• Culture Vulture Voucher $25 Wellington Only
    Culture Vulture Voucher $25 Wellington Only
    Title: Culture Vulture Voucher $25 Wellington Only

    Aro Street Video, Slow Boat Records and Unity Books Wellington have joined forces to create the Culture Vulture Voucher - a unique gift voucher that gives the recipient the choice of redeeming for either books, films or music at any of the three birds-of-a-feather shops.

    It's not only a fun, beautiful and entirely practical gift, but it's also relevant to a wider cultural debate. You could say we're killing three birds with one stone...

    **Books, movies and music – the three coolest things on the planet!**

    **Local, Independent and Nostalgic – three treasured and endangered species.**

    **Three respected and long-established brands of cultural retail.**

    **Three bricks-and-mortar businesses surviving in a ‘faceless’ brave new world.**

    1: Sorry, but these vouchers will not work at Unity Auckland - Wellington customers only.
    2: Culture Vulture vouchers are available in denominations of $25.00 NZD only. If you wish to purchase $75.00, for example, then please select 3x copies of the $25.00 voucher.
    3: If not being picked up instore they need to be couriered so we can track them.
    4. Tokens for in-store use only: unable to be redeemed online.

    Format: Gift Card
    Price: $25.00