• 50 Greatest Musical Places

    50 Greatest Musical Places
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    ISBN: 9781785781896
    Title: 50 Greatest Musical Places
    Author: WOODS SARAH

    Music forms a backdrop to everything we do. More and more of us are spurred on to travel to pay homage to the music that we love - from pop pilgrimages to iconic music venues, trailblazing studios and RIP rock memorials where devotees flock to pay their R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    The 50 Greatest Musical Placeshas gathered together a fascinating variety of places inextricably linked with some of the most momentous songwriters, musicians, music moguls, composers and rock legends the world has ever known. Places where songs were written, groups were formed, music superstars were born, tragic lives were lost and extraordinary talent is cherished.

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