the medium itself was always supposed to disappear. But the physical has proved to possess an uncanny knack for returning.

    Today the CD is a zombie medium, still popular amongst certain avant-garde record labels and Japanese consumers. Against all the odds, the spectre endures.

    Object Lessons is published in partnership with an essay series in the The Atlantic.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $22.00
  • Composers: Their Lives & Works
    Composers: Their Lives & Works
    ISBN: 9780241407776
    Title: Composers: Their Lives & Works
    Author: DK

    Introduced with more than 90 biographical entries that trace the friendships, loves, and rivalries that inspired each musical genius and their work.

    Profiles offer revealing insights into what drove each individual to create the musical masterpieces - symphonies, concertos and operatic scores - that changed the direction of classical music and are still celebrated as masterpieces today.

    The audiobook introduces the key influences, themes, and working methods of each individual, setting their works within a wider historical and cultural context.

    Charting the development of classical music and music movements across the centuries, Composers provides a compelling glimpse into the personal lives, loves, and influences of the giants of the classical music canon.

    © 2020 Dorling Kindersley Ltd © 2020 DK Audio

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $48.00
  • Counterpoint: A Memoir of Bach & Mourning
    Counterpoint: A Memoir of Bach & Mourning
    ISBN: 9780393635362
    Title: Counterpoint: A Memoir of Bach & Mourning

    As his mother was dying, Philip Kennicott began to listen to the music of Bach obsessively. It was the only music that didn't seem trivial or irrelevant, and it enabled him to both experience her death and remove himself from it. For him, Bach's music held the elements of both joy and despair, life and its inevitable end. He spent the next five years trying to learn one of the composer's greatest keyboard masterpieces, the Goldberg Variations. In Counterpoint, he recounts his efforts to rise to the challenge, and to fight through his grief by coming to terms with his memories of a difficult, complicated childhood.

    He describes the joys of mastering some of the piano pieces, the frustrations that plague his understanding of others, the technical challenges they pose, and the surpassing beauty of the melodies, harmonies, and counterpoint that distinguish them. While exploring Bach's compositions he sketches a cultural history of playing the piano in the twentieth century. And he raises two questions that become increasingly interrelated, not unlike a contrapuntal passage in one of the variations itself: What does it mean to know a piece of music? What does it mean to know another human being?

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $51.00
  • Cult Musicians: 50 Progressive Performers You Need to Know
    Cult Musicians: 50 Progressive Performers You Need to Know
    ISBN: 9780711250628
    Title: Cult Musicians: 50 Progressive Performers You Need to Know

    What makes a cult musician?&

    Whether pioneering in their craft, fiercely and undeniably unique& or critically divisive, cult musicians& come in all shapes and guises. Some gain instant fame, others instant notoriety, and more still remain anonymous until a chance change in fashion sees their work propelled into the limelight.

    Cult Musicians& introduces 50 musicians deserving of a cult status. The book charts& a plethora of genres and boundary-breakers - from afrobeat& and art pop to glam rock and proto punk;& Bjork and PJ Harvey& to Aphex Twin and Wiley. Discover& little knowns with small, devout followings and superstars& gracing the covers of magazines - each musician is& special in their individuality and their ability to inspire, antagonise and delight.&

    Following Cult Artists, Cult Filmmakers and Cult Writers& -& Cult Musicians& is an essential addition to any music lover's library, as well as an entertaining introduction& to our& weird and wonderful world of music.

    The musicians:&
    Alex Chilton, Alice Coltrane, Aphex Twin, Arthur Lee, Arthur Russell, Betty Davis, Bjork, Bobbie Gentry, Brian Eno, Brigitte Fontaine, Captain Beefheart, Delia Derbyshire, Edith Piaf, Fela Kuti, Frank Zappa, Gil Scott-Heron, Iggy Pop, J Dilla, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Kat Bjelland, Kool Keith, Laurie Anderson, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Lili Boulanger, Lydia Lunch, Manu Chao, Marianne Faithfull, Mark E. Smith, Mark Hollis, Moondog, Nick Cave, Nick Drake, Nico, Patti Smith, Peaches, PJ Harvey, Robert Wyatt, Roky Erickson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sandy Denny, Scott Walker, Serge Gainsbourg, Sixto Rodriguez, Sun Ra, Syd Barrett, The Slits, Tom Waits, Wiley, Yoko Ono.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $28.00
  • Fangirls: A Modern Music History, by the People Written Out of It
    Fangirls: A Modern Music History, by the People Written Out of It
    ISBN: 9781787132412
    Title: Fangirls: A Modern Music History, by the People Written Out of It
    Author: EWENS HANNAH

    From Beatlemania in the early 1960s to the Directioners and Beyhive of today, female music fans have long driven the objects of their affection to the dizzying heights of life-changing fame. But marginalized fan groups are never given appropriate credit. Frequently derided, their worlds and communities are self-contained and rarely investigated by cultural historians and commentators.

    Yet without these people, in the past, records would have gathered dust on shelves, unsold and forgotten. Now, concerts wouldn't sell out and revenue streams from merchandising would disappear, changing the face of the music industry as we know it.&

    In& Fangirls: Scenes From Modern Music Culture,& journalist Hannah Ewens is on a mission to give these individuals their rightful due. A dedicated music lover herself, she has spoken to hundreds of fans from the UK to Japan to trace their path through recent pop and rock history. She's found the untold stories behind important events and uncovered the ups, the downs and the lengths fans go to, celebrating the camaraderie and lifelines their fandoms can provide.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Fare Thee Well The Final Chapter of the Grateful Dead's Long, Strange Trip
    Fare Thee Well The Final Chapter of the Grateful Dead's Long, Strange Trip
    ISBN: 9780306903069
    Title: Fare Thee Well The Final Chapter of the Grateful Dead's Long, Strange Trip
    Author: SELVIN JOE

    A tell-all biography of the epic in-fighting of the Grateful Dead in the years following band leader Jerry Garcia's death in 1995.
    The Grateful Dead rose to greatness under the inspired leadership of guitarist Jerry Garcia, but the band very nearly died along with him. When Garcia passed away suddenly in August of 1995, the remaining band members experienced full crises of confidence and identity. So long defined by Garcia's vision for the group, the surviving "Core Four," as they came to be called, were reduced to conflicting agendas, strained relationships, and catastrophic business decisions that would leave the iconic band in utter disarray. Wrestling with how best to define their living legacy, the band made many attempts at restructuring, but it would take twenty years before relationships were mended enough for the Grateful Dead as fans remembered them to once again take the stage.
    Acclaimed music journalist and New York Times bestselling author Joel Selvin was there for much of the turmoil following Garcia's death, and he offers a behind-the-scenes account of the ebbs and flows that occurred during the ensuing two decades. Plenty of books have been written about the rise of the Grateful Dead, but this final chapter of the band's history has never before been explored in detail.
    Culminating in the landmark tour bearing the same name, Fare Thee Well charts the arduous journey from Garcia's passing all the way up to the uneasy agreement between the Core Four that led to the series of shows celebrating the band's fiftieth anniversary and finally allowing for a proper, and joyous, sendoff of the group revered by so many.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Field Guide to Post-Punk & New Wave
    Field Guide to Post-Punk & New Wave
    ISBN: 9781925811766
    Title: Field Guide to Post-Punk & New Wave
    Author: WIDE STEVE

    What makes New Wave... New Wave? It's the catchall name of punk's poppy offshoot, born in the 70s, simultaneously born in the United States and here in the United Kingdom. But how would you describe New Wave's context in the zeitgeist of the time, or explain how this new electro-rock made people feel? Well, that's precisely what DJ and author Steve Wide explains in this handy book.In these pages, Steve explains the social and music industry climates of the 70s and 80s, unpacking the influence of the punk genre on NYC-based groups like the Velvet Underground and New York Dolls. There's also a timeline on the usage of the term New Wave - for a long chunk of the 70s it was used almost interchangeably with "punk". There are breakdowns on the key record labels, DJs, producers, engineers and magazines - all of which stitched their own layer on the New Wave patchwork. There are deep dives into controversies, rivalries, and messy band breakups. And lastly, there's a dissection of how ripples of New Wave are still felt today, in recorded music and across wider pop culture.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $35.00
  • Field Guide to Punk
    Field Guide to Punk
    ISBN: 9781925811759
    Title: Field Guide to Punk
    Author: WIDE STEVE

    What makes Punk... Punk? We might all know the Sex Pistols from the opening bar of their songs. But how do we place the Punk movement in the context of the wider Zeitgeist of the time? And how do the various international offshoots of Punk - American, British, Australian - intersect and overlap? Well, that's precisely what DJ and author Steve Wide explains in this book.

    In these pages, Steve explains the social climate of Thatcherism, along with a detailed timeline of foundational bands (as well as connected artists, like Damien Hurst, and other subversive genres like Britpop). There are breakdowns of the most iconic Punk artists, as well as fashion designers, record labels, DJs, producers, engineers and magazines - all of which applied their own layer to the Punk patchwork. There are deep dives into controversies, rivalries, and band breakups. And lastly, there's a dissection of how evolutions of punk carry on today, in recorded music and in wider pop culture.

    If you, or someone close to you, is obsessed with the nitty-gritty of the Punk movement, then this book is a must-have.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $35.00
  • First Time: Tracks & Tales from Music Legends
    First Time: Tracks & Tales from Music Legends
    ISBN: 9781786272980
    Title: First Time: Tracks & Tales from Music Legends
    Author: EVERITT MATT

    Taken from the acclaimed BBC Radio 6 Music show, The First Time invites you inside the lives of some of the music world's most notable legends.

    From Alice Cooper to Yoko Ono, Courtney Love to Elton John, follow their lives and careers starting with their first musical memories, first records, and first gigs, finding out the songs that have shaped them along the way. With 40 compelling interviews, specially commissioned collage illustrations, and a bespoke playlist for each musician, The First Time is a must-have for any music lover.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Football Disco! The Unbelievable World of Football Record Covers
    Football Disco! The Unbelievable World of Football Record Covers
    ISBN: 9783960985969
    Title: Football Disco! The Unbelievable World of Football Record Covers

    An idiosyncratic history of football: Pascal Claude's personal collection of football songs gathered over the last twenty years Dale, Forza, Allez, Hopp! The football record has more to offer than just music: the sleeves outline the history of football in a very special way. They tell of promotions, championship titles, finals and ground inaugurations, document the evolution of the playing equipment from the heavy brown leather ball to the television ready black and white one, to light and polished 'Tango' or show how the typography and imagery changed from one World Cup to another. Each cover is a piece of commercial art and a testament to its time.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Freedom to Dance: the Story of Creative Dance Pioneer Bourke Van Zon
    Freedom to Dance: the Story of Creative Dance Pioneer Bourke Van Zon
    ISBN: 9781927167274
    Title: Freedom to Dance: the Story of Creative Dance Pioneer Bourke Van Zon

    Freedom to Dance is the story of a remarkable Dutch dance teacher, Boukje van Zon, whose influence is still felt throughout New Zealand more than 50 years after starting Van Zon School of Creative Dancing in West Auckland.

    As a teenager in Friesland, the Netherlands, Boukje discovered that dance and movement could reach deep into a person’s being and bring about personal growth. She was part of a European movement where pre-conceived ways of thinking in arts and teaching were being overturned. Boukje brought these innovations with her when she migrated to New Zealand with husband Maurice in the 1950s.

    From her new home in Titirangi, she established a dance school with a difference. Children did not begin with steps, rather they explored the freedom of movement. Soon their mothers asked for a class of their own so they could explore space, time and movement; then as her reputation spread, adult students established a performance group and produced avant garde works. And so the Van Zon School of Creative Dancing expanded exponentially across Auckland.

    Boukje was ahead of her time. She embraced all realms of the dance voice and drew out and nurtured the creative impulses of each student. She was also part of her time and rode the crest of social change that was transforming New Zealand from a deeply conservative society to a liberal, open one.

    Boukje’s story embraces the turbulence of 20th century political conflict, nationhood, cultural identity and creative endeavour. It offers snapshots of Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, and New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s as seen through the lens of a Dutch migrant. Freedom to Dance explores a time and place through the creative lens of a woman of her time, whose voice transcends time.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Fryderyk Chopin Museum Curator's Choice
    Fryderyk Chopin Museum Curator's Choice
    ISBN: 9781785511264
    Title: Fryderyk Chopin Museum Curator's Choice

    - The Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw is the world's largest collection of documents, works of art and other objects linked to Fryderyk Chopin - The musical manuscripts, letters, instruments, and historical and contemporary portraits in the Chopin Museum collection shed light on the composer's life and creative process, as well as his influence up to the present day and over successive generations in different ways - The Chopin Museum collection presents diverse interpretations of his life and works - The Chopin Museum, possessing the largest Chopin collection in the world, functions under the aegis of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, which disseminates knowledge about the composer and organizes the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition The Fryderyk Chopin Museum holds the world's largest Chopin collection, featuring the composer's last piano, many of his musical manuscripts, and letters, portraits and other objects that together provide a unique insight into his life, music and creative process. The history of the Chopin Museum dates back to 1934, and today it functions under the aegis of the Chopin Institute, set up by parliament in 2001 to safeguard and disseminate the Chopin heritage. The Institute organizes concerts and piano competitions, including the International Chopin Competition, and pursues scholarly, educational, publishing and phonographic work. The selection of objects presented in this book is complemented by recordings of Chopin's music, some made on period instruments. Although the objects relate to the composer's biography in a fragmentary way, the selection is designed to enable readers to gain a fuller picture of his music and his character.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Glitter up the Dark: How Pop Music Broke the Binary
    Glitter up the Dark: How Pop Music Broke the Binary
    ISBN: 9781477318782
    Title: Glitter up the Dark: How Pop Music Broke the Binary
    Author: GEFFEN SASHA

    Why has music so often served as an accomplice to transcendent expressions of gender? Why did the query "is he musical?" become code, in the twentieth century, for "is he gay?" Why is music so inherently queer? For Sasha Geffen, the answers lie, in part, in music's intrinsic quality of subliminal expression, which, through paradox and contradiction, allows rigid gender roles to fall away in a sensual and ambiguous exchange between performer and listener. Glitter Up the Dark traces the history of this gender fluidity in pop music from the early twentieth century to the present day.Starting with early blues and the Beatles and continuing with performers such as David Bowie, Prince, Missy Elliot, and Frank Ocean, Geffen explores how artists have used music, fashion, language, and technology to break out of the confines mandated by gender essentialism and establish the voice as the primary expression of gender transgression. From glam rock and punk to disco, techno, and hip-hop, music helped set the stage for today's conversations about trans rights and recognition of nonbinary and third-gender identities. Glitter Up the Dark takes a long look back at the path that led here.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $41.00
  • Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest
    Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest
    ISBN: 9781911545446
    Title: Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest

    A stunning homage to A Tribe Called Quest and a musical era that shaped American culture, from critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author Hanif Abdurraqib.

    How does one pay homage to A Tribe Called Quest? The seminal rap group created masterpieces throughout the 90s, and then 17 years after their last album, they resurrected themselves with an intense, socially conscious record, which arrived in the aftermath of the 2016 election. Here Hanif Abdurraqib digs into the group's history and draws from his own experience to reflect on how its distinctive sound resonated among fans like himself.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Going for a Song: A Chronicle of the UK Record Shop
    Going for a Song: A Chronicle of the UK Record Shop
    ISBN: 9781911374046
    Title: Going for a Song: A Chronicle of the UK Record Shop

    Author Garth Cartwright has travelled the length and breadth of the UK, conducting more than 100 interviews with some of the icons of the record shop trade and the wider music industry, including Martin Mills (Beggars Banquet), Geoff Travis (Rough Trade), Andy Gray (Andy's Records), Ralph McTell, Chris Barber, The Specials and many more. Featuring a foreword by the great comedian and writer, Stewart Lee.From the UK's first record shop, indeed recognised as the first in the world, H.Spiller in Cardiff opened in 1894, Garth traces the history through more than a century of unprecedented social, cultural and political change.From the Jazz and swing scene of Soho, the birth of Calypso and Ska following post WW2 migration; The North End Music Store (NEMS) and the birth of The Beatles; the baby-boomers of the swinging 60's and pscyhedelia; The Rock era of the 70's with Richard Branson's Virgin, Andy's Records and Beggars Banquet; The punk and alternative scene of the late 70's and 80's with Rough Trade, through to the huge challenges faced by music retailers in recent years and how the independent shops have adjusted and reinvented themselves today.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Grime Kids: The Inside Story of the Global Grime Takeover
    Grime Kids: The Inside Story of the Global Grime Takeover
    ISBN: 9781409179535
    Title: Grime Kids: The Inside Story of the Global Grime Takeover
    Author: TARGET D. J.

    For fans of Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Stormzy, Grime Kids is the definitive inside story of Grime.

    'An essential read for anyone with the slightest interest in the birth of Grime' The Wire

    'Sharp and nostalgic' The Observer

    A group of kids in the 90s had a dream to make their voice heard - and this book documents their seminal impact on today's pop culture.

    DJ Target grew up in Bow under the shadow of Canary Wharf, with money looming close on the skyline. The 'Godfather of Grime' Wiley and Dizzee Rascal first met each other in his bedroom. They were all just grime kids on the block back then, and didn't realise they were to become pioneers of an international music revolution. A movement that permeates deep into British culture and beyond. Household names were borne out of those housing estates, and the music industry now jumps to the beat of their gritty reality rather than the tune of glossy aspiration. Grime has shaken the world and Target is revealing its explosive and expansive journey in full, using his own unique insight and drawing on the input of grime's greatest names.

    What readers are saying about Grime Kids:

    'Fantastic depiction of the inception of a genre that has spanned the millennium'

    'Brilliant insight in to grim music from one of the pioneers of the scene'

    'This book really sums up the feeling of being a DJ perfectly'

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Guitar All in One for Dummies Bk & Cd 2ed
    Guitar All in One for Dummies Bk & Cd 2ed
    ISBN: 9781118872024
    Title: Guitar All in One for Dummies Bk & Cd 2ed
    Author: CHAPPELL JON

    6 BOOKS IN 1 Guitar For Dummies Guitar Theory For Dummies Guitar Exercises For Dummies Rock Guitar For Dummies Blues Guitar For Dummies Classical Guitar For Dummies View video demonstrations and listen to audio tracksonline Your one-stop resource to learn to play guitar So, you want to play guitar? Who could blame you? The guitar isa beautiful, soulful, and versatile instrument that sets thestandard for coolness in the music world. Whether you want to playacoustic, electric, or classical guitar, this all-encompassingguide puts everything you need to start playing and continueimproving at your fingertips. Get started with guitar - discover the anatomy of aguitar, figure out how it works, make sense of strings and frets,and develop basic playing skills Strike a chord - grasp major and minor chords, spice itup with some basic 7th chords, put power chords intoplay, and get behind the barre Have fun with theory - get to know guitar theory tonavigate the fretboard, add chord tones and extensions, play chordprogressions, and use the pentatonic scale to start improvisingsolos Make beautiful music - learn all the tricks of the tradeto play acoustic, rock, blues, and classical guitar like astar Practice makes perfect - find tons of exercises to putyour skills to practice, from putting the major scales to use toadding sequences to your repertoire-and everything inbetween Open the book and find: Guidance on buying and stringing guitars Plenty of musical examples to quickly start playing acoustic,rock, blues, and classical guitar Help deciphering music notation and tablature Chord and rhythm techniques The lowdown on guitar theory and the CAGED chord system How to play lead guitar and groove on riffs Chord exercises to help build finger independence Online audio and video tutorials Visit Dummies.com to: Improve your skills by listening to andplaying along with audio tracks and viewing videos demonstratingconcepts and examples from the book.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $63.00
  • Happy Daze: The Summers of Love
    Happy Daze: The Summers of Love
    ISBN: 9781851498741
    Title: Happy Daze: The Summers of Love
    Author: WOLMAN BARON

    - Features The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead & many more - Published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of 'The Summer of Love' - Publication coincides with numerous events and exhibitions in San Francisco and elsewhere in California In 1967, a photojournalist named Baron Wolman met Jann Wenner and Ralph Gleason at a music conference. Wenner and Gleason told Wolman about a new publication they were starting. It would be about contemporary music and the musicians who made it. That magazine, Rolling Stone, would go on to become one of the most iconic magazines ever published and Baron Wolman was the first chief photographer.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Haynes Drum Kit Manual: How to Buy, Maintain & Improve Your Drum-Kit
    Haynes Drum Kit Manual: How to Buy, Maintain & Improve Your Drum-Kit
    ISBN: 9781785211768
    Title: Haynes Drum Kit Manual: How to Buy, Maintain & Improve Your Drum-Kit
    Author: BALMER PAUL

    The modern drum-kit has come a long way in the 110 years that have elapsed since it evolved in 1901 in the bars and brothels of New Orleans - but the principles remain the same. The biggest improvement has been the introduction of better engineering and sturdier hardware - all of which needs constant maintenance. Drum Kit Manual is the latest addition to the expanding list of Haynes Manuals about musical instruments, and it covers the subject in exhaustive detail with step-by-step instructions and clear colour photographs.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • History of Rock & Roll, Volume 2: 1964-1977: the Beatles, the Stones, and the Rise of Classic Rock
    History of Rock & Roll, Volume 2: 1964-1977: the Beatles, the Stones, and the Rise of Classic Rock
    ISBN: 9781250165190
    Title: History of Rock & Roll, Volume 2: 1964-1977: the Beatles, the Stones, and the Rise of Classic Rock
    Author: WARD ED

    From rock and roll historian Ed Ward comes a comprehensive, authoritative, and enthralling cultural history of one of rock's most exciting eras.

    It's February 1964 and The Beatles just landed in New York City, where the NYPD, swarms of fans, and a crowd of two hundred journalists await their first American press conference. It begins with the question on everyone's mind: "Are you going to get a haircut in America?" and ends with a reporter tugging Paul McCartney's hair in an attempt to remove his nonexistent wig. This is where The History of Rock & Roll, Volume 2 kicks off. Chronicling the years 1964 through the mid-1970s, this latest volume covers one of the most exciting eras of rock history, which saw a massive outpouring of popular and cutting-edge music.

    Ward weaves together an unputdownable narrative told through colorful anecdotes and shares the behind-the-scenes stories of the megastars, the trailblazers, DJs, record executives, concert promoters, and producers who were at the forefront of this incredible period in music history. From Bob Dylan to Bill Graham, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Byrds, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, and more, everyone's favorite musicians of the era make an appearance in this sweeping history that reveals how the different players, sounds, and trends came together to create the music we all know and love today.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • How Music Works
    How Music Works
    ISBN: 9780857862525
    Title: How Music Works
    Author: BYRNE DAVID

    "How Music Works" is David Byrne s buoyant celebration of a subject he has spent a lifetime thinking about. Drawing on his work over the years with Talking Heads, Brian Eno, and myriad collaboratorsalong with journeys to Wagnerian opera houses, African villages, and anywhere music existsByrne shows how music emerges from cultural circumstance as much as individual creativity. It is his magnum opus, and an impassioned argument about music s liberating, life-affirming power."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Inner Game of Music
    Inner Game of Music
    ISBN: 9781447291725
    Title: Inner Game of Music

    By the best-selling co-author of Inner Tennis, here's a book designed to helpmusicians overcome obstacles, help improveconcentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them toreach new levels of performing excellence andmusical artistry."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • It All Dies Anyway : L. A. , Jabberjaw, & the End of an Era
    It All Dies Anyway : L. A. , Jabberjaw, & the End of an Era
    ISBN: 9780847839964
    Title: It All Dies Anyway : L. A. , Jabberjaw, & the End of an Era

    The untold history of the seminal cultural venue Jabberjaw--the underground star of Los Angeles's historic indie scene of the 1990s. Billing itself as a "coffeehouse art gallery" when it opened in 1989, Jabberjaw quickly became not only the cornerstone of the Los Angeles post-punk scene but also a hub of the underground music scene nationwide. Bridging the gap between punk and indie, Jabberjaw was a bastion of counterculture that hosted shows for bands from the obscure (Hole, Unsane) to the legendary (Nirvana, Pearl Jam) in an environment that reflected a generation. In collaboration with the owners of the club, and with contributions from many of the musicians and artists who played and spent time there, It All Dies Anyway is a record of the venue's brief but influential existence. Designed and compiled by Bryan Ray Turcotte, the book is a visual feast, layering flyers and posters onto photographs, handmade record covers, and Polaroids of the gallery to paint an engrossing portrait not only of a venue but also of a forgotten time and place in music history.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $100.00
  • Keep 'Er Lit: New Selected Lyrics
    Keep 'Er Lit: New Selected Lyrics
    ISBN: 9780571353897
    Title: Keep 'Er Lit: New Selected Lyrics
    Author: VAN MORRISON

    'This mix of genuine humility and hard-won hubris, of mysticism and technical mastery ... makes Van Morrison quite simply, and quite indisputably, "The Bard of Belfast".' Paul Muldoon

    If I ventured in the slipstream
    Between the viaducts of your dreams

    Keep 'Er Lit is the second volume of Van Morrison's collected lyrics containing one hundred and twenty songs from across his storied career. It contains love songs, work songs, songs about the pains and anxieties of existence, songs of consolation, songs about various kinds of spiritual quest and the realms of the mystical, and songs which deal with healing and reconciliation, both with the self and with others. Then there are the songs of memory and of childhood; songs about the natural world and about the perspectives it can provide on time.

    Taken together with Lit Up Inside, this volume gives an overview of his fifty-year career, revealing why he is celebrated as one of the most innovative and enduring songwriters of our time.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $33.00
  • Lark Ascending The Music of the British Landscape
    Lark Ascending The Music of the British Landscape
    ISBN: 9780571338801
    Title: Lark Ascending The Music of the British Landscape
    Author: KING RICHARD

    * A Rough Trade, Mojo and Evening Standard Book of the Year *

    'Peerless cultural history.' Ian Thomson, Evening Standard

    'Original.' Guardian

    'Fascinating.' Mail On Sunday

    'Exceptional.' Irish Times

    Over the course of the twentieth century, The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams is the piece of music that has come to define the mythical concept of the English countryside, with its babbling brooks and skylarks. Yet, the landscape is not really an unaffected utopia, but a living, working and occasionally rancorous environment that has forged a nation's musical personality. On a journey that takes us from post-war poets and artists to the free party scene embraced by the acid house and travelling communities, Richard King explores how Britain's history and identity have been shaped by the mysterious relationship between music and nature.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Letters of Note: Music
    Letters of Note: Music
    ISBN: 9781786895592
    Title: Letters of Note: Music
    Author: USHER SHAUN ED

    In Letters of Note: Music, Shaun Usher brings together a riveting collection of letters by and about some of the musicians and music that enrich our lives. It is a wonderfully wide-ranging and illuminating book that will delight music lovers of all stripes.Includes letters by:Ludgwig van Beethoven, Nick Cave, Helen Keller, Keith Richards,Yo-Yo Ma, Tom Waits, Erik Satie, Angélique Kidjo, Leonard CohenJohn Coltrane, Kim Gordon & many more

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $17.00
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