• Agrarian Kitchen

    Agrarian Kitchen
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    ISBN: 9781921382451
    Title: Agrarian Kitchen
    Author: DUNN RODNEY

    The much-anticipated first book from the founder of The Agrarian Kitchen in Tasmania.When former Australian Gourmet Traveller food editor Rodney Dunn moved from Sydney to Tasmania, he and his wife Severine set about transforming a nineteenth-century schoolhouse into a sustainable farm-based cooking school.Nestled in a misty valley outside Hobart, The Agrarian Kitchen struck a chord with people seeking respite from fast-paced lives and a meaningful connection with the food we eat and the land that produces it. This collection of recipes from the phenomenally popular cooking school celebrates the simple pleasures of cooking and eating in tune with the seasons, and the rhythm of a life lived close to the earth.

    Format: Hardback
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