• Doll's House & Other Plays

    Doll's House & Other Plays
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    ISBN: 9780140441468
    Title: Doll's House & Other Plays
    Author: IBSEN HENRIK

    The plays in this volume, each written a decade apart, demonstrate different sides of Henrik Ibsen s genius, but all deal with themes of alienation from society and the breaking down of convention. A Doll s House (1879) portrays a woman questioning her duty to her husband and seeking to escape from the stifling confines of her marriage a theme that shocked contemporary audiences and established Ibsen s name outside Scandinavia. In The League of Youth (1869), his first prose drama, Ibsen created a vivid comedy about a hypocritical politician, and in The Lady from the Sea (1888) he depicts a woman who longs for the life she enjoyed by the sea before she was married. Peter Watts lively modern translation is accompanied by an introduction in which he examines Ibsen s life and times, with individual discussions of the three plays."

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