• CSIRO Low-Carb Diet: Quick & Easy

    CSIRO Low-Carb Diet: Quick & Easy
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    ISBN: 9781760783341
    Title: CSIRO Low-Carb Diet: Quick & Easy

    BOOK 3 OF THE #1 BESTSELLING LOW-CARB DIETThe CSIRO Low-Carb Diet has proved phenomenally successful in helping Australians lose weight and transform their health through a low-carb eating plan in combination with regular exercise. Due to popular demand, this new book contains over 100 brand new, low-carb-friendly recipes that can be cooked in 20 minutes or less, making it easier than ever to incorporate this way of eating into a busy lifestyle. It includes: * an update on the science* answers to all your FAQs * two weekly meal plans with shopping lists * plenty of ideas for meal builders, drinks and snacksThis is a fully researched approach to better eating and improved health from Australia's peak science organisation.

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