• Drama Games for Devising

    Drama Games for Devising
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    ISBN: 9781848420373
    Title: Drama Games for Devising

    As part of the ever-growing, increasingly popular Drama Games& series, Jessica Swale returns with another dip-in, flick-through,& quick-fire resource book, packed with dozens of drama games that& can be used in the process of devising theatre.

    The games will be invaluable to directors and theatre companies at all& levels who are creating new pieces of theatre from scratch and need& lively, dynamic games to fire the imagination. They will particularly& appeal to school, youth theatre and community groups where devising& is a growing trend - and a core element of the drama curriculum.

    Written with clear instructions on How to Play, notes on the Aim of& the Game, and illuminating examples from professional productions,& the games cover every aspect of the devising process and develop& all the skills required: generating ideas, creating characters and& scenarios, using stimuli, structuring the piece, and creating an ensemble.

    Mike Leigh, the most dedicated and celebrated creator of& devised work, hails the book in his foreword as 'highly original& and massively useful'.

    'A remarkable compendium of games and exercises... a lively& starting point for rich invention' Mike Leigh, from his Foreword

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