• 100 Best Jewish Recipes

    100 Best Jewish Recipes
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    ISBN: 9781909108721
    Title: 100 Best Jewish Recipes
    Author: ROSE EVELYN

    100 Best Jewish Recipes allows you to create modern feasts packed with old-school deli charm. This exciting new compilation of dishes from Evelyn Rose's classic canon showcases the delicious diversity of Jewish cooking. Find inspiration for& no-fuss, flavoursome classics, from the kitchens of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean to the Middle East and beyond.

    There are mouth-watering ideas for small plates and soups, mains and desserts, as well as bakes and breads. You'll also discover the best dishes to prepare for every major festival, alongside advice on how to make everyday recipes suitable for the kosher kitchen. For everything from perfect pickles to great gefilte fish, and brilliant bagels to meltingly tender cholent, this is the ultimate contemporary guide to the best Jewish food.&

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