• Horror Cinema

    Horror Cinema
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    ISBN: 9783836561853
    Title: Horror Cinema

    Horror is both the most perennially popular and geographically diverse of all film genres; arguably, every country that makes movies makes horror movies of one kind or another. Depicting deep-rooted, even archetypal fears, while at the same time exploiting socially and culturally specific anxieties, cinematic horror is at once timeless and utterly of its time and place. This exciting visual history, which includes unique images from the David Del Valle archive, examines the genre in thematic, historical, and aesthetic terms, breaking it down into the following fundamental categories: Slashers Serial Killers; Cannibals, Freaks Hillbillys; Revenge of Nature Environmental Horr Sci-fi Horr The Living Dead; Ghosts Haunted Houses; Possession, Demons Evil Tricksters; Voodoo, Cults Satanists; Vampires Werewolves; and The Monstrous-Feminine. Among the many films featured are classics such as Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Alien, The Exorcist, Dracula, and The Wicker Man.

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