• Je T'aime: The Legendary Love Story of Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
    Je T'aime: The Legendary Love Story of Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
    ISBN: 9781785784842
    Title: Je T'aime: The Legendary Love Story of Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

    Published on the 50-year anniversary of the legendary song Je t'aime... moi non plus,, deemed too risque for many American radio stations, Véronique Mortaigne's book on Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin is a lyrical retelling of a relationship that defined an age.

    Synonymous with love, eroticism, glamour, music, provocation, their affair would set France aflame as the sixties ebbed, and set in motion many of the ideas we have by now come to think of as specifically 'French'.

    Skipping back and forth in time, Je t'aime takes the reader from the foggy Normandy landscapes where Serge and Jane retreated, to their carefree summers on the coast. En route to their superstardom in films and music, we experience their intrigues, triangular relationships, and jealous rages, the genius and the self-torture.

    Tenderly told, via new interviews with key players in their story, Je t'aime details the coming together of two massive personalities, who together created a model of the rebel couple for the ages.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Joss Whedon: Conversations
    Joss Whedon: Conversations
    ISBN: 9781604739244
    Title: Joss Whedon: Conversations
    Author: LAVERY DAVID

    No recent television creator has generated more critical, scholarly, and popular discussion or acquired as devoted a cult following as Joss Whedon (b. 1964). No fewer than thirty books concerned with his work have now been published (a forthcoming volume even offers a book-length bibliography), and ten international conferences on his work have convened in the U.K., the United States, Australia, and Turkey. Fitting then that this first volume in the University Press of Mississippi's "Television Conversations" series is devoted to the writer, director, and showrunner who has delivered Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The WB, 1997-2001; UPN, 2001-3), Angel (The WB, 1999-2004), Firefly (2002), Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Webcast, 2008), and Dollhouse (FOX, 2009-10).

    If Whedon has shown himself to be a virtuoso screenwriter/script-doctor, director, comic book author, and librettist, he is as well a masterful conversationalist. As a DVD commentator, for example, the consistently hilarious, reliably insightful, frequently moving Whedon has few rivals. In his many interviews he likewise shines. Whether answering a hundred rapid-fire, mostly silly questions from fans on the Internet, fielding serious inquiries about his craft and career from television colleagues, or assessing his disappointments, Whedon seldom fails to provoke laughter and reflection.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Leading Lady: Sherry Lansing & the Making of a Hollywood Groundbreaker
    Leading Lady: Sherry Lansing & the Making of a Hollywood Groundbreaker
    ISBN: 9781101904770
    Title: Leading Lady: Sherry Lansing & the Making of a Hollywood Groundbreaker

    The definitive biography of movie executive and philanthropist Sherry Lansing traces her groundbreaking journey to become the first female head of a major motion picture studio, sharing behind-the-scenes tales from movie sets and Hollywood boardrooms.

    When Sherry Lansing became the first woman ever to be named president of a major studio, the news ricocheted around the world. That was just the beginning of an extraordinary run that saw her head two studios, make hundreds of films, produce classic pictures such as Fatal Attraction and rule for twenty-five years as the most powerful woman Hollywood has ever known.

    Award-winning writer Stephen Galloway takes us behind the scenes of Lansing's epic journey--inside the battles; up close with the stars; and into the heart of a creative world populated by the likes of Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg, Jane Fonda, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise. He shows us the velvet touch that masked the iron hand, and the roller-coaster drama behind such movies as Titanic, Forrest Gump, Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan.

    Above all, he takes us into the mind of Lansing, creating a revealing portrait of a dynamic, driven woman who overcame unimaginable odds, pushed boundaries and left Hollywood at the peak of her power to achieve the life she wanted.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00

  • Letters from Hollywood: Illuminating Letters, Memos, & Telegrams about American Moviemaking, 1921-1976
    Letters from Hollywood: Illuminating Letters, Memos, & Telegrams about American Moviemaking, 1921-1976
    ISBN: 9781419738098
    Title: Letters from Hollywood: Illuminating Letters, Memos, & Telegrams about American Moviemaking, 1921-1976

    Rare notes, memos, and telegrams from Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Jane Fonda, and more

    Letters from Hollywood reproduces in full color scores of entertaining and insightful pieces of correspondence from some of the most notable and talented film industry names of all time--from the silent era to the golden age, and up through the pre-email days of the 1970s. Culled from libraries, archives, and personal collections, the 135 letters, memos, and telegrams are organized chronologically and are annotated by the authors to provide backstories and further context. While each piece reveals a specific moment in time, taken together, the letters convey a bigger picture of Hollywood history. Contributors include celebrities like Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Katharine Hepburn, Marlon Brando, Elia Kazan, Cary Grant, Francis Ford Coppola, Tom Hanks, and Jane Fonda. This is the gift book of the season for fans of classic Hollywood.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Little White Lies: Guide to Making Your Own Movie in 39 Steps
    Little White Lies: Guide to Making Your Own Movie in 39 Steps
    ISBN: 9781786270658
    Title: Little White Lies: Guide to Making Your Own Movie in 39 Steps

    Whether you're posting a clip on Facebook, making a presentation video, introducing yourself to others online, or just sending out a greeting to friends, today everyone is filmmaker.

    This book cuts away the jargon to offer a highly accessible, no-fuss guide to getting the best results from the kit you already own. In just 39 steps, it offers essential instructions and tips to help amateur movie-makers--filming anything from family celebrations to no-budget horror movies--make their creations look and feel more cinematic.

    Drawing on its vast network of professional filmmakers as well as on its unique style (with a compelling illustration language and direct, quotation-rich approach), Little White Lies presents the definitive, fun, and straightforward handbook for making films.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00

  • Mad Men
    Mad Men
    ISBN: 9783836526432
    Title: Mad Men

    Madison Avenue magic: The twists, turns, and talents that make Mad MenWith its brilliant writing, spot-on acting, faultless art direction, and impeccable costume design, Mad Men is a landmark for cable television. Never before has a period series offered such compelling plotlines alongside such painstaking attention to detail and accuracy. As the show s personal and professional machinations evolve, so too are the minutiae and the milestones of history in motion, from the shifting height of hemlines to the struggles of the civil rights movement.This book is TASCHEN s tribute to Mad Men s television art. Volume 1 chronicles the show s seven seasons with sequential stills alongside key script excerpts. From a sideways glance to a cavorting office Christmas party, each frame captivates in its masterful visual storytelling, its choreography of people, places, and situations down to the most discrete, dynamic detail.Volume 2 brings a wealth of behind-the-scenes insights with on-set photographs, production ephemera, costume designs, notes from the writers room, as well as extensive and candid interviews with the show s creator, Matt Weiner; the Writers Room (Lisa Albert, Semi Chellas, Jonathan Igla, Andre & Maria Jacquemetton, Janet Leahy, Erin Levy, Tom Smuts, Carly Wray); Scott Hornbacher (executive producer and director); Phil Abraham (cinematographer and director); Chris Manley (director of photography); Dan Bishop (production and set designer); Janie Bryant (costume designer); and Jon Hamm (actor and director).From the plot twists that took our breath away to the unforgettable outfits, from the shapes and textures of 60s decor to to the very real intricacies of relationships, discover the ideas, inspirations, and talents that brought human lives and human history together on the small screen."

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $195.00
  • Magic Is Dead: A Journey to the Heart of Deception with the World's Most Secretive Society of Magicians
    Magic Is Dead: A Journey to the Heart of Deception with the World's Most Secretive Society of Magicians
    ISBN: 9780062839282
    Title: Magic Is Dead: A Journey to the Heart of Deception with the World's Most Secretive Society of Magicians
    Author: FRISCH IAN

    In the vein of Neil Strauss' The Game and Joshua Foer's Moonwalking with Einstein comes the fascinating story of one man's colorful, mysterious, and personal journey into the world of magic, and his unlikely invitation into an underground secret society of revolutionary magicians from around the world.

    Magic Is Dead is Ian Frisch's head-first dive into a hidden world full of extraordinary characters and highly guarded secrets. It is a story of imagination, deception, and art that spotlights today's most brilliant young magicians--a mysterious club known as the52, who are revolutionizing an ancient artform under the mantra Magic Is Dead.

    Ian brings us with him as he not only gets to know this fascinating world, but also becomes an integral part of it. We meet the52's founding members--Laura London, Daniel Madison, and Chris Ramsay--and explore their personal demons, professional aspirations, and what drew them to their craft. We join them at private gatherings of the most extraordinary magicians working today, follow them to magic conventions in Las Vegas and England, and discover some of the best tricks of the trade. We also encounter David Blaine; hang out with Penn Jillette; meet Dynamo, the U.K.'s most famous magician; and go behind the scenes of a Netflix magic show. Magic Is Dead is also a chronicle of magic's rich history and how it has changed in the internet age, as the young guns embrace social media and move away from the old-school take on the craft.

    As he tells the story of the52, and his role as its most unlikely member, Ian reveals his own connection with trickery and deceit and how he first learned the elements that make magic work from his poker-playing mother. He recalls their adventures in card rooms and casinos after his father's sudden death, and shares a touching moment that he had, as a working journalist, with his childhood idol Shaquille O'Neal.

    "Magic--the romanticism of the inexplicable, the awe and admiration of the unexpected--is an underlying force in how we view the world and its myriad possibilities," Ian writes. As his journey continues, Ian not only becomes a performer and creator of magic--even fooling the late Anthony Bourdain during a chance encounter--he also cements a new brotherhood, and begins to understand his relationship with his father, fifteen years after his death. Written with psychological acuity and a keen eye for detail, Magic Is Dead is an engrossing tale full of wonder and surprise.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Making a Good Script Great
    Making a Good Script Great
    ISBN: 9781935247012
    Title: Making a Good Script Great
    Author: SEGER LINDA

    Making a good script great is more than just a matter of putting a good idea on paper. It requires the working and reworking of that idea. This book takes you through the whole screenwriting process-from initial concept through final rewrite-providing specific methods that will help you craft tighter, stronger, and more saleable scripts. While retaining the invaluable insights that placed its first two editions among the all-time most popular screenwriting books, this expanded, revised, and updated third edition adds rich and important new material on dialogue, cinematic images, and point of view, as well as an interview with screenwriter Paul Haggis. If you are writing your first script, this book will help develop your skills for telling a compelling and dramatic story. If you are a veteran screenwriter, it will help you articulate the skills you know intuitively. And if you are currently stuck on a rewrite, this book will help you analyse and solve your script's problems and get it back on track.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: a Space Odyssey
    Making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: a Space Odyssey
    ISBN: 9783836559546
    Title: Making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: a Space Odyssey
    Author: BIZONY PIERS

    Hello, HAL On the set of2OO1: A Space Odyssey Get closer than ever to the movie that changed the movies. This behind-the-scenes spectacular of2OO1: Space Odysseysheds light on the lead actors, senior production designers, special-effects experts andmasterminds of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, who together revolutionized science fiction and the art of cinema.Previously available as part of the multi-volume and instant sell-out Collector's Edition, this comprehensive visual record includeson and off set photographs, pre-production paintings, and conceptual designsfrom the Kubrick archives. With numerous fold-outs, these dazzling images offer insight both into Kubrick's meticulous directorial methods, and into themysteries and magnetism of a film at once vast in scope and intricate in its exploration of our relationship to technology.Written and researched over several years by the outer space, special effects, and technology journalist Piers Bizony, this compendium is both an exhaustive labour of love and amonument to a masterpiece of 20th century culture. "

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $140.00
  • Martin Scorsese: a Retrospective
    Martin Scorsese: a Retrospective
    ISBN: 9780500517529
    Title: Martin Scorsese: a Retrospective
    Author: SHONE TOM

    Since his emergence in the early seventies, Martin Scorsese has become one of the most respected names in cinema. Classics such as Taxi Driver , Raging Bull and Goodfellas are regularly cited as being among the finest films ever made. This lavish retrospective is a fitting tribute to a remarkable director, now into his sixth decade in cinema and showing no signs of slowing up. Leading film writer Tom Shone draws on his in-depth knowledge and distinctive viewpoint to present refreshing commentaries on all twenty- three main features, from the rarely shown Whos That Knocking at My Door? (1967) to the latest release, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), as well as covering Scorseses notable parallel career as a documentary maker. Impeccably designed, and copiously illustrated with more than two hundred stills and behind-the-scenes images, this is the definitive celebration of one of cinemas most enduring talents.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $80.00
  • Mary Wickes: I Know I've Seen that Face Before
    Mary Wickes: I Know I've Seen that Face Before
    ISBN: 9781604739053
    Title: Mary Wickes: I Know I've Seen that Face Before

    Moviegoers know her as the housekeeper in "White Christmas," the nurse in "Now, Voyager," and the crotchety choir director in "Sister Act." This book, filled with never-published behind-the-scenes stories from Broadway and Hollywood, chronicles the life of a complicated woman who brought an assortment of unforgettable nurses, nuns, and housekeepers to life on screen and stage. Wickes (1910-1995) was part of some of the most significant moments in film, television, theatre, and radio history. On that frightening night in 1938 when Orson Welles recorded his earth-shattering "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast, Wickes was waiting on another soundstage for him for a rehearsal of "Dantons Death," oblivious to the havoc taking place outside. When silent film star Gloria Swanson decided to host a live talk show on this new thing called television, Wickes was one of her first guests. When Lucille Ball made one of her first TV appearances, Wickes appeared with her--and became Lucys closest friend for more than thirty years. Wickes was the original Mary Poppins, long before an umbrella carried Julie Andrews across the rooftops of London. And when Disney began creating "101 Dalmatians," Wickes was asked to pose for animators trying to capture the evil of Cruella De Vil. The pinched-face actress who cracked wise by day became a confidante to some of the days biggest stars by night, including Bette Davis and Doris Day. Bolstered by interviews with almost three hundred people, and by private correspondence from Ball, Davis, Day, and others, "Mary Wickes: I Know Ive Seen That Face Before" includes scores of never-before-shared anecdotes about Hollywood and Broadway. In the process, it introduces readers to a complex woman who sustained a remarkable career for sixty years.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00

  • Middle-Earth: From Script to Screen: Building the World of the Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
    Middle-Earth: From Script to Screen: Building the World of the Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
    ISBN: 9780007544103
    Title: Middle-Earth: From Script to Screen: Building the World of the Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit

    For the first time ever, the epic, in-depth story of the creation of one of the most famous fantasy worlds ever imagined, a richly illustrated compendium that reveals the breathtaking craftsmanship, artistry, and technology behind the magical Middle-earth of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogies, directed by Peter Jackson.

    Middle-Earth: From Script to Screen tells the complete story of how J. R. R. Tolkien s magic world was brought to vivid life on the big screen in the record-breaking film trilogies The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy and The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy. Drawing on resources, stories, and content from the archives of the companies and individuals behind the films, much of which have never appeared in print before, as well as interviews with director Peter Jackson and key members of the Art Department, Shooting Crews, Park Road Post, and Weta Digital teams who share their personal insights on the creative process, this astonishing resource reveals: How the worlds were built, brick by brick and pixel by pixel;How environments were extended digitally or imagined entirely as computer generated spaces;How the multiple shooting units functioned;How cast members and characters interacted with their environments.

    Daniel Falconer takes fans from storyboard concepts to deep into the post-production process where the films were edited, graded, and scored, explaining in depth how each enhanced the films. He also discusses how the processes involved in establishing Middle-earth for the screen have evolved over the fifteen years between the start and finish of the trilogies. Going region by region and culture by culture in this fantasy realm, Middle-Earth: From Script to Screen describes how each area created for the films was defined, what made it unique, and what role it played in the stories.

    Illustrated with final film imagery, behind-the-scenes pictures and conceptual artwork, including places not seen in the final films, this monumental compilation offers unique and far-reaching insights into the creation of the world we know and love as Middle-earth.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $135.00
  • Minimal Film
    Minimal Film
    ISBN: 9788857239675
    Title: Minimal Film

    Minimal Film tells the stories of the movies we all know and love--from Alien to Rain Man, Star Wars to Psycho, E.T. to Ghost--through the often comically concise pictographic language of Shortology.
    Something of an internet craze, Shortology can narrate anything through pictograms. This has allowed Milan-based graphic designer Matteo Civaschi to isolate the very essence of movie plots, eliminating the superfluous and focusing on the essential. For example, two white triangles perpendicular to a red field suffice to evoke Dracula. But even complex or lengthy plots can be reduced to this language, as the inclusion of TV series from Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad attests. This book serves as a great gift for cinephiles, comedy fans and graphic designers alike.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Movie Quiz Book
    Movie Quiz Book
    ISBN: 9781786275196
    Title: Movie Quiz Book

    Imagine the best movie-themed pub quiz you've ever been to, but without the suffering the hangover the next morning

    From heroic heroines, famous final lines, and award-winning directors, to Hollywood's golden age, memorable movie flops, and the film world's biggest franchises, the book's over 1,600 questions cover every aspect of the movies.

    Thrown in among the brain-testing questions are a series of visual quizzes and challenges--including an It's a Wonderful Life spot-the-difference and the world premiere of a Jean-Claude van Damme-themed wordsearch

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00

  • Moviemaker Masterclass: Private Lessons from the World's Foremost Directors
    Moviemaker Masterclass: Private Lessons from the World's Foremost Directors
    ISBN: 9780571211029
    Title: Moviemaker Masterclass: Private Lessons from the World's Foremost Directors

    From Scorsese and Lynch to Wenders and Godard, interviews with twenty of the world's greatest directors on how they make films--and why Each great filmmaker has a secret method to his moviemaking--but each of them is different. In Moviemaker Master Class, Laurent Tirard talks to twenty of today's most important filmmakers to get to the core of each director's approach to film, exploring the filmmaker's vision as well as his technique, while allowing each man to speak in his own voice. Martin Scorsese likes setting up each shot very precisely ahead of time--so that he has the opportunity to change it all if he sees the need. Lars Von Trier, on the other hand, refuses to think about a shot until the actual moment of filming. And Bernardo Bertolucci tries to dream his shots the night before; if that doesn't work, he roams the set alone with a viewfinder, imagining the scene before the actors and crew join him. In these interviews--which originally appeared in the French film magazine Studio and are being published here in English for the first time--enhanced by exceptional photographs of the directors at work, Laurent Tirard has succeeded in finding out what makes each filmmaker--and his films--so extraordinary, shedding light on both the process and the people behind great moviemaking. Among the other filmmakers included are Woody Allen, Tim Burton, Joel and Ethan Coen, and John Woo.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Moviemaking Magic of Marvel Avengers: Heroes & Villains
    Moviemaking Magic of Marvel Avengers: Heroes & Villains
    ISBN: 9781419735875
    Title: Moviemaking Magic of Marvel Avengers: Heroes & Villains

    When Iron Manexploded into theaters in 2008, it was the first installment in what would become the biggest and most awe-inspiring collection of Super Hero films ever made. At the heart of these films are characters that have captured the imaginations of audiences around the world--heroes like Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, and Black Panther, and fearsome villains like Red Skull, Ultron, and Thanos.
    Now, explore the secrets behind the moviemaking magic that brought these heroes and villains to life. Through diagrams, photographs, concept sketches, and more, get the exclusive story of how filmmakers transformed comic book characters into larger-than-life, living, breathing icons of the big screen. Special bonus sections reveal the magic of some of the films' most memorable moments.
    ©2019 MARVEL

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Movies (& Other Things)
    Movies (& Other Things)
    ISBN: 9781538730195
    Title: Movies (& Other Things)

    Movies (And Other Things) is a book about, quite frankly, movies (and other things).

    One of the chapters, for example, answers which race Kevin Costner was able to white savior the best, because did you know that he white saviors Mexicans in McFarland, USA, and white saviors Native Americans in Dances with Wolves, and white saviors Black people in Black or White, and white saviors the Cleveland Browns in Draft Day?

    Another of the chapters, for a second example, answers what other high school movie characters would be in Regina George's circle of friends if we opened up the Mean Girls universe to include other movies (Johnny Lawrence is temporarily in, Claire from The Breakfast Club is in, Ferris Bueller is out, Isis from Bring It On is out...). Another of the chapters, for a third example, creates a special version of the Academy Awards specifically for rom-coms, the most underrated movie genre of all. And another of the chapters, for a final example, is actually a triple chapter that serves as an NBA-style draft of the very best and most memorable moments in gangster movies.

    Many, many things happen in Movies (And Other Things), some of which funny, others of which are sad, a few of which are insightful, and all of which are handled with the type of care and dedication to the smallest details and pockets of pop culture that only a book by Shea Serrano can provide.

    Shea Serrano's most recent book, Basketball (And Other Things), was, among other things, a #1 New York Times bestseller and selected by President Barack Obama as one of his favorite reads of the year. His previous book, The Rap Year Book, was also a New York Times bestseller, and is being turned into a documentary that will air on AMC in 2019. Currently, he is a staff writer for The Ringer.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Movies of the 1950'S
    Movies of the 1950'S
    ISBN: 9783836561105
    Title: Movies of the 1950'S

    On the Edge
    Movies from the decade of Cold War paranoia, Pop art, and Nouvelle Vague

    At a time when people were terrified of UFOs and Communism, the film industry was busy producing movies that ranged from film noir to grandiose musicals. The paranoid public in the 1950s apparently craved family entertainment and dark, brooding pictures in equal doses.

    The result is a decade's worth of truly monumental cinema, from Hitchcock masterpieces (Vertigo, Psycho, Rear Window) to comedy classics (Tati's Mr. Hulot's Holiday, Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot), from groundbreaking Nouvelle Vague films (Truffaut's The 400 Blows) to profound, innovative dramas like Antonioni's L'avventura, Fellini's La Strada, John Huston's Misfits, and Kubrick's Paths of Glory. Though censorship kept sex safely offscreen, the smoldering James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Marilyn Monroe provided plenty of heat.

    This survey of the most important films of the fabulous fifties covers the wholesome, subversive, artistic, thrilling, and mysterious trends in cinema across the globe. This encyclopedia profiles each movie masterpiece through stills, a synopsis, and cast, crew, and technical listings. Whether you're a rebel without a cause or a gentleman who prefers blondes, this is a must-have for any film fan.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00

  • Movies of the 80s
    Movies of the 80s
    ISBN: 9783836561211
    Title: Movies of the 80s

    Movies from the decade of excess, enormity, and experimentalism

    From Aliens to Amadeus, get your fill of '80s nostalgia with this movie bible of all things bold, bizarre, and boisterous. We've diligently compiled a list of the most influential films of the 1980s that's sure to please popcorn gobblers and highbrow chin-strokers alike. Adventurous, excessive, and experimental, '80s cinema saw moviegoers get their kicks from pictures as wide-ranging as Blade Runner, Sophie's Choice, and Blue Velvet.

    Science fiction, horror, and action emerged as the defining genres of the decade, with non-human characters like E.T. winning the hearts of millions, and movies such as Ghostbusters and Back to the Future fused comedy and sci-fi to the delight of audiences everywhere. Inside this '80s encyclopedia each movie masterpiece is profiled with stills and production photos, a synopsis, and cast, crew, and technical listings.

    With high-concept Hollywood blockbusters, early CGI, and brilliant special effects, the 1980s saw the invention of a new reality, a movie-world so convincingly real--no matter now far-fetched--that spectators could not help but immerse themselves in it.

    "Are you a film buff? Then trust us, you want this book."
    -- Kultureflash, London

    About the series:
    Bibliotheca Universalis--Compact cultural companions celebrating the eclectic TASCHEN universe at an unbeatable, democratic price
    Since we started our work as cultural archaeologists in 1980, TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible, open-minded publishing. Bibliotheca Universalis brings together more than 100 of our all-time favorite titles in a neat new format so you can curate your own affordable library of art, anthropology, and aphrodisia.
    Bookworm's delight--never bore, always excite

    Text in English, French, and German

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00

  • Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of Filth Elder John Waters
    Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of Filth Elder John Waters
    ISBN: 9780374214968
    Title: Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of Filth Elder John Waters
    Author: WATERS JOHN

    "Cheerfully lewd and sincerely disingenuous, cult filmmaker, comic, and lifelong raconteur John Waters narrates his latest memoir/tell-all with a good-natured wink and a well-earned dab of sentimentality." -- AudioFile Magazine

    This program is read by the author and includes a bonus conversation.

    No one knows more about everything--especially everything rude, clever, and offensively compelling--than John Waters.

    The man in the pencil-thin mustache, auteur of the transgressive movie classics Pink Flamingos, Polyester, the original Hairspray, Cry-Baby, and A Dirty Shame, is one of the world's great sophisticates, and in Mr. Know-It-All he serves it up raw: how to fail upward in Hollywood; how to develop musical taste from Nervous Norvus to Maria Callas; how to build a home so ugly and trendy that no one but you would dare live in it; more important, how to tell someone you love them without emotional risk; and yes, how to cheat death itself. Through it all, Waters swears by one undeniable truth: "Whatever you might have heard, there is absolutely no downside to being famous. None at all."

    Studded with cameos of Waters's stars, from Divine and Mink Stole to Johnny Depp, Kathleen Turner, Patricia Hearst, and Tracey Ullman, Mr. Know-It-All is Waters's most hypnotic, upsetting, revelatory audiobook yet --another instant Waters classic.

    Praise for John Waters:

    "Waters doesn't kowtow to the received wisdom, he flips it the bird . . . Waters] has the ability to show humanity at its most ridiculous and make that funny rather than repellent." --Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

    "Carsick becomes a portrait not just of America's desolate freeway nodes--though they're brilliantly evoked--but of American fame itself." --Lawrence Osborne, The New York Times Book Review

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $54.00
  • Name that Show 100 Illustrated Tv Puzzles
    Name that Show 100 Illustrated Tv Puzzles
    ISBN: 9781452161136
    Title: Name that Show 100 Illustrated Tv Puzzles
    Author: ROGERS PAUL

    It's never been easier to discover and binge on new and classic TV shows, and never before have so many great series been available on screens large and small. This entertaining puzzle book by the author of Name That Movie celebrates the current golden age of television viewership with wit and style. Celebrated illustrator Paul Rogers tests readers' visual knowledge to identify each of 100 series through a sequence of six line drawings depicting places, vehicles, objects, and even fashion details ranging from the obscure to the iconic. Complete with answer key and index, this elegant gift book is as fun to play solo as it is with fellow TV fans.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Never Grow Up
    Never Grow Up
    ISBN: 9781471177255
    Title: Never Grow Up
    Author: CHAN JACKIE

    Everyone knows Jackie Chan. Whether it's from Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, The Karate Kid, or Kung Fu Panda, Jackie is admired by generations of moviegoers for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, and mind-bending stunts. In 2016--after fifty-six years in the industry, over 200 films, and many broken bones--he received an honorary Academy Award for his lifetime achievement in film. But at 64 years-old, Jackie is just getting started.

    Now, in Never Grow Up, the global superstar reflects on his early life, including his childhood years at the China Drama Academy (in which he was enrolled at the age of six), his big breaks (and setbacks) in Hong Kong and Hollywood, his numerous brushes with death (both on and off film sets), and his life as a husband and father (which has been, admittedly and regrettably, imperfect).

    Jackie has never shied away from his mistakes. Since The Young Master in 1980, Jackie's films have ended with a bloopers reel in which he stumbles over his lines, misses his mark, or crashes to the ground in a stunt gone south. In Never Grow Up, Jackie applies the same spirit of openness to his life, proving time and time again why he's beloved the world over: he's honest, funny, kind, brave beyond reckoning and--after all this time--still young at heart.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.00
  • Nice & Accurate Good Omens TV Companion
    Nice & Accurate Good Omens TV Companion
    ISBN: 9781472258298
    Title: Nice & Accurate Good Omens TV Companion
    Author: GAIMAN NEIL

    The ultimate TV companion book to Good Omens, a massive new television launch on Amazon Prime Video and the BBC for 2019, written and show-run by Neil Gaiman and adapted from the internationally beloved novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

    Based on the cult classic novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Good Omens is one of the most hotly anticipated TV shows of 2019. Reinvented for television with scripts by Neil himself, and featuring a stellar cast including David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Jon Hamm, Jack Whitehall and Miranda Richardson, to name but a few, this major TV show will be shown first on Amazon Prime Video and then on the BBC later in the year.

    Keep calm, because The Nice and Accurate Good Omens TV Companion is your ultimate guide to the upcoming apocalypse, which is scheduled to happen on a Saturday, just after tea. The series sees an angel (Sheen) and a demon (Tennant) team up in order to try and sabotage the end of the world...

    Featuring incredible photographs, stunning location shots, costume boards, set designs and fascinating character profiles and in-depth interviews with the stars and crew, this behind-the-scenes look into the making of Good Omens is an absolute must for fans old and new - and will shatter coffee tables around the world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Number of Numbers (Search & Find)
    Number of Numbers (Search & Find)
    ISBN: 9781786035363
    Title: Number of Numbers (Search & Find)
    Author: WOOD A. J.

    Take a ride through 26 fully illustrated search and find spreads, each one themed on a number. Count the animals going into Noah's Ark two-by-two, spot 13 scary skeletons at the haunted house on Halloween and visit Farm Fifteen where everything from one scarecrow through to 15 apples need to be found. Allan Sanders' weird and wonderful drawings are packed full of funny things to spot and plenty of Where's Waldo style humour, making this the best way to learn your 1, 2, 3s...&

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $33.00
  • Over the Top
    Over the Top
    ISBN: 9781471179921
    Title: Over the Top

    Who gave Jonathan Van Ness permission to be the radiant human he is today? No one, honey.

    The truth is, it hasn't always been gorgeous for this beacon of positivity and joy.

    Before he stole our hearts as the grooming and self-care expert on Netflix's hit show Queer Eye, Jonathan was growing up in a small Midwestern town that didn't understand why he was so...over the top. From choreographed carpet figure skating routines to the unavoidable fact that he was Just. So. Gay., Jonathan was an easy target and endured years of judgement, ridicule and trauma - yet none of it crushed his uniquely effervescent spirit.

    Over the Top& uncovers the pain and passion it took to end up becoming the model of self-love and acceptance that Jonathan is today. In this revelatory, raw, and rambunctious memoir, Jonathan shares never-before-told secrets and reveals sides of himself that the public has never seen. JVN fans may think they know the man behind the stiletto heels, the crop tops, and the iconic sayings, but there's much more to him than meets the Queer Eye.

    You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll come away knowing that no matter how broken or lost you may be, you're a Kelly Clarkson song, you're strong, and you've got this.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Poetics of Cinema 2
    Poetics of Cinema 2
    ISBN: 9782914563253
    Title: Poetics of Cinema 2
    Author: RUIZ RAUL

    Poetics of Cinema 2 & 3~ISBN 2-914563-25-6 U.S. $25.00 / Paperback, 6 x 8.25 in. / 128 pgs / ~Item / July / Film

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $43.00
  • Pour One Out: Cocktail Odes to T. V. 's Most Dearly Departed
    Pour One Out: Cocktail Odes to T. V. 's Most Dearly Departed
    ISBN: 9780062887122
    Title: Pour One Out: Cocktail Odes to T. V. 's Most Dearly Departed
    Author: VOLA CHRIS

    Whether you love Game of Thrones or Seinfeld, all television fans have one shared experience--the truly unique and devasting loss that comes from a dear character being written off a show before you--or any of us--had the chance to say goodbye.

    Here to give us closure is talented humorist and head bartender at NYC's noteworthy speakeasy, Little Branch, Chris Vola. In Pour One Out, he pairs 65 of television's most dearly departed with the 65 artisanal cocktails that best align with their personality. Whether drinking the Airmail in honor of Susan Ross from Seinfeld, the Wildest Redhead in honor of Barb from Stranger Things, the Too Soon? in honor of Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones, or the Son-In-Law in honor of Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey, this book will finally give fans the closure they need to raise a glass.

    With 60 original full-color illustrations featured throughout, fans will squeal as the likes of Parks and Recreation's Lil Sebastian and Sherlock's Moriarty appear beside their chosen libations (High Horse and El Diablo, respectively). The perfect gift for the TV nerd or streaming junkie in your life, Pour One Out has something for everyone in the family...and everyone sharing your Netflix account.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $35.00
  • Queens of Animation: The Untold Story of the Women Who Transformed the World of Disney & Made Cinematic History
    Queens of Animation: The Untold Story of the Women Who Transformed the World of Disney & Made Cinematic History
    ISBN: 9780316439152
    Title: Queens of Animation: The Untold Story of the Women Who Transformed the World of Disney & Made Cinematic History

    From the bestselling author of Rise of the Rocket Girls comes the untold story of the women of Walt Disney Studios, who shaped the iconic films that have enthralled generations.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Quentin Tarantino The Iconic Filmmaker & His Work
    Quentin Tarantino The Iconic Filmmaker & His Work
    ISBN: 9781781317754
    Title: Quentin Tarantino The Iconic Filmmaker & His Work
    Author: NATHAN IAN

    Get to know the cult filmmaker of our generation. Packed with stunning pictures from the Kobal archives, this biography explores the genesis of Tarantino's unique directorial style and provides insight into his inspirations and his frequent collaborations with favoured actors.

    Through in-depth and informative text written by renowned film journalist Ian Nathan, this book examines the entirety of Tarantino's work, including his early writing on screenplays such as True Romance and Natural Born Killers, his break-out directorial debutReservoir Dogs and the career-defining Pulp Fiction,& as well as his later iconic films, such as Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2, Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. You'll also go behind the scenes of Tarantino's latest epic, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. As you make your way through Tarantino's incredible career, discover& what inspired him, his working methods and the breadth of his talent.

    With a visually arresting design that mimics Tarantino's approach to film-making and chapters organized by film, the pages are brimming with images taken on set and behind the scenes.

    This is the ultimate celebration for any Tarantino fan.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Quite Nice & Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book
    Quite Nice & Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book
    ISBN: 9781472261281
    Title: Quite Nice & Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book
    Author: GAIMAN NEIL

    'Diverting... pleasurable... entertaining' New York Times

    'Relevant and fresh... [Good Omens] still has a lot to say about the world' Empire

    'Even if you're very familiar with the original novel, this is a different experience... so damned charming and quirky that it feels like a must' Starburst

    Neil Gaiman's glorious reinvention of the iconic bestseller Good Omens, adapted from the internationally beloved novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, launched on Amazon Prime Video this year to great acclaim. Soon to be shown on the BBC, the series is written and show-run by Neil himself and stars David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Jon Hamm and Miranda Richardson, to name but a few.

    Before he died, Terry Pratchett asked Neil Gaiman to make a television series of the internationally beloved novel they wrote together about the end of the world.

    What followed was almost... ineffable. Over six glorious episodes, Neil brought an angel, Aziraphale, and a demon, Crowley, (the only things standing between us and the inevitable Armageddon) to life in some of the most extraordinary television ever made.

    Here you will find the scripts that Neil wrote, containing much that is new and revelatory and even several scenes throughout that never made the final cut. For the very first time, this edition collects all the missing bits - from a certain Other Four Horsemen to a little demonic shopping trip - and reveals the secrets of the show, which, by its very nature, is known to ask for the impossible.

    Step backstage and see the magic for yourself.

    **This edition of The Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book contains an introduction by Neil Gaiman about bringing Good Omens to the screen and all cut scenes**

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Read This If You Want to Be YouTube Famous
    Read This If You Want to Be YouTube Famous
    ISBN: 9781786275134
    Title: Read This If You Want to Be YouTube Famous
    Author: EAGLE WILL

    Read This If You Want to Be YouTube Famous holds the answers to running a super successful YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. Forty-five online film makers share their top tips when it comes to creating content and building a fan base.

    Packed with the essential secrets of the hottest YouTubers around, the book features practical and technical advice including how to how to find your niche, how to edit your videos, making money, and dealing with trolls. The book also features six insider interviews with YouTube experts.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-step Guide to Creating and Editing Digital Videos Using Your Computer for Absolute Beginners of All Ages
    Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-step Guide to Creating and Editing Digital Videos Using Your Computer for Absolute Beginners of All Ages
    ISBN: 9781847734235
    Title: Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-step Guide to Creating and Editing Digital Videos Using Your Computer for Absolute Beginners of All Ages

    Today, nearly everyone wants to make videos and post them on the Internet-and here's a book that explains in simple everyday terms how it's done. Even the technically challenged will learn to shoot and edit professional-quality work, upload it to the Web, view it on a TV set, or share it by mobile phone, thanks to the clear instructions and professional tips from filmmaker/animator Christian Darkin. He takes the budding videographer through the entire process, starting with selecting the right camcorder, writing the script, and composing the shots, through editing the raw footage in the computer and sharing the finished product with the world.


    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Reel World Scoring for Pictures 2ed
    Reel World Scoring for Pictures 2ed
    ISBN: 9781423434832
    Title: Reel World Scoring for Pictures 2ed
    Author: RONA JEFFREY C

    Packed with case studies and insiders' tips, The Reel World guides you through the world of creating music for film, TV, and video. You'll find proven success strategies-and learn the pitfalls to avoid-through examples drawn from actual scoring projects by industry pros. You'll also learn how to nurture positive relationships with music editors, directors, producers, recording engineers, music executives, and agents. Written by one of Hollywood's busiest composers, The Reel World examines the development of good musical aesthetics, the most effective technology and techniques, and the business of professional composing. The companion website, www.reelworld-online.com, attracts an active film-scoring community and features more examples, updates, and other resources for the beginning or pro composer. The Reel World explores What makes a great film score Starting your career Composing electronic and orchestral music Insiders' tips on industry politics and money Working with film and video Making better demos Web resources Book jacket.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $47.00
  • Reinventing China: a Generation & Its Films
    Reinventing China: a Generation & Its Films
    ISBN: 9789629962302
    Title: Reinventing China: a Generation & Its Films
    Author: CLARK PAUL

    A pioneering study of the startlingly original films by Chinese filmmakers of the 1980s, such as Judou, Raise the Red Lantern, and Farewell My Concubine. These films bring into vivid relief changes in Chinese society over several decades, drawing on interviews with directors including Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, and Tian Zhuangzhuang. Paul Clark's Chinese Cinema: Culture and Politics since 1949was a groundbreaking book, and in Reinventing China, Clark continues his exploration of the changes in Chinese society and culture since the 1960s.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $62.00
  • Riding the Elephant: A Memoir of Altercations, Humiliations, Hallucinations, & Observations
    Riding the Elephant: A Memoir of Altercations, Humiliations, Hallucinations, & Observations
    ISBN: 9780525533917
    Title: Riding the Elephant: A Memoir of Altercations, Humiliations, Hallucinations, & Observations

    From the comedian, actor, and former host of& The Late Late Show& comes an irreverent, lyrical memoir in essays featuring his signature wit.
    Craig Ferguson has defied the odds his entire life. He has failed when he should have succeeded and succeeded when he should have failed. The fact that he is neither dead nor in a locked facility (at the time of printing) is something of a miracle in itself.& In Craig's candid and revealing memoir, readers will get a look into the mind and recollections of the unique and twisted Scottish American who became a national hero for pioneering the world's first TV robot skeleton sidekick and reviving two dudes in a horse suit dancing as a form of entertainment.&
    In Riding the Elephant, there are some stories that are too graphic for television, too politically incorrect for social media, or too meditative for a stand-up comedy performance. Craig discusses his deep love for his native Scotland, examines his profound psychic change brought on by fatherhood, and looks at aging and mortality with a perspective that he was incapable of as a younger man.& Each story is strung together in a colorful tapestry that ultimately reveals a complicated man who has learned to process--and even enjoy--the unusual trajectory of his life.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Roman Polanski Masters of Cinema
    Roman Polanski Masters of Cinema
    ISBN: 9782866429171
    Title: Roman Polanski Masters of Cinema

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Saturday Night Live the Book
    Saturday Night Live the Book
    ISBN: 9783836552417
    Title: Saturday Night Live the Book

    Live from New York, it's Saturday Night The complete history, on stage and behind the scenes On October 11, 1975 at 11:30 p.m., NBC viewers who tuned in to the network's new late night show saw a sketch featuring John Belushi repeating, in a thick foreign accent, nonsensical phrases about wolverines being read to him by head writer Michael O'Donohue. Abruptly, O'Donohue clutched his heart and collapsed onto the floor. Belushi paused, raised his eyebrow, and then did the same. Posing as the stage manager, Chevy Chase entered the set and feigned confusion before breaking character and announcing to the camera: "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night " In that instant, television, which had long been out of touch with the young and hip, experienced the first seismic tremors of a major paradigm shift. TV comedy as we know it today owes it all to Saturday Night Live, the show that dared to take risks (not least the fact that it's broadcast live), challenge the censors, and celebrate the work of offbeat writer-performers. Hundreds of gifted and dedicated people have contributed to Saturday Night Live over the years, and this book pays homage to their groundbreaking work. The list of esteemed alumni, most of whom were complete unknowns when they debuted on SNL, reads like a Who's Who of the past 4 decades in comedy: John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Al Franken, Eddie Murphy, Martin Short, Billy Crystal, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Conan O'Brien, Chris Rock, Will Ferrell, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig, Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, and Bill Hader--to name just a few. Now, as SNL celebrates its 40th anniversary, TASCHEN brings you the ultimate tribute to the show. To research this book, editor and author Alison Castle was given not only full access to SNL's archives, but also the rare opportunity to watch the cast and crew at work. She spent the better part of season 39 in the trenches, learning how everything comes together in just six days for the live performance. Part encyclopedia and part behind-the-scenes tour, Saturday Night Live: The Book covers both the making of the show and its remarkable history. Features include: Over 2,300 images from SNL's archives, many previously unpublished An illustrated breakdown of the 6-day week at SNL through the years, with an expanded section for the live show Seasons reference guide with complete cast, host, and musical guest lists Exclusive interview with founder and executive producer Lorne Michaels

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $100.00
  • Scorsese on Scorsese
    Scorsese on Scorsese
    ISBN: 9782866427023
    Title: Scorsese on Scorsese

    Martin Scorsese is one of the most celebrated film-makers working today in Hollywood. A five time Academy Award Nominee for Best Director, Scorsese's films consistently push the boundaries of what viewers expect to see on the silver screen. From Taxi Driverto Goodfellasto The Departed, Scorsese continually challeneges audiences with his gritty, often brutal films. Developed from over 30 years of interviews with his friend and fellow director, Michael Henry Wilson, Scorsese on Scorsese is the first book to examine the career of this cinematic master in his own words. Illustrated with documents, and personal photos from Scorsese's own archive along with film stills, this in-depth look at all of Scorsese's masterpieces from his early short films all the way up to his recent Shutter Island (2010) is a key reference work for both fans of the director and professionals looking for the keys to the master's work.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $95.00
  • Screenplay : The Foundations of Screenwriting
    Screenplay : The Foundations of Screenwriting
    ISBN: 9780385339032
    Title: Screenplay : The Foundations of Screenwriting
    Author: FIELD SYD

    A generation of screenwriters has used Syd Field's bestselling books to ignite successful careers in film. Now the celebrated producer, lecturer, teacher, and bestselling author has updated his classic guide for a new generation of filmmakers, offering a fresh insider's perspective on the film industry today. From concept to character, from opening scene to finished script, here are easily understood guidelines to help aspiring screenwritersfrom novices to practiced writershone their craft. Filled with updated materialincluding all-new personal anecdotes and insights, guidelines on marketing and collaboration, plus analyses of recent films, fromAmerican BeautytoLord of the RingsScreenplaypresents a step-by-step, comprehensive technique for writing the screenplay that will succeed in Hollywood. Discover: Why the first ten pages of your script are crucially important How to visually ""grab"" the reader from page one, word one Why structure and character are the essential foundation of your screenplay How to adapt a novel, a play, or an article into a screenplay Tips on protecting your work three legal ways to claim ownership of your screenplay The essentials of writing great dialogue, creating character, building a story line, overcoming writer's block, getting an agent, and much more. With this newly updated edition of his bestselling classic, Syd Field proves yet again why he is revered as the master of the screenplayand why his celebrated guide has become the industry's gold standard for successful screenwriting.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.00
  • Selling the Movie: The Art of the Film Poster
    Selling the Movie: The Art of the Film Poster
    ISBN: 9780711240247
    Title: Selling the Movie: The Art of the Film Poster

    "An incredible illustrated history of the movie poster." - Hey U Guys

    Showcasing the best movie posters by the top designers in the field, this rich visual history of the film poster charts the evolution from the earliest days to the present, explaining how they were used to sell both films and the stars, and how they lured audiences to cinemas across the globe to make an industry. Understand how posters enhance the brand of a movie or a star, and how they represent the crossover between creatives with this stylish art book. With insights on movie genres, influential designers, Hollywood politics and the impact of typography, this visually stunning book reveals how a powerful advertising medium became an artform itself and changed the face of graphic design.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
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