• Brecht Sourcebook a Critical Anthology

    Brecht Sourcebook a Critical Anthology
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    ISBN: 9780415200431
    Title: Brecht Sourcebook a Critical Anthology
    Author: MARTIN CAROL [ED]

    A fascinating anthology that brings together in one volume many of the important articles written about Brecht between 1957 and 1997. The collection explores a wide range of viewpoints about Brecht's theatre theories and practice, as well as including three plays not otherwise easily available in English:The Beggar or the Dead Dog,Baden LehrstuckandThe Seven Deadly Sins of the Lower Middle Class. This unique compendium covers all the key areas including: the development of Brecht's aesthetic theories, the relationship of Epic theatre to orthodox dramatic theatre, Brecht's collaborations with Kurt Weill, Paul Dessau, and Max Frisch, and Brecht's influence on a variety of cultures and contexts including England, Italy, Moscow, and Japan. Contributors: Lee Baxandall, Eric Bentley, Henry Bial, Hans-Joachim Bunge, Paul Dessau, Martin Esslin, Henry Glade, Barclay Goldsmith, Mordecai Gorelik, Karen Laughlin, Carol Martin, W. Stuart McDowell, Erica Munk, Jean-Paul Sartre, ErnstSchumacher, Diana Taylor, Tadashi Uchino, Carl Weber, and Kurt Weill.

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