• Bbc Vfx the History of the Bbc Visual Effects Department

    Bbc Vfx the History of the Bbc Visual Effects Department
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    ISBN: 9781845135560
    Title: Bbc Vfx the History of the Bbc Visual Effects Department
    Author: IRVINE & TUCKER

    Covering shows from Monty Pythonto Doctor Whoto Are You Being Served, the definitive history of the world's first, largest, and longest-running dedicated TV effects department, written by two long-serving department members The BBC visual effects department closed its doors in 2003, but for almost 50 years it had been responsible for some of television's most iconic images. Using interviews with the effects designers throughout the department's history together with concept drawings, production photographs, and stills from completed programs, this book tells the story of the VFX department and celebrates the work of a group of craftspeople who lived by the mantra ""if it can be imagined, it can be made."" Working largely before the age of CGI, the department was responsible for every kind of visual effect, from physical effects such as rain and explosions, to miniatures, models, sculpture, and animatronics, all of which had to be convincing--a challenge in the early days when many programs were shown live. Following a preliminary chapter on effects techniques, the book features in-depth accounts of 50 key shows, representing every genre, from sci-fi and drama to comedies and documentaries. In each we see how the designers worked, from receiving the original script to creating the finished effects. Filled with fascinating insights, wonderful stories, and numerous photographs and artworks that have never been published, this is an essential book for FX fans and anyone who loves television.

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