• Benedict Cumberbatch : the Biography

    Benedict Cumberbatch : the Biography
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    ISBN: 9780233004167
    Title: Benedict Cumberbatch : the Biography

    A comprehensive biography of the star of "Sherlock" who is rapidly becoming a household name

    Benedict Cumberbatch is an award-winning actor with a bright future. His portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and a role as the main antagonist in "Star Trek Into Darkness"" have made him one of the biggest names in acting at the moment. This biography tells his story so far, from the influence of his actor parents and his education at Harrow to his extraordinary success in the past few years. Packed with fascinating photographs that let us into the world of this great talent, including behind-the-scenes shots from his various television and movie roles, this is the story of an intriguing man who has taken the world by storm.

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