• 101 Things I Learned  in Culinary School (Second Edition)
    101 Things I Learned in Culinary School (Second Edition)
    ISBN: 9781524761943
    Title: 101 Things I Learned in Culinary School (Second Edition)

    An informative, illustrated guide to food, cooking, and the culinary profession by a former White House chef--now in a revised second edition featuring 50% new material
    "This book is all meat with no fat. . . . Sure to surprise and enlighten even the most informed gourmands."--Publishers Weekly& (starred review), on the first edition of& 101 Things I Learned in Culinary School
    A chef must master countless techniques, memorize a mountain of information, and maintain a Zen master's calm. This book illuminates the path to becoming a culinary professional by sharing important kitchen fundamentals and indispensable advice, including&
    *& practical how-tos, from holding a knife to calibrating a thermometer to creating a compost pile
    *& ways to emphasize, accent, deepen, and counterpoint flavors
    *& why we prefer a crisp outside and tender inside in most foods
    *& understanding wine labels and beer basics
    *& how to narrow innumerable culinary options to a manageable few, whether selecting knives, oils, thickeners, flours, potatoes, rice, or salad greens
    *& how a professional kitchen is organized and managed to maintain its mission
    Written by a culinary professor and former White House chef,& 101 Things I Learned in Culinary School& is a concise, highly readable resource for culinary students, home chefs, casual foodies, and anyone else trying to find their way around--or simply into--the kitchen.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $38.00
  • 5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food
    5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food
    ISBN: 9780718187729
    Title: 5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food
    Author: OLIVER JAMIE

    Featuring simple, delicious recipes from the new CHANNEL 4 series - Quick and Easy Food - on Monday nights at eight o'clock, Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients is his most straightforward book yet.

    'Brilliant' Sunday Times

    Using five ingredients, cleverly combined, you'll conjure up THE most exciting food . . . from this week's episode roast tikka chicken, whole chicken flavoured in tikka paste, roasted with crispy potatoes, golden cauliflower and coriander. Jamie's Carrot & grain salad, pomegranate jewels and creamy feta, fresh mint and sweet dressed carrots, tossed with grains. A SUPER-QUICK crab and fennel spaghetti, fragrant finely sliced fennel, juicy tomatoes and a subtle hit of chilli all stirred into light, delicious spaghetti and crab. For dessert Jamie whips up a classic really sumptuous shortbread, drizzled in dark chocolate and grated orange zest . . . Now that's what we're talking about.

    It's all about making the journey to good food, super-simple. Every recipe uses just five key ingredients, ensuring you can get a plate of food together fast, whether it's finished and on the table super-quickly, or after minimal hands-on prep, you've let the oven do the hard work for you. We're talking quality over quantity, a little diligence on the cooking front, and in return massive flavour.

    Each recipe has been tried and tested (and tested again!) to ensure the book is packed with no-fuss, budget-friendly dishes that you can rustle up, any day of the week.

    With over 130 recipes, and chapters on Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Fish, Eggs, Veg, Salads, Pasta, Rice and Noodles and Sweet Things, there's plenty of quick and easy recipe inspiration to choose from.

    How about Jamie's mouth-watering super-quick, after work supper, as seen on This Morning . . . Smoky chorizo salmon - slices of spicy chorizo, salty sweet cherry tomatoes, black olives, basil, and fresh crispy salmon fillets. For dessert, Juicy plum tarte tatin in maple syrup and cinnamon under buttery puff pastry, topped in scoops of vanilla ice cream.

    With every recipe you'll find a visual ingredient guide, serving size, timings, a short, easy-to-follow method, and quick-reference nutritional information.

    Jamie's new cookbook takes the stress out of mealtimes and will inspire cooks and non-cooks alike with beautiful, crazily simple ideas . . .

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • 5 Minute Salad Lunchbox
    5 Minute Salad Lunchbox
    ISBN: 9781925811117
    Title: 5 Minute Salad Lunchbox

    Sometimes preparing your food for the impending day can feel impossible. You opt for the easy way out: buying lunch. Often this is less healthy, and always more expensive, than bringing your own to work. On the other hand, maybe you're just in desperate need of inspiration after making the same pitiable sandwich day after day (month after month... year after year).& The 5-Minute Salad Lunchboxmakes food prepping an exciting and nutritious lunch a total breeze.

    These 52 recipes are a comprehensive range of diverse salads, including vegan salads, grain salads, Zoodle and seafood salads. There's a new one to try each week. Expect myriad flavors from across the globe. Imagine a Vietnamese-style chicken coleslaw, Mexican-spiced quinoa salad or a Japanese(ish) combination of edamame and chickpeas with avocado-lime dressing. Do you know what Korean-style Bibimbap is?& The 5-Minute Salad Box& explains all, alongside its foolproof recipe.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $29.00
  • Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea
    Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea
    ISBN: 9780857838070
    Title: Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea

    SO MUCH MORE THAN A COOKBOOK; IT IS A LOVE SONG TO A SPECIAL PLACE AND ITS CUISINEMarianna Leivaditaki is a natural storyteller. She grew up in Chania, on the Greek island of Crete, and spent her childhood helping out in the family-run taverna. After school, she carried around her blue notebook, writing down all the recipes she would like to cook, helped by the kitchen wisdom of her Greek grandmothers. Marianna's love for the food of her heritage flows through every page, but she brings it her own contemporary style, honed through an illustrious career in professional restaurant kitchens. As head chef of the celebrated London restaurant Morito, she has championed high-quality ingredients, presenting them in simple, beautiful sharing plates. The recipes in her book, inspired by the Sea, the Land, and the Mountains of the Aegean islands, celebrate the wealth of the Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts, fish, and whole grains, and a passion for good food and shared meals. Marianna offers achievable, delicious dishes celebrating fresh, seasonal ingredients that you can take time to enjoy with friends and family.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Africola: Slow Food, Fast Words, Cult Chef
    Africola: Slow Food, Fast Words, Cult Chef
    ISBN: 9781760523862
    Title: Africola: Slow Food, Fast Words, Cult Chef

    Ottolenghi on steroids, with a sense of humour and a bit of a Kitchen Confidential vibe - it's brash, bold, boozy and it roars.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Afro Vegan: Family Recipes from a British-Nigerian Kitchen
    Afro Vegan: Family Recipes from a British-Nigerian Kitchen
    ISBN: 9781910566909
    Title: Afro Vegan: Family Recipes from a British-Nigerian Kitchen
    Author: ALAKIJA ZOE

    - Vibrant plant-based dishes fusing African and European flavors from a young British-Nigerian cook - Includes almost 50 recipes Introducing Zoe Alakija, a London-based cook, whose rich recipes blend modern British flavors with the rich colors and tastes of her Nigerian upbringing. African food in general, and Nigeran food in particular, is on the rise in the UK and dishes like cheesy kokoro and nutty plantain brownies take European vegan food far beyond the more muted flavors and colors that we are used to. Zoe's immaculate balance of tastes combined with playful presentation ensures these are recipes to remember for those willing to explore broader, more environmentally responsible horizons.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $56.00
  • Appetites: A Cookbook
    Appetites: A Cookbook
    ISBN: 9781408883839
    Title: Appetites: A Cookbook

    Brash, wild, original and badass. This is Anthony Bourdain's interpretation of a normal cookbook.As a restaurant professional, Bourdain spent his life on the fringes of normality - he worked while normal people played, and played while normal people slept. Since then he has settled (kind of) into family life and is cooking for the people he loves rather than people who pay. These are the recipes he turns to when called in for pancake service at sleepover parties or when preparing a violence-free family dinner.Each and every word is informed by his years in the industry and a life dedicated to food. This is a man who has declared the club sandwich as America's Enemy and wants you to understand the principles of Bad Sandwich Theory. He has distilled his views on dessert to this: it should always be Stilton.Illustrated with photography that somehow manages to be both strangely beautiful and utterly grotesque, this cookbook - Bourdain's first in ten years - is a home-cooking, home-entertaining cookbook like no other.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $53.00
  • Arabesque Table: Contemporary Recipes from the Arab World
    Arabesque Table: Contemporary Recipes from the Arab World
    ISBN: 9781838662516
    Title: Arabesque Table: Contemporary Recipes from the Arab World
    Author: KASSIS REEM

    A one-of-a-kind collection of original contemporary recipes from across the Arab world from acclaimed author Reem Kassis

    The Arabesque Table takes inspiration from the traditional food of the Arab world, weaving Reem Kassis's cultural knowledge with her contemporary interpretations of an ancient, remarkably diverse cuisine. She opens up the world of Arabic cooking today, presenting a mosaic of 130 delicious, accessible home recipes -- from simple salads to flavorful mains and fragrant desserts. Organized by primary ingredient, her narratives formed by her experiences and influences bring the dishes to life, as does the book's vivid photography.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Art of Fermentation: An In-depth Exploration of Essential Concepts & Processes from Around the World
    Art of Fermentation: An In-depth Exploration of Essential Concepts & Processes from Around the World
    ISBN: 9781603582865
    Title: Art of Fermentation: An In-depth Exploration of Essential Concepts & Processes from Around the World

    Katz presents the concepts and processes behind fermentation in ways that are simple enough to guide a reader through their first experience making sauerkraut or yogurt, and in-depth enough to provide greater understanding and insight for experienced practitioners.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $80.00
  • Art of Simple
    Art of Simple
    ISBN: 9780143771234
    Title: Art of Simple

    When Eleanor Ozich moved to the outskirts of the city with her husband and young family she set about enjoying a much calmer way of life. Shedding unnecessary clutter and adopting a simpler style of living, Eleanor found herself with more time and energy to appreciate her family and friends and the natural beauty that surrounded her ... Eleanor shares recipes and ideas she has embraced in her quest to cherish lifés simple pleasures. Alongside recipes for nourishing meals yoúll find practical ideas to declutter your home, get your children to sleep and bring order to your day.There are also instructions for making natural beauty products and household cleaners, which promise to cost you less and be kinder to you and the environment.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Artisan Kitchen: Creative Projects for Adventurous Cooks
    Artisan Kitchen: Creative Projects for Adventurous Cooks
    ISBN: 9780241399774
    Title: Artisan Kitchen: Creative Projects for Adventurous Cooks

    Spark your creativity with a more mindful way of cooking.

    Giving a modern twist to age-old techniques, this book shows how to master 25 preserving and cooking processes, from fermenting to cheese making, hot smoking to sourdough baking.

    Discover how to brew perfect sweet-sour kombucha; make a fresh-tasting chutney; dry cure bresaola; create your own sourdough starter; and slow roast over an open wood fire. Be inspired to experiment with more than 150 recipe ideas.

    Each culinary project is explored in three stages to spark your creativity- "The Science" explains the science and technical know-how; "The Practice" gets you started on an enticing recipe, with action shots of tricky techniques; and "The Possibilities" provides further recipe ideas plus the tools and inspiration to devise your own recipes.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Asian Green
    Asian Green
    ISBN: 9780857836342
    Title: Asian Green
    Author: HUANG CHING-HE

    'Ching's recipes are not only deliciously healthy but easy enough for anyone to have a go at and enjoy.' Tom Kerridge

    Asia has always had an abundance of delicious recipes that are traditionally meat and dairy free. Here, Ching-He Huang draws inspiration from across the continent to create simple, healthy home cooking that everyone can enjoy.

    From Nourishing Soups to Fast & Furious and Warm & Comforting, each chapter features fresh and vibrant plant-based dishes that are both nutritious and packed with flavour, including Wok-fried Orange-Soy Sticky Sprouts & Wild Rice Salad, Peking Mushroom Pancakes, Smoked Tofu & Broccoli Korean-style Ram-don, and Chinese Black Bean Seitan Tacos. Ching also shows you how to make your own seitan and tofu as well as sharing expert tips and tricks for successful wok cooking.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • At Home in the Kitchen Simple Recipes from a Chef's Night off [a Cookbook]
    At Home in the Kitchen Simple Recipes from a Chef's Night off [a Cookbook]
    ISBN: 9781984858504
    Title: At Home in the Kitchen Simple Recipes from a Chef's Night off [a Cookbook]
    Author: KINCH DAVID

    120 recipes for the casual meals-from simple breakfasts to 2 a.m. snacks-that the James Beard Award-winning, three-Michelin-starred chef of Manresa cooks at home.

    120+ recipes for the unfussy dishes-from all-day eggs to 2 a.m. snacks-that the James Beard Award-winning, three-Michelin-starred chef of Manresa cooks at home.

    "An instant classic, it defines California cool and wears its sophistication lightly."-Padma Lakshmi

    When David Kinch isn't working at one of his restaurants, he cooks in his strawberry-colored bungalow-affectionately known as the Pink Palace-where he lives on the Northern California coast. A casual meal might include a rustic pasta made with cans from the pantry, a simple roasted chicken, or too many oysters to count.

    In At Home in the Kitchen, you'll find David's ready-for-anything Mother-Sauce Mayo, a revelatory Guacamole with Pomegranate, the best make-ahead Grilled Cheese, and everything you want to eat for dinner tonight- Onion & Brioche Soup, Brussels Sprouts with Cider & Goat Cheese, Penne with a Walnut Sauce, Jambalaya New Orleans Style, Oven-Roasted Potatoes with Cod, Whole Roast Cauliflower with Capers & Egg, and much more.

    Photographed on location in the coastal town of Santa Cruz, where David surfs, sails, and entertains, this laid-back cookbook is packed with go-to recipes, songs to listen to while cooking, and a few classic cocktails (rhum punch, daiquiris, sangria, margaritas!) to set a cheerful mood. And while each recipe has no more than a few key ingredients, David's clever techniques, subtle twists, and fresh flavor combinations guarantee delicious-and impressive!-results ?in no time at all.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $71.00
  • Basque (Compact Edition): Spanish Recipes from San Sebastian & Beyond
    Basque (Compact Edition): Spanish Recipes from San Sebastian & Beyond
    ISBN: 9781784883683
    Title: Basque (Compact Edition): Spanish Recipes from San Sebastian & Beyond
    Author: PIZARRO JOSE

    'José's recipes take us to the heart of the very best of Spanish cooking' Rick Stein

    In this compact edition of the award-winning cookbook, Basque, leading Spanish chef, José Pizarro,& takes readers on a journey around this magical place, taking inspiration from traditional dishes and local ingredients, and adding his own unique twist.

    From the delicious bite-sized morsels known as pintxos Basque-style tapas to more hearty main meals and sumptuous desserts, José shows you how easy it is to prepare Spanish food at home. The cuisine of this region is wonderful to share with family and friends but it's also about informality and not being a slave to your stove. Set to the backdrop of the stunning views of San Sebastián and the rest of the Basque Country, Basque is a culinary jaunt around one of Spain's most colourful and exciting food destinations.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $33.00
  • Bavel: Modern Recipes Inspired by the Middle East
    Bavel: Modern Recipes Inspired by the Middle East
    ISBN: 9780399580925
    Title: Bavel: Modern Recipes Inspired by the Middle East

    From the acclaimed chefs behind award-winning Los Angeles restaurant Bavel comes a gorgeous cookbook featuring personal stories and more than eighty recipes that celebrate the diversity of Middle Eastern cuisines.

    "Ori and Genevieve manage to pull off a style of cooking that is both familiar (and therefore comforting) but also new (and therefore fresh and exciting). This is the sort of food I could live on."-Yotam Ottolenghi

    When chef Ori Menashe and pastry chef Genevieve Gergis opened their first Los Angeles restaurant, Bestia, the city fell in love. By the time they launched their second restaurant, Bavel, the love affair had expanded to cooks and food lovers nationwide.Bavel,the cookbook, invites home cooks to explore the broad and varied cuisines of the Middle East through fragrant spice blends; sublime zhougs, tahini, labneh, and hummus; rainbows of crisp-pickled vegetables; tender, oven-baked flatbreads; fall-off-the-bone meats and tagines; buttery pastries and tarts; and so much more.

    Bavel-pronounced bah-VELLE, the Hebrew name for Babel-is a metaphor for the myriad cultural, spiritual, and political differences that divide us. The food ofBaveltells the many stories of the countries defined as "the Middle East." These recipes are influenced by the flavors and techniques from all corners of the region, and many, such as Tomato with Smoked Harissa, Turmeric Chicken with Toum, and Date-Walnut Tart, are inspired by Menashe'sIsraeliupbringing and Gergis's Egyptian roots.Bavelcelebrates the freedom to cook what we love without loyalty to any specific country, and represents a world before the region was divided into separate nations. This is cooking without borders.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Black Axe Mangal
    Black Axe Mangal
    ISBN: 9780714879314
    Title: Black Axe Mangal
    Author: TIERNAN LEE

    The much-anticipated first cookbook from one of London's most-loved cult restaurants

    Chef Lee Tiernan's Black Axe Mangal is a sensual riot, combining innovative open-fire cooking and underused ingredients with a bold aesthetic, influenced by his love of music and skate culture. This, the London restaurant's first cookbook, brings together Tiernan's signature recipes - including Pig's Cheek and Prune Doughnuts, Squid Ink Flatbreads with Smoked Cod's Roe and Shrimp-encrusted Pigs' Tails - along with step-by-step instructions for the three fundamentals of Black Axe Mangal cooking: bread, smoking and grilling.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Book of St John 25 Years of Brilliant British Cooking
    Book of St John 25 Years of Brilliant British Cooking
    ISBN: 9781529103212
    Title: Book of St John 25 Years of Brilliant British Cooking

    A celebration of a chef like no other.
    Join the inimitable Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver as they welcome you into their world-famous restaurant, inviting you to celebrate 25 years of unforgettable, innovative food.

    Established in 1994, St. JOHN has become renowned for its simplicity, its respect for quality ingredients and for being a pioneer in zero waste cooking - they strive to use every part of an ingredient, from leftover stale bread for puddings, bones for broths and stocks, to typically unused parts of the animal (such as the tongue) being made the hero of a dish.

    Recipes include:

    Braised rabbit, mustard and bacon
    Ox tongue, carrots and caper sauce
    Duck fat toast
    Smoked cod's roe, egg and potato cake
    Confit suckling pig shoulder and dandelion
    The Smithfield pickled cucumbers
    St. JOHN chutney
    Butterbean, rosemary and garlic wuzz
    Honey and bay rice pudding

    Featuring all the best-loved seminal recipes as well as comprehensive menus and wine recommendations, Fergus and Trevor will take a look back at the ethos and working practices of a food dynasty that has inspired a generation of chefs and home cooks.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Carbs: From Weekday Dinners to Blow-Out Brunches, Rediscover the Joy of the Humble Carbohydrate
    Carbs: From Weekday Dinners to Blow-Out Brunches, Rediscover the Joy of the Humble Carbohydrate
    ISBN: 9781787132573
    Title: Carbs: From Weekday Dinners to Blow-Out Brunches, Rediscover the Joy of the Humble Carbohydrate

    We've tried to hide it, shoving carbs aside for cauliflower rice and courgetti, but we're not fooling anyone. Carbs& are what we want -& what we really, really want.& We love them& because they make every meal better. And anyway, global medical guidelines now say carbohydrates should make up 50% of our daily food intake, and that skipping them could lead to long-term health issues. What have we been thinking? It's definitely time to embrace carbs in all their guises. Macaroni cheese is (practically) a medical requirement.
    Whether you've always been a die-hard carb lover, or you'd like to learn to love them again, this book has the recipes you need. There are rice bowls, pizzas, pastas, tacos, toasties, muffins, loaves, and oh-so-many ways with the glorious potato, king of the carbs (including all the chip hacks you can shake& your& salt& at).& It's time to put carbs back on the table.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $43.00
  • Chaat Recipes from the Kitchens, Markets, & Railways of India: a Cookbook
    Chaat Recipes from the Kitchens, Markets, & Railways of India: a Cookbook
    ISBN: 9781984823885
    Title: Chaat Recipes from the Kitchens, Markets, & Railways of India: a Cookbook

    Explore the bold flavors, regional dishes, and stunning scenery of India with Chopped judge and James Beard Award-winning chef Maneet Chauhan.

    "A sumptuous whistle-stop tour of India's diverse food ways. Maneet has penned a love letter to the best of Indian food."--Padma Lakshmi, host and executive producer of Top Chef and Taste the Nation

    In Chaat, Maneet Chauhan explores India's most iconic, delicious, and fun-to-eat foods coming from and inspired by her discoveries during an epic cross-country railway journey that brought her to local markets, street vendors, and the homes of family and friends.

    From simple roasted sweet potatoes with star fruit, lemon, and spices to a fragrant layered chicken biryani rice casserole, and the flakiest onion and egg stuffed flatbreads, these recipes are varied, colorful, and expressive. Maneet weaves in personal stories and remembrances as well as historical and cultural notes as she winds her way from North to South and East to West, sharing recipes like Goan Fried Shrimp Turnovers, Chicken Momo Dumplings from Guwahati in Assam, Hyderabad's Spicy Pineapple Chaat, and Warm-Spiced Carrot and Semolina Pudding from Amristar.

    With breathtaking photography and delectable recipes, Chaat is a celebration of the diversity of India's food and people.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00

  • Chasing Smoke Cooking over Fire Around the Levant
    Chasing Smoke Cooking over Fire Around the Levant
    ISBN: 9781911641322
    Title: Chasing Smoke Cooking over Fire Around the Levant
    Author: PACKER SARIT

    The award-winning Honeys are back with more delicious dishes from the Middle East, and this time their focus is firmly on the grill.

    Join Sarit and Itamar on a journey filled with flavor and fire as they visit their favorite cities collecting recipes, stories, and the best of culinary culture along the way.

    Fire has always seasoned Sarit and Itamar's food--both at home and in their own grill house, Honey & Smoke (London)--and now you too will fall in love with this comforting, no-fuss, fare. It couldn't be easier to create a simple mouth-watering meal for two, or a joyful feast for your friends and family. From grilled peaches with almond tahini and charred endive, figs with manouri cheese and pomegranate sauce, prawns in honey and fresh cilantro, and smoked short ribs, the scent and flavor created by the meeting of heat, wood, flesh, and plant will never fail to lend your food a special, magical quality.

    You'll also find five city features on Alexandria, Egypt; Amman, Jordan; Acre, Israel; Izmir, Turkey; and Thessaloniki, Greece, all bursting with inspiration from the best fire-fueled eateries each destination has to offer--from the greatest grill houses to the humblest roadside kebab joints, balcony culture, and open fires on shores. Complete with culinary souvenirs including beautiful ingredient combinations, age-old tricks and techniques, curious kitchen tools, and clever 'rainy day' advice on how to recreate the dishes using a conventional oven or stovetop, heat the coals, come together, and cook with the flavor of smoke.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00

  • Chateau, Jardin, Cuisine: Secret Recipes from the Ardeche
    Chateau, Jardin, Cuisine: Secret Recipes from the Ardeche
    ISBN: 9781912690299
    Title: Chateau, Jardin, Cuisine: Secret Recipes from the Ardeche

    Chateau, Jardin, Cuisinehighlights some of the exquisite dishes of this southern regionof France, where Mediterranean traditions combine with the nourishing recipes from itsnorthern plateau. Famous for goats cheese and chestnuts, the cuisine of the Ardèche evokesmemories of stony fields, rugged castles, remote farms and old stone houses, a mountainousland with rivers full of eels, wild trout in rock pools, where autumn brings an abundance ofgame, wine and mushrooms. Yet nature has also dealt the Ardèche a difficult hand: the stonyand dry soil as well as the steep terrain divided into countless small terraces make farming andcooking with the produce a true labour of love - as is this book.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Chief Witness Escape from China's Modern-Day Concentration Camps
    Chief Witness Escape from China's Modern-Day Concentration Camps
    ISBN: 9781922310538
    Title: Chief Witness Escape from China's Modern-Day Concentration Camps

    A shocking depiction of one of the world's most ruthless regimes -- and the story of one woman's fight to survive.

    I will never forget the camp. I cannot forget the eyes of the prisoners, expecting me to do something for them. They are innocent. I have to tell their story, to tell about the darkness they are in. It is so easy to suffocate us with the demons of powerlessness, shame, and guilt. But we aren't the ones who should feel ashamed.

    Born in China's north-western province, Sayragul Sauytbay trained as a doctor before being appointed a senior civil servant. But her life was upended when the Chinese authorities incarcerated her. Her crime: being Kazakh, one of China's ethnic minorities.

    The north-western province borders the largest number of foreign nations and is the point in China that is the closest to Europe. In recent years it has become home to over 1,200 penal camps -- modern-day gulags that are estimated to house three million members of the Kazakh and Uyghur minorities. Imprisoned solely due to their ethnicity, inmates are subjected to relentless punishment and torture, including being beaten, raped, and used as subjects for medical experiments. The camps represent the greatest systematic incarceration of an entire people since the Third Reich.

    In prison, Sauytbay was put to work teaching Chinese language, culture, and politics, in the course of which she gained access to secret information that revealed Beijing's long-term plans to undermine not only its minorities, but democracies around the world. Upon her escape to Europe she was reunited with her family, but still lives under constant the threat of reprisal. This rare testimony from the biggest surveillance state in the world reveals not only the full, frightening scope of China's tyrannical ambitions, but also the resilience and courage of its author.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives
    Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives
    ISBN: 9781108822619
    Title: Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives

    Ten engaging personal histories introduce readers to what it was like to live in and with the most powerful political machine ever created: the Chinese Communist Party. Detailing the life of ten people who led or engaged with the Chinese Communist Party, one each for one of its ten decades of its existence, these essays reflect on the Party's relentless pursuit of power and extraordinary adaptability through the transformative decades since 1921. Demonstrating that the history of the Chinese Communist Party is not one story but many stories, readers learn about paths not taken, the role of chance, ideas and persons silenced, hopes both lost and fulfilled. This vivid mosaic of lives and voices draws together one hundred years of modern Chinese history - and illuminates possible paths for China's future.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Chinese Food Made Easy
    Chinese Food Made Easy
    ISBN: 9781760525514
    Title: Chinese Food Made Easy
    Author: DOBSON ROSS

    In his culinary tour of China, bestselling author Ross Dobson guides you through the Chinese provinces where ginger, garlic and spring onions are seen as the celestial trinity of seasonings to regions which are characterised by meat flavoured with the rich spices commonly associated with India and the Middle East. While every Chinese region has its own distinctive combination of flavours, the common thread of just one or two ingredients weaves these delicious and simple recipes into a beautiful culinary tale.

    Full of expert guidance on finding and selecting the key ingredients to stock your pantry, suggestions on how to put together a truly fabulous Chinese feast along with techniques such as blanching greens and making dumplings, recreating your favourite Chinese dishes has never been easier. Recipes vary from mouth-watering starters like Siu mai (pork & prawn dumplings), prawn toast and bean curd spring rolls; delicious main dishes such as Peking roast duck, steamed aubergine with ginger and coriander and Szechuan chilli prawns; and sweet treats such as Mandarin tapioca pudding and fried pastries with date and orange.

    With the home cook in mind, Chinese Food Made Easy simplifies these delicious recipes to help easily introduce versatile meals into your everyday life.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Ciudad de Mexico: Recipes & Stories from the Heart of Mexico City
    Ciudad de Mexico: Recipes & Stories from the Heart of Mexico City
    ISBN: 9781784883935
    Title: Ciudad de Mexico: Recipes & Stories from the Heart of Mexico City

    As the late Anthony Bourdain said in 2014, 'Mexico has the most misunderstood, underrated, underrepresented cuisine on earth.' But now, you just need to take a spin around your local supermarket, health food shop or online store to see how an interest in Mexican home cooking has gathered pace in the UK, Europe and beyond - and if anyone knows how to marry authenticity with accessibility, it's Edson Diaz-Fuentes. Having spent years recreating the food of home with the ingredients to hand in New York and London, Edson has had the unique opportunity of breaking down his native cuisine to the basics - flavors, textures, aromas - to truly understand how, and why, Mexican food can be replicated in every home kitchen, regardless of location.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Coastline: The Food of Mediterranean Italy, France & Spain
    Coastline: The Food of Mediterranean Italy, France & Spain
    ISBN: 9781922351104
    Title: Coastline: The Food of Mediterranean Italy, France & Spain

    Recipes and stories from the stunning Mediterranean coastline for the perfect pesto, the best bouillabaisse, the purest paella.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Coconut & Sambal Recipes from My Indonesian Kitchen
    Coconut & Sambal Recipes from My Indonesian Kitchen
    ISBN: 9781526603517
    Title: Coconut & Sambal Recipes from My Indonesian Kitchen
    Author: LEE LARA

    As seen in The New York Times * Food & Wine * Eater * Forbes * Travel + Leisure * Saveur * Epicurious *
    Bon Appetit * Food52 * The Strategist * Chowhound * The New York Times Book Review * The Boston Globe * many more

    Be transported to the bountiful islands of Indonesia by this collection of fragrant, colorful and mouth-watering recipes.

    Tells the story of the food, both through memories and evocative explanations, as it introduces us to the flavours and feel of the Indonesian kitchen, and explains not only how to cook the food, but how to eat it. It's impossible to read it without being both inspired and very hungry --Nigella Lawson

    Start with Lara's fragrant chicken soup, do lots of exploring on the way whilst dousing everything with spoonfuls of sambal, and end with her coconut and pandan sponge cake. --Yotam Ottolenghi

    Coconut & Sambal reveals the secrets behind authentic Indonesian cookery. With more than 80 traditional and vibrant recipes that have been passed down through the generations, you will discover dishes such as Nasi goreng, Beef rendang, Chilli prawn satay and Pandan cake, alongside a variety of recipes for sambals: fragrant, spicy relishes that are undoubtedly the heart and soul of every meal.

    Lara Lee uses simple techniques and easily accessible ingredients throughout Coconut and Sambal, interweaving the recipes with beguiling tales of island life and gorgeous travel photography that shines a light on the magnificent, little-known cuisine of Indonesia.

    What are you waiting for? Travel the beautiful islands of Indonesia and taste the different regions through these recipes.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Community
    ISBN: 9781760786571
    Title: Community

    Community moves salads firmly to the centre of the plate, injecting colour, life and flair into everyday vegetables, and showing you how to achieve exciting flavours and hearty main meals with simple, nourishing ingredients. These are the kind of recipes you will want to share with your family, friends and neighbours, time and time again. Originally released in 2014, Community became an instant classic and favourite in kitchens all over Australia and around the world, creating a community of salad-lovers who are just as passionate about cooking and sharing. In this revised edition, Hetty shares 20 new recipes and some of those readers' stories - with accompanying interviews and beautiful imagery - to give the book back to the fans who made it such a phenomenon. New recipes include: Roasted sweet potato with lime cashew cream and roasted curry cashews; Butternut pumpkin with lemon tahini and miso granola; Whole roasted cauliflower with toasted farro and romesco sauce; Roasted cabbage with lentils and pumpkin seed brown butter; Pasta alla norma salad; Charred cos lettuce with lemony mushrooms, chickpeas and marinated feta. This is simple but generous food that you will want to make every night of the week, for those you love.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Cook's Apprentice: Tips, Techniques & Recipes for New Foodies
    Cook's Apprentice: Tips, Techniques & Recipes for New Foodies
    ISBN: 9780143788485
    Title: Cook's Apprentice: Tips, Techniques & Recipes for New Foodies

    The Cook's Apprentice is the essential teaching cookbook for the younger cook who's just starting out. This wonderful book is full to the brim with everything new foodies need to know to become relaxed and confident in the kitchen.

    Arranged alphabetically, The Cook's Apprenticeincludes 56 ingredient chapters - from Apples to Zucchini - and more than 300 achievable recipes ranging from classics every cook will want to try to exciting new dishes that reflect our diverse nation. Stephanie takes you into her kitchen as she explains more than 100 important techniques in straightforward language, discusses the kitchen tools she likes to use, and describes ingredients you might not know- How do I whisk eggs to soft peaks? What does it mean to 'make a well' in dry ingredients? Why should I roast spices? How do I prepare fresh chillies safely? What is 'resting meat' and why should I do it? How do I prepare a mango? What flavours work well together? What is fresh mozzarella? How do I say 'quinoa'?

    The Cook's Apprenticegives all you new cooks the inspiration you need for a lifetime of enjoyment in the kitchen.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Cook, Eat, Repeat: Ingredients, Recipes & Stories.
    Cook, Eat, Repeat: Ingredients, Recipes & Stories.
    ISBN: 9781784743666
    Title: Cook, Eat, Repeat: Ingredients, Recipes & Stories.

    'Food, for me, is a constant pleasure: I like to think greedily about it, reflect deeply on it, learn from it; it provides comfort, inspiration, meaning and beauty... More than just a mantra, "cook, eat, repeat" is the story of my life.'



    Cook, Eat, Repeat is a delicious and delightful combination of recipes intertwined with narrative essays about food, all written in Nigella's engaging and insightful prose. Whether asking 'What is a Recipe?' or declaring death to the Guilty Pleasure, Nigella's wisdom about food and life comes to the fore, with tasty new recipes that readers will want to return to again and again.

    'The recipes I write come from my life, my home', says Nigella, and in this book she shares the rhythms and rituals of her kitchen through over 150 new recipes that make the most of her favourite ingredients. Dedicated chapters include 'A is for Anchovy' (a celebration of the bacon of the sea), 'Rhubarb', 'A Loving Defence of Brown Food', a suitably expansive chapter devoted to family dinners, plus inspiration for vegan feasts, solo suppers and new ideas for Christmas.

    Within these chapters are recipes for all seasons and tastes: Burnt Onion and Aubergine Dip; Butternut with Beetroot, Chilli and Ginger Sauce; Fish Finger Bhorta; Spaghetti with Chard and Anchovies; Chicken with Garlic Cream Sauce; Beef Cheeks with Port and Chestnuts; and Wide Noodles with Lamb in Aromatic Broth, to name a few. Those with a sweet tooth will delight in Chocolate, Tahini and Banana Pudding; Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake; Basque Burnt Cheesecake; and Cherry and Almond Crumble.

    'Lawson's latest book is the one I've been waiting for her to write...Her aim is to empower and demystify and to encourage everyone to get as much pleasure from cooking as she does' Diana Henry, Daily Telegraph

    'A celebration of home cooking... Every page crackles with the sheer pleasure of cooking and eating' Olivia Potts, Spectator

    'Twenty-two years after her first book, How To Eat, Nigella Lawson has produced what feels like its answer: Cook, Eat, Repeat' The Times

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Cooking School Mastering Classic & Modern French Cuisine
    Cooking School Mastering Classic & Modern French Cuisine
    ISBN: 9780789335708
    Title: Cooking School Mastering Classic & Modern French Cuisine

    Presenting nearly 200 recipes, each illustrated with full-color, step-by-step photographs, and expert instruction from master chefs, Cooking School is more than a cookbook¿it¿s a complete gourmet education. Recognized as one of the most renowned chefs and restaurateurs of his generation, Alain Ducasse also operates an acclaimed cooking school in the heart of Paris. Now as a gift to cooks and lovers of French cuisine around the world, he presents a new, fully updated collection of delicious recipes and expert lessons to give readers a complete course in French cuisine at home. Thoughtfully arranged in three sections based on difficulty, Cooking School builds at the reader¿s pace, introducing new methods with careful instruction. The step-by-step methods are detailed in thousands of photographs, which show cooks how to achieve picture-perfect results.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $119.00
  • Copenhagen Cult Recipes
    Copenhagen Cult Recipes
    ISBN: 9781760524739
    Title: Copenhagen Cult Recipes

    Home-cook recipes that channel the heart and hygge of Danish lifestyle and location shots from one of the world's most instagrammable cities.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Crave: Recipes Arranged by Flavour, to Suit Your Mood & Appetite
    Crave: Recipes Arranged by Flavour, to Suit Your Mood & Appetite
    ISBN: 9781787135796
    Title: Crave: Recipes Arranged by Flavour, to Suit Your Mood & Appetite
    Author: SMITH ED

    Why do we choose to cook the things we do, when we do? Most of the time, it is simply so we can eat what we really fancy; a subconscious response to a constantly fluctuating state of mind and appetite that's influenced by mood, season, weather, memory, occasion, outside events and internal feelings. Ed Smith helps his readers home in on their cravings (whatever the reason for them) by organizing his recipes within six cleverly conceived flavor profiles: fresh and fragrant; chilli and heat; tart and sour; curried and spiced; rich and savory; and (best of all?) cheesy and creamy. There's also a directory of alternative cravings at the back, providing additional ways in. All bases are covered, from snacks through sides, to main courses and puddings.

    Think of fermented and fresh tomato salad with feta for when both sun and cook are already smiling; or lamb chops with cacio e pepe white beans if in need of a re-set; the likes of 'nduja spatchcock chicken, should a tickle of chilli be in order; or curried brisket noodles to meet spice needs. Whether we want snap and crunch or velvet softness, sharp citrus or warming aromatics, or just something involving bubbling, molten cheese, CRAVE hints at a fresh take on seasonal cookery, but goes beyond that too - acknowledging core instincts and base itches, and so delivering recipes you'll want to make every day of the week, whatever the weather or mood.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00

  • Curry 101
    Curry 101
    ISBN: 9781925418781
    Title: Curry 101
    Author: CHAWLA PENNY

    Curry 101 is the ultimate curry cookbook, featuring 101 of the very best curry recipes from around the world.

    Curry: that wonderful combination of spice and heat. Adored by millions and for many seen as their national dish, it is one of the most diverse dishes from around the world. Curry 101 is a beautifully packaged cookbook that brings together the very best curries from throughout Asia and Africa--some of them famous; some of them little-known, but all of them delicious. Whether it's a simple dal served with warm and buttery naan bread, a serving of the famous South African bunny chow, a fiery jungle curry from Northern Thailand, a filling laksa from Malaysia or Singapore, a mild Japanese katsu curry or world-famous Indian classics such as madras, jalfrezi, tandoori, or biryani, there really is a curry out there for everyone.

    Curry 101 also features the very best rice and bread dishes. Take a trip across the globe from the comfort of your own kitchen and discover the endless interpretations of this traditional, home-style dish. With 101 dishes perfect for curry lovers everywhere, Curry 101 celebrates the very finest recipes that you will return to again and again. This is the only curry cookbook you will ever need.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $35.00

  • Dali: Les Diners De Gala
    Dali: Les Diners De Gala
    ISBN: 9783836508766
    Title: Dali: Les Diners De Gala

    Gala dinner: Salvador Dali s surrealist cookbook

    Les diners de Gala is uniquely devoted to the pleasures of taste If you are a disciple of one of those calorie-counters who turn the joys of eating into a form of punishment, close this book at once; it is too lively, too aggressive, and far too impertinent for you. Salvador Dali

    Food and surrealism make perfect bedfellows: Sex and lobsters, collage and cannibalism, the meeting of a swan and a toothbrush on a pastry case. The opulent dinner parties thrown by Salvador Dali (1904 1989) and his wife and muse, Gala (1894 1982) were the stuff of legend. Luckily for us, Dali published a cookbook in 1973, Les diners de Gala, which reveals some of the sensual, imaginative, and exotic elements that made up their notorious gatherings.

    This reprint features all 136 recipes over 12 chapters, specially illustrated by Dali, and organized by meal courses, including aphrodisiacs. The illustrations and recipes are accompanied by Dali s extravagant musings on subjects such as dinner conversation: The jaw is our best tool to grasp philosophical knowledge.

    All these rich recipes can be cooked at home, although some will require practiced skill and a well-stocked pantry. This is cuisine of the old school, with meals by leading French chefs from such stellar Paris restaurants as Lasserre, La Tour d Argent, Maxim s, and Le Train Bleu. Good taste, however voluptuous, never goes out of fashion. In making this exceptionally rare book available to a wide audience, TASCHEN brings an artwork, a practical cookbook, and a multisensory adventure to today s kitchens."

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $123.00
  • Digby Law's Pickle & Chutney Cookbook
    Digby Law's Pickle & Chutney Cookbook
    ISBN: 9781869710552
    Title: Digby Law's Pickle & Chutney Cookbook
    Author: LAW DIGBY

    DIGBY LAW'S PICKLE AND CHUTNEY COOKBOOK is a New Zealand classic used and respected by home cooks and professionals alike. This indispensable reference contains 300 easy-to-make recipes for chutneys, relishes, sauces, oils, pickles, jellies, vinegars and mustards. Discover traditional preserves from Europe and North America, exotic specialties from Asia and Latin America, and enjoy familiar New Zealand favourites. This classic deserves a place in every New Zealand kitchen. Reprint of the 1997 classic.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Dirt: Adventures in French Cooking
    Dirt: Adventures in French Cooking
    ISBN: 9780307455802
    Title: Dirt: Adventures in French Cooking
    Author: BUFORD BILL


    A highly obsessive, hilariously self-deprecating account of the world of French haute cuisine, from the author of the best-selling modern classic,& Heat.

    In Dirt, Bill Buford--author of the bestselling, now-classic, Heat--moves his attention from Italian cuisine to the food of France. Baffled by the language, determined that he can master the art of French cooking--or at least get to the bottom of why it is so revered--Buford begins what will become a five-year odyssey by shadowing the revered French chef Michel Richard in Washington, D.C. He soon realizes, however, that a stage in France is necessary, and so he goes--this time with his wife and three-year-old twin sons in tow--to Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. Studying at l'Institut Bocuse, cooking at the storied, Michelin-starred Mère Brazier, Buford becomes a man obsessed--to prove that French cooking actually derives from the Italian, to prove himself on the line, to prove that he is worthy of these gastronomic secrets. With his signature humor, sense of adventure, and masterful ability to immerse himself in his surroundings, Bill Buford has written what is sure to be the food-lover's book of the year.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Do Sea Salt The Magic of Seasoning
    Do Sea Salt The Magic of Seasoning
    ISBN: 9781907974656
    Title: Do Sea Salt The Magic of Seasoning

    'One must never underestimate the power of salt: life, nourishment, and certainly flavour. Anyone, including chefs, can learn how to master the finesse of salt from this book'. Daniel Boulud, chef and restaurateur

    Salt is magical. What other single ingredient enhances our food to make each component taste more of itself, and brings together all the elements of a dish so it sings with deliciousness? And it's not just about flavour, these crystals contain trace elements needed for our very survival.

    Do Sea Salt will change the way you think about salt and how you use it. Written by the founders of Halen M n, the Anglesey sea salt used by home cooks and world-famous chefs alike, you will discover: How to season your food properly; The role that sea salt plays in our health; How to make your own sea salt.

    With favourite recipes from salt-baked fish to sea-salted chocolate truffles, Do Sea Salt shows how this humble ingredient has the ability to take food from bland to brilliant.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00

  • Dumplings & Noodles Bao, Gyoza, Biang Biang, Ramen & Everything in Between
    Dumplings & Noodles Bao, Gyoza, Biang Biang, Ramen & Everything in Between
    ISBN: 9781787135376
    Title: Dumplings & Noodles Bao, Gyoza, Biang Biang, Ramen & Everything in Between

    Recipes you'll want to make over and over again, from Asian food fanatic and Britain's Best Home Cook winner, Pippa Middlehurst (aka @pippyeats).Dumplings and Noodles demystifies the traditional cooking methods behind some of our best-loved Asian dishes. With over 70 recipes and techniques, step-by-step instructions, options for quick and easy substitutes and even the science behind dumplings and noodles, this book is an essential guide for modern home cooks. Whether you fancy barbecue pork bao, chilli oil wontons, miso ramen, aromatic lamb biang biang or dan dan mian, this mouth-watering collection of super-fresh and versatile recipes is sure to satisfyevery craving.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $38.00
  • Eat Better Forever: 7 Ways to Transform Your Diet
    Eat Better Forever: 7 Ways to Transform Your Diet
    ISBN: 9781526602800
    Title: Eat Better Forever: 7 Ways to Transform Your Diet

    In Eat Better Forever, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall gives you all the tools to improve your eating habits, and therefore your life - permanently. And to help it all happen, he's added his 100 healthiest recipes yet.

    In this ground-breaking book, instead of promising a gimmicky single-fix solution to the challenge of healthy eating, Hugh extracts the knowledge, advice and healthy habits, from cutting edge research into the obesity crisis, to produce 7 simple strategies that will transform your diet and your health. Starting with the blissfully simple message that we all need to Go Whole, he leads us away from the industrial junk and processed foods that are doing so many of us so much harm and returns us to the real foods that nurture us and keep us well.

    Everything that follows is clear, believable and achievable. From sorting the good carbs from the bad, learning not to fear fat, and looking after our gut, to renegotiating the foods we call 'drinks' and being mindful of when to eat...and when to take a pause... Hugh guides us to a better way of eating that will last us our whole lives.

    It's all offered up with reassuring tips and switches that help us act on the vital knowledge he imparts. And the 100 recipes that come with it, and their endless variations, make for a lifetime of healthy eating.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $48.00
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