• 14 - 18 Understanding the Great War

    14 - 18 Understanding the Great War
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    ISBN: 9780809046430
    Title: 14 - 18 Understanding the Great War

    With this brilliantly innovative book, Stephane Audoin-Rouzeau and Annette Becker have shown that the Great War was the matrix on which all subsequent disasters of the twentieth century were formed. Three elements of the conflict, all too often neglected or denied, are identified as those that must be grasped if we are to understand the war: First, what inspired its unprecedented physical brutality, and what were the effects of tolerating such violence? Second, how did citizens of the belligerent states come to be driven by vehement nationalistic and racist impulses? Third, how did the tens of millions bereaved by the war come to terms with the agonizing pain? With its strikingly original interpretative strength and its wealth of compelling documentary evidence drawn from all sides in the conflict, 14-18: Understanding the Great Warhas quickly established itself as a classic in the history of modern warfare.

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