• Barossa Shiraz

    Barossa Shiraz
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    ISBN: 9781743052372
    Title: Barossa Shiraz

    'Barossa Shiraz: Discovering the tastes of the Barossas regions' is the first book in Australia to systematically investigate the relationship between the flavour of a wine and its origin. This book is based on author Thomas Girgensohn's extensive knowledge of Australian wines and his personal research over nearly 30 years. He focuses on the Barossa, Australias best-known wine region, and explores Shiraz, Australia's most popular wine. 'Barossa Shiraz' explains the concept of 'terroir' - the contribution of the vineyard's site to the quality of the grapes and wine produced from it - in easy to understand terms. 'Barossa Shiraz' divides the Barossa into eleven sub-regions, each with its own 'terroir'. Major differences between 'terroirs' are identified, and a tasting profile for each sub-region is provided. Thomas Girgensohn examines major wineries and benchmark vineyards - those whose wines display the sub-regional characteristics best. Their locations are shown on detailed maps, and the book includes profiles of leading Barossa winemakers. This is the first time an author has set out to characterise the sub-regions of a famous district according to the flavour and qualities of the wines produced rather than simply climatic or geological factors. Reading 'Barossa Shiraz' will enable enthusiasts to appreciate the differences in flavour and structure of Shiraz - and to enjoy their wine even more! 'Thomas Girgensohn's observations and intuitive tastings, based on extensive personal experience and systematic review are topical, sagacious and prescient ... 'Barossa Shiraz' is a remarkable and enlightened achievement.' - Andrew Caillard, MW

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