• Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia & the Birth of Agriculture
    Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia & the Birth of Agriculture
    ISBN: 9781921248016
    Title: Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia & the Birth of Agriculture
    Author: PASCOE BRUCE

    'Dark Emu injects a profound authenticity into the conversation about how we Australians understand our& continent ... [It is] essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what Australia once was, or what it might yet be if we heed the lessons of long and sophisticated human occupation.' Judges for 2016 NSW Premier's Literary Awards

    Dark Emu puts forward an argument for a reconsideration of the hunter-gatherer tag for pre-colonial Aboriginal Australians. The evidence insists that Aboriginal people right across the continent were using domesticated plants, sowing, harvesting, irrigating, and storing -- behaviours inconsistent with the hunter-gatherer tag. Gerritsen and Gammage in their latest books support this premise but Pascoe takes this further and challenges the hunter-gatherer tag as a convenient lie. Almost all the evidence in& Dark Emu comes from the records and diaries of the Australian explorers, impeccable sources.

    Bruce's comments on his book compared to Gammage's: " My book is about food production, housing construction and clothing, whereas Gammage was interested in the appearance of the country at contact. [Gammage] doesn't contest hunter gatherer labels either, whereas that is at the centre of my argument."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Death in a Promised Land: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
    Death in a Promised Land: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
    ISBN: 9780807117675
    Title: Death in a Promised Land: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

    When a crowd began to gather outside the jail in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the evening of May 31, 1921, the fate of one of its prisoners, a young black male, seemed assured. Accused of attempting to rape a white woman, Dick Rowland was with little doubt about to be lynched.

    But in another part of town, a small group of black men, many of them World War I veterans, decided to risk lives for a different vision of justice. Before it was all over, Tulsa had erupted into one of America's worst racial nightmares, leaving scores dead and hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed.

    Exhaustively researched, Death in a Promised Land is the compelling story of racial ideologies, southwestern politics, and yellow journalism, and of an embattled black community's struggle to hold onto its land and freedom. More than just the chronicle of one of the nation's most devastating race riots, this critically acclaimed study of American race relations is, above all, a gripping story of terror and lawlessness, and of courage, heroism, and human perseverance.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $62.00
  • Defeating Dictators: Fighting Tyranny in Africa & Around the World
    Defeating Dictators: Fighting Tyranny in Africa & Around the World
    ISBN: 9780230341623
    Title: Defeating Dictators: Fighting Tyranny in Africa & Around the World
    Author: AYITTEY GEORGE B. N.

    The recent turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East disproves the idea that dictatorships are acceptable to the people of these nations. From the uprising in Tunisia to the overthrow of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and rebellion across the region, the tide is turning against oppressive regimes. In this timely and urgent narrative, White House advisor on Africa George Ayittey takes a hard look at the fight against dictatorships around the world, from Eastern Europe in the twentieth century to the present turmoil in the Middle East. He describes the historic circumstances that led to the rise of brutal dictators and explains how, despite the best intentions and billions of dollars in aid, Western governments have been complicit in helping dictators consolidate power. He not only shows how the popular uprisings underway can best bring about democracy, but warns how democratic movements can inadvertently pave the way for more dictators. Ayittey examines strategies that have worked in the struggle to establish democracy through revolution, and suggests that by harnessing the power of democratic institutions and grassroots efforts, Africans can bring stability and security to the continent.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $48.00
  • Dictators: The Cult of Personality in the Twentieth Century
    Dictators: The Cult of Personality in the Twentieth Century
    ISBN: 9781526626998
    Title: Dictators: The Cult of Personality in the Twentieth Century


    'Enlightening and a good read' SPECTATOR

    'Moving and perceptive' NEW STATESMAN
    Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Il-sung, Ceausescu, Mengistu of Ethiopia and Duvalier of Haiti.
    No dictator can rule through fear and violence alone. Naked power can be grabbed and held temporarily, but it never suffices in the long term. A tyrant who can compel his own people to acclaim him will last longer. The paradox of the modern dictator is that he must create the illusion of popular support. Throughout the twentieth century, hundreds of millions of people were condemned to enthusiasm, obliged to hail their leaders even as they were herded down the road to serfdom.
    In How to Be a Dictator, Frank Dikutter returns to eight of the most chillingly effective personality cults of the twentieth century. From carefully choreographed parades to the deliberate cultivation of a shroud of mystery through iron censorship, these dictators ceaselessly worked on their own image and encouraged the population at large to glorify them. At a time when democracy is in retreat, are we seeing a revival of the same techniques among some of today's world leaders?
    This timely study, told with great narrative verve, examines how a cult takes hold, grows, and sustains itself. It places the cult of personality where it belongs, at the very heart of tyranny.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Digging for Richard III: How Archaeology Found the King
    Digging for Richard III: How Archaeology Found the King
    ISBN: 9780500292020
    Title: Digging for Richard III: How Archaeology Found the King
    Author: PITTS MIKE

    In August 2012 a search began, and on February 4, 2013, a team from Leicester University delivered its verdict to a mesmerized press room and to the world: they had found the remains of Richard III, whose legacy was perhaps the most contested of all British monarchs.Prior to this major discovery, there had been little new information about Richard III for some time. With no new evidence to fuel it, the debate over what kind of man he might have been seemed to have stalled. Thus the story of the discovery of Richard III is a story of the value of archaeology--careful analysis of physical evidence backed up by the latest science and technology--and how it can change our understanding of history. Firsthand accounts from the team that found the king, along with photographs from the author's own archives and an expanded epilogue incorporating new DNA evidence, augment this compelling detective story as the evidence is uncovered.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $22.00
  • Digging up Armageddon: the Search for the Lost City of Solomon
    Digging up Armageddon: the Search for the Lost City of Solomon
    ISBN: 9780691207834
    Title: Digging up Armageddon: the Search for the Lost City of Solomon
    Author: CLINE ERIC

    A vivid portrait of the early years of biblical archaeology from the acclaimed author of 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed

    In 1925, James Henry Breasted, famed Egyptologist and director of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, sent a team of archaeologists to the Holy Land to excavate the ancient site of Megiddo--Armageddon in the New Testament--which the Bible says was fortified by King Solomon. Their excavations made headlines around the world and shed light on one of the most legendary cities of biblical times, yet little has been written about what happened behind the scenes. Digging Up Armageddon brings to life one of the most important archaeological expeditions ever undertaken, describing the site and what was found there, including discoveries of gold and ivory, and providing an up-close look at the internal workings of a dig in the early years of biblical archaeology.

    The Chicago team left behind a trove of writings and correspondence spanning more than three decades, from letters and cablegrams to cards, notes, and diaries. Eric Cline draws on these materials to paint a compelling portrait of a bygone age of archaeology. He masterfully sets the expedition against the backdrop of the Great Depression in America and the growing troubles and tensions in British Mandate Palestine. He gives readers an insider's perspective on the debates over what was uncovered at Megiddo, the infighting that roiled the expedition, and the stunning discoveries that transformed our understanding of the ancient world.

    Digging Up Armageddon is the enthralling story of an archaeological site in the interwar years and its remarkable place at the crossroads of history.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Domestic Revolution
    Domestic Revolution
    ISBN: 9781782438502
    Title: Domestic Revolution
    Author: GOODMAN RUTH

    'Ruth is the queen of living history - long may she reign.'Lucy WorsleyA large black cast iron range glowing hot, the kettle steaming on top, provider of everything from bath water and clean socks to morning tea: it's a nostalgic icon of a Victorian way of life. But it is far more than that. In this book, social historian and TV presenter Ruth Goodman tells the story of how the development of the coal-fired domestic range fundamentally changed not just our domestic comforts, but our world. The revolution began as far back as the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, when London began the switch from wood to coal as its domestic fuel - a full 200 years before any other city. It would be this domestic demand for more coal that would lead to the expansion of mining, engineering, construction and industry: the Domestic Revolution kick-started, pushed and fuelled the Industrial Revolution.There were other radical shifts. Coal cooking was to change not just how we cooked but what we cooked (causing major swings in diet), how we washed (first our laundry and then our bodies) and how we decorated (spurring the wallpaper industry). It also defined the nature of women's and men's working lives, pushing women more firmly into the domestic sphere. It transformed our landscape and environment (by the time of Elizabeth's death in 1603, London's air was as polluted as that of modern Beijing). Even tea drinking can be brought back to coal in the home, with all its ramifications for the shape of the empire and modern world economics.Taken together, these shifts in our day-to-day practices started something big, something unprecedented, something that was exported across the globe and helped create the world we live in today.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Dominion #5 History of England
    Dominion #5 History of England
    ISBN: 9781509881321
    Title: Dominion #5 History of England

    The penultimate volume of Peter Ackroyd's masterful History of England series, Dominion begins in 1815 as national glory following the Battle of Waterloo gives way to post-war depression, spanning the last years of the Regency to the death of Queen Victoria in January 1901.In it, Ackroyd takes us from the accession of the profligate George IV whose government was steered by Lord Liverpool, who was firmly set against reform, to the reign of his brother, William IV, the 'Sailor King', whose reign saw the modernization of the political system and the abolition of slavery. But it was the accession of Queen Victoria, aged only eighteen, that sparked an era of enormous innovation. Technological progress - from steam railways to the first telegram - swept the nation and the finest inventions were showcased at the first Great Exhibition in 1851. The emergence of the middle classes changed the shape of society and scientific advances changed the old pieties of the Church of England, and spread secular ideas across the nation. But though intense industrialization brought boom times for the factory owners, the working classes were still subjected to poor housing, long working hours and dire poverty.It was a time that saw a flowering of great literature, too. As the Georgian era gave way to that of Victoria, readers could delight not only in the work of Byron, Shelley and Wordsworth but also the great nineteenth-century novelists: the Brontë sisters, George Eliot, Mrs Gaskell, Thackeray, and, of course, Dickens, whose work has become synonymous with Victorian England.Nor was Victorian expansionism confined to Britain alone. By the end of Victoria's reign, the Queen was also an Empress and the British Empire dominated much of the globe. And, as Ackroyd shows in this richly populated, vividly told account, Britannia really did seem to rule the waves.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind
    Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind
    ISBN: 9780349141206
    Title: Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind
    Author: HOLLAND TOM

    'If great books encourage you to look at the world in an entirely new way, then Dominion is a very great book indeed . . . Written with terrific learning, enthusiasm and good humour, Holland's book is not just supremely provocative, but often very funny' Sunday Times History Book of the Year

    Christianity is the most enduring and influential legacy of the ancient world, and its emergence the single most transformative development in Western history. Even the increasing number in the West today who have abandoned the faith of their forebears, and dismiss all religion as pointless superstition, remain recognisably its heirs. Seen close-up, the division between a sceptic and a believer may seem unbridgeable. Widen the focus, though, and Christianity's enduring impact upon the West can be seen in the emergence of much that has traditionally been cast as its nemesis: in science, in secularism, and yes, even in atheism.

    That is why Dominion will place the story of how we came to be what we are, and how we think the way that we do, in the broadest historical context. Ranging in time from the Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BC to the on-going migration crisis in Europe today, and from Nebuchadnezzar to the Beatles, it will explore just what it was that made Christianity so revolutionary and disruptive; how completely it came to saturate the mind-set of Latin Christendom; and why, in a West that has become increasingly doubtful of religion's claims, so many of its instincts remain irredeemably Christian. The aim is twofold: to make the reader appreciate just how novel and uncanny were Christian teachings when they first appeared in the world; and to make ourselves, and all that we take for granted, appear similarly strange in consequence. We stand at the end-point of an extraordinary transformation in the understanding of what it is to be human: one that can only be fully appreciated by tracing the arc of its parabola over millennia.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity
    East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity
    ISBN: 9781474601917
    Title: East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity

    When he receives an invitation to deliver a lecture in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, international lawyer Philippe Sands begins a journey on the trail of his family's secret history. In doing so, he uncovers an astonishing series of coincidences that lead him halfway across the world, to the origins of international law at the Nuremberg trial. Interweaving the stories of the two Nuremberg prosecutors who invented the crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity, the Nazi minister responsible for the murder of thousands in and around Lviv, and incredible acts of wartime bravery, EAST WEST STREET is an unforgettable blend of memoir and historical detective story, and a powerful meditation on the way memory, crime and guilt leave scars across generations.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Eat the Buddha: Life & Death in a Tibetan Town
    Eat the Buddha: Life & Death in a Tibetan Town
    ISBN: 9781925498783
    Title: Eat the Buddha: Life & Death in a Tibetan Town

    For centuries, Tibet was known as a hermit kingdom. Its charms were hidden by the natural barrier of the Himalayas to its west and by a reclusive theocratic government ruled by a succession of Dalai Lamas...Nowadays it is not the Tibetans shutting the door, but a paranoid Chinese Communist Party. China has ruled Tibet since 1950, and is a most unwelcoming gatekeeper.

    In Eat the Buddha, Barbara Demick, award-winning author ofNothing to Envy, journeys to a small town high on the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau. The residents of Aba have been in an uneasy compromise with the Chinese for decades, living nomadically on the plateau in the summer and moving to concrete housing in the winter, sending their children to monasteries to be educated, practising polyandry as is their custom-yet all the time subject to oppressive restrictions.

    Travelling in disguise to evade the Chinese authorities, Demick interviewed Tibetans over three years- among them a novice monk contemplating protest suicide, the last princess of the region exiled during the Cultural Revolution and a young woman trapped in a bigamous marriage.

    Weaving together their stories with the history of China's dominance over Tibet, she creates a vivid portrait of the lives of a people locked in a struggle for identity and independence.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Ellis Island: A People's History
    Ellis Island: A People's History
    ISBN: 9781925849035
    Title: Ellis Island: A People's History

    A landmark work of history that brings the voices of the past vividly to life, transforming our understanding of the immigrant experience.

    Whilst living in New York, journalist Malgorzata Szejnert would often gaze out from lower Manhattan at Ellis Island, a dark outline on the horizon. How many stories did this tiny patch of land hold? How many people had joyfully embarked on a new life there - or known the despair of being turned away? How many were held there against their will?

    Ellis Island draws on unpublished testimonies, memoirs and correspondence from many internees and immigrants, including Russians, Italians, Jews, Japanese, Germans, and Poles, along with commissioners, interpreters, doctors, and nurses - all of whom knew they were taking part in a tremendous historical phenomenon.

    It tells the many stories of the island, from Annie Moore, the Irishwoman who was the first to be processed there, to the diaries of Fiorello La Guardia, who worked at the station before going on to become one of New York City's greatest mayors, to depicting the ordeal the island went through during the 9/11 attacks. At the book's core are letters recovered from the Russian State Archive, a heartrending trove of correspondence from migrants to their loved ones back home. But their letters never reached their destination- instead, they were confiscated by intelligence services and remained largely unseen.

    Far from the open-door policy of myth, we see that deportations from Ellis Island were often based on pseudo-scientific ideas about race, gender, and disability. Sometimes, families were broken up, and new arrivals were held in detention at the Island for days, weeks, or months under quarantine. Indeed the island compound has spent longer as an internment camp than as a migration station.

    Today, the island is no less political. In popular culture, it is a romantic symbol of the generations of immigrants that reshaped the United States. But its true history reveals that today's immigration debate has deep roots. Now a master storyteller brings its past to life, illustrated with unique archival photographs.

    'To me Malgorzata Szejnert embodies the image of Poland...She has grace, a gentle tone, and a serene gaze.'
    -Svetlana Alexievich, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and author of Secondhand Time

    'Making extensive use of primary documents, including letters written by immigrants to family in the old country, the author captures the mingled hope and fear experienced as people entered the massive main building ... Szejnert does not scant the fear of "degraded, backward" people "unfit to join into American life" that culminated in the 1924 law that basically slammed the door on Italian and Jewish immigration. But her emphasis is on the immigrants' fortitude and resilience and the empathetic assistance of Ellis Island personnel - many themselves immigrants ... Warmly human and extremely moving - a welcome addition to the Ellis Island literature.' STARRED REVIEW
    -Kirkus Reviews

    'With fine-grained details and fluid writing, Szejnert humanises the immigrant experience in late 19th- and early 20th-century America.'
    -Publishers Weekly

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Embattled Vote in America: From the Founding to the Present
    Embattled Vote in America: From the Founding to the Present
    ISBN: 9780674244818
    Title: Embattled Vote in America: From the Founding to the Present

    "A sweeping look at the history of voting rights in the U.S."

    Who has the right to vote? And who benefits from exclusion?

    For most of American history, the right to vote has been a privilege restricted by wealth, sex, race, and literacy. Economic qualifications were finally eliminated in the nineteenth century, but the ideal of a white man's republic persisted long after that. Women and racial minorities had to fight hard and creatively to secure their voice, but voter identification laws, registration requirements, and voter purges continue to prevent millions of American citizens from voting.

    An award-winning historian and voting right activist, Allan Lichtman gives us the history behind today's headlines. He shows that political gerrymandering and outrageous attempts at voter suppression have been a fixture of American democracy--but so have efforts to fight back and ensure that every citizen's voice be heard.

    "Lichtman uses history to contextualize the fix we're in today. Each party gropes for advantage by fiddling with the franchise...Growing outrage, he thinks, could ignite demands for change. With luck, this fine history might just help to fan the flame."
    --New York Times Book Review

    "The great value of Lichtman's book is the way it puts today's right-wing voter suppression efforts in their historical setting. He identifies the current push as the third crackdown on African-American voting rights in our history."
    --Michael Tomasky, New York Review of Books

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $44.00
  • Empires in the Sun: The Great Powers & Africa, 1830-1980
    Empires in the Sun: The Great Powers & Africa, 1830-1980
    ISBN: 9781780226187
    Title: Empires in the Sun: The Great Powers & Africa, 1830-1980

    In this compelling history of the men and ideas that radically changed the course of world history, Lawrence James investigates how, within a hundred years, Europeans persuaded and coerced Africa into becoming a subordinate part of the modern world. The continent was a magnet for the high-minded, the philanthropic, the unscrupulous and the insane. Visionary pro-consuls rub shoulders with missionaries, explorers, soldiers, adventurers, engineers, big-game hunters, entrepreneurs and physicians.

    Eminent historian Lawrence James narrates how between 1830 and 1945, Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Italy exported their languages, laws, culture, religions, scientific and technical knowledge and economic systems to Africa. The colonial powers imposed administrations designed to bring stability and peace to a continent that seemed to lack both. The justification for emancipation from slavery (and occupation) was the common assumption that the late nineteenth-century Europe was the summit of civilization. This magnificent history also pauses to ask: what did not happen and why?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Empires of the Sea: The Final Battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580
    Empires of the Sea: The Final Battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580
    ISBN: 9780571298198
    Title: Empires of the Sea: The Final Battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580

    Empires of the Sea shows the Mediterranean as a majestic and bloody theatre of war. Opening with the Ottoman victory in 1453, it is a breathtaking story of military crusading, Barbary pirates, white slavery and the Ottoman Empire - and the larger picture of the struggle between Islam and Christianity. Coupled with dramatic set piece battles, a wealth of riveting first-hand accounts, epic momentum and a terrific denouement at Lepanto, this is a work of history at its broadest and most compelling.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present
    Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present
    ISBN: 9780691150345
    Title: Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present

    The first complete history of Central Eurasia from ancient times to the present day, Empires of the Silk Road represents a fundamental rethinking of the origins, history, and significance of this major world region. Christopher Beckwith describes the rise and fall of the great Central Eurasian empires, including those of the Scythians, Attila the Hun, the Turks and Tibetans, and Genghis Khan and the Mongols. In addition, he explains why the heartland of Central Eurasia led the world economically, scientifically, and artistically for many centuries despite invasions by Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese, and others. In retelling the story of the Old World from the perspective of Central Eurasia, Beckwith provides a new understanding of the internal and external dynamics of the Central Eurasian states and shows how their people repeatedly revolutionized Eurasian civilization.

    Beckwith recounts the Indo-Europeans' migration out of Central Eurasia, their mixture with local peoples, and the resulting development of the Graeco-Roman, Persian, Indian, and Chinese civilizations; he details the basis for the thriving economy of premodern Central Eurasia, the economy's disintegration following the region's partition by the Chinese and Russians in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the damaging of Central Eurasian culture by Modernism; and he discusses the significance for world history of the partial reemergence of Central Eurasian nations after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Empires of the Silk Road places Central Eurasia within a world historical framework and demonstrates why the region is central to understanding the history of civilization.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Empress of the East: How a Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire
    Empress of the East: How a Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire
    ISBN: 9781785785603
    Title: Empress of the East: How a Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire

    Abducted by slave traders from her home in Ruthenia - modern-day Ukraine - around 1515, Roxelana was brought to Istanbul and trained in the palace harem as a concubine for Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman Empire and one of the world's most powerful men.

    Suleyman became besotted with Roxelana and foreswore all other concubines, freeing and marrying her. The bold and canny Roxelana became a shrewd diplomat and philanthropist, helping Suleyman keep pace with a changing world in which women - Isabella of Hungary, Catherine de Medici - were increasingly close to power.

    Until now Roxelana has been seen by historians as a seductress who brought ruin to the empire, but in Empress of the East, acclaimed historian Leslie Peirce reveals with panache the compelling story of an elusive woman who transformed the Ottoman harem into an institution of imperial rule.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Empress: The Astonishing Reign of Nur Jahan
    Empress: The Astonishing Reign of Nur Jahan
    ISBN: 9780393357677
    Title: Empress: The Astonishing Reign of Nur Jahan
    Author: LAL RUBY

    When it came to hunting, she was a master shot. As a dress designer, few could compare. An ingenious architect, she innovated the use of marble in her parents' mausoleum on the banks of the Yamuna River that inspired her stepson's Taj Mahal. And she was both celebrated and reviled for her political acumen and diplomatic skill, which rivaled those of her female counterparts in Europe and beyond.

    In 1611, thirty-four-year-old Nur Jahan, daughter of a Persian noble and widow of a subversive official, became the twentieth and most cherished wife of the Emperor Jahangir. While other wives were secluded behind walls, Nur ruled the vast Mughal Empire alongside her husband, and governed in his stead as his health failed and his attentions wandered from matters of state. An astute politician and devoted partner, Nur led troops into battle to free Jahangir when he was imprisoned by one of his own officers. She signed and issued imperial orders, and coins of the realm bore her name.

    Acclaimed historian Ruby Lal uncovers the rich life and world of Nur Jahan, rescuing this dazzling figure from patriarchal and Orientalist clich s of romance and intrigue, and giving new insight into the lives of women and girls in the Mughal Empire, even where scholars claim there are no sources. Nur's confident assertion of authority and talent is revelatory. In Empress, she finally receives her due in a deeply researched and evocative biography that awakens us to a fascinating history.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • End Is Always Near Apocalyptic Moments from the Bronze Age Collapse to Nuclear near Misses
    End Is Always Near Apocalyptic Moments from the Bronze Age Collapse to Nuclear near Misses
    ISBN: 9780008340957
    Title: End Is Always Near Apocalyptic Moments from the Bronze Age Collapse to Nuclear near Misses
    Author: CARLIN DAN



    Do tough times create tougher people? Can humanity handle the power of its weapons without destroying itself? Will human technology ever peak or regress? And why, since the dawn of time, has it always seemed as though death and destruction are waiting just around the corner?

    Combining his trademark thrilling, expansive storytelling with rigorous history and thought experiment, Dan Carlin connects past with future to explore the tipping points of collapsing civilisations - from the plague to nuclear war.

    Looking across every brush with apocalypse, crisis and collapse, this book also weighs, knowing all we do about human patterns, whether our world is likely to become a ruin for future archaeologists to dig up and explore.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • End of the Myth From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America
    End of the Myth From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America
    ISBN: 9781250214850
    Title: End of the Myth From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America
    Author: GRANDIN GREG


    A new and eye-opening interpretation of the meaning of the frontier, from early westward expansion to Trump's border wall.

    Ever since this nation's inception, the idea of an open and ever-expanding frontier has been central to American identity. Symbolizing a future of endless promise, it was the foundation of the United States' belief in itself as an exceptional nation - democratic, individualistic, forward-looking. Today, though, America hasa new symbol: the border wall.

    InThe End of the Myth, acclaimed historian Greg Grandin explores the meaning of the frontier throughout the full sweep of U.S. history - from the American Revolution to the War of 1898, the New Deal to the election of 2016. For centuries, he shows, America's constant expansion - fighting wars and opening markets - served as a "gate of escape," helping to deflect domestic political and economic conflicts outward. But this deflection meant that the country's problems, from racism to inequality, werenever confronted directly. And now, the combined catastrophe of the 2008 financial meltdown and our unwinnable wars in the Middle East have slammed this gate shut, bringing political passions that had long been directed elsewhere back home.

    It is this new reality, Grandin says, that explains the rise of reactionary populism and racist nationalism, the extreme anger and polarization that catapulted Trump to the presidency. The border wall may or may not be built, but it will survive as a rallying point, an allegorical tombstone marking the end of American exceptionalism.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Endeavour: The Ship That Changed the World
    Endeavour: The Ship That Changed the World
    ISBN: 9781784703929
    Title: Endeavour: The Ship That Changed the World
    Author: MOORE PETER

    Endeavour is the story of a ship, an idea, and a way of looking at the world. It is grounded in the Enlightenment, an age of endeavors, with Britain consumed by the impulse for grand projects undertaken at speed. Endeavour was also the name given to a collier--a commonplace coal-carrying vessel--made of oak, bought by the Royal Navy in 1768. No one could have guessed it would go on to become the most significant ship in the chronicle of British exploration. As Charles Darwin wrote, Endeavour added an entire hemisphere to the civilized world when it carried Captain James Cook on his first major voyage, newly charting the existence of New Zealand and the eastern coast of Australia.

    Endeavour also had a role in American history. During the battles for control of New York in 1776, she witnessed the bloody birth of the republic. As well as carrying botanists, a Polynesian priest, and the remains of the first kangaroo to arrive in Britain, she transported Hessian soldiers to American shores as well as Newcastle coal. NASA ultimately named a space shuttle in her honor. But to others she was a toxic symbol of empire, responsible for dispossession and disruption.

    The first history of its kind, Peter Moore's Endeavour: The Ship That Changed the World is the epic telling of the ship's many lives. Using meticulous research, Moore tells the story of one of history's most defining sailing ships, and in turn shines new light on the ambition and consequences of the Enlightenment.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.00
  • Endell Street: The Suffragette Surgeons of World War One
    Endell Street: The Suffragette Surgeons of World War One
    ISBN: 9781786495846
    Title: Endell Street: The Suffragette Surgeons of World War One
    Author: MOORE WENDY

    When the First World War broke out, the suffragettes suspended their campaigning and joined the war effort. For pioneering suffragette doctors (and life partners) Flora Murray and Louisa Garrett Anderson that meant moving to France, where they set up two small military hospitals amidst fierce opposition.

    Yet their medical and organisational skills were so impressive that in 1915 Flora and Louisa were asked by the War Ministry to return to London and establish a new military hospital in a vast and derelict old workhouse in Covent Garden's Endell Street. That they did, creating a 573-bed hospital staffed from top to bottom by female surgeons, doctors and nurses, and developing entirely new techniques to deal with the horrific mortar and gas injuries suffered by British soldiers. Receiving 28,000 wounded men over the next four years, Flora and Louisa created such a caring atmosphere that soldiers begged to be sent to Endell Street. And then, following the end of the war and the Spanish Flu outbreak, the hospital was closed and Flora, Louisa and their staff were once again sidelined in the medical profession.

    The story of Endell Street provides both a keyhole view into the horrors and thrills of wartime London and a long-overdue tribute to the brilliance and bravery of an extraordinary group of women.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Enemy of All Mankind: A True Story of Piracy, Power, & History's First Global Manhunt
    Enemy of All Mankind: A True Story of Piracy, Power, & History's First Global Manhunt
    ISBN: 9780593187616
    Title: Enemy of All Mankind: A True Story of Piracy, Power, & History's First Global Manhunt

    Henry Every was the seventeenth century's most notorious pirate. The press published wildly popular-and wildly inaccurate-reports of his nefarious adventures. The British government offered enormous bounties for his capture, alive or (preferably) dead. But Steven Johnson argues that Every's most lasting legacy was his inadvertent triggering of a major shift in the global economy. Enemy of All Mankind focuses on one key event-the attack on an Indian treasure ship by Every and his crew-and its surprising repercussions across time and space. It's the gripping tale one of the most lucrative crimes in history, the first international manhunt, and the trial of the seventeenth century.

    Johnson uses the extraordinary story of Henry Every and his crimes to explore the emergence of the East India Company, the British Empire, and the modern global marketplace- a densely interconnected planet ruled by nations and corporations. How did this unlikely pirate and his notorious crime end up playing a key role in the birth of multinational capitalism? In the same mode as Johnson's classic historical thriller The Ghost Map, Enemy of All Mankind deftly traces the path from a single struck match to a global conflagration.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Erebus: The Story of a Ship
    Erebus: The Story of a Ship
    ISBN: 9781784758578
    Title: Erebus: The Story of a Ship


    In the early years of Queen Victoria's reign, HMS Erebus undertook two of the most ambitious naval expeditions of all time.

    On the first, she ventured further south than any human had ever been. On the second, she vanished with her 129-strong crew in the wastes of the Canadian Arctic.

    Her fate remained a mystery for over 160 years.

    Then, in 2014, she was found.

    This is her story.


    'Beyond terrific . . . I didn't want it to end.' Bill Bryson

    'Illuminated by flashes of gentle wit . . . It's a fascinating story that Palin brings full-bloodedly to life.' Guardian

    'This is an incredible book . . . The Erebus story is the Arctic epic we've all been waiting for.' Nicholas Crane

    'Thoroughly absorbs the reader. . . Carefully researched and well-crafted, it brings the story of a ship vividly to life.' Sunday Times

    'A great story . . . Told in a very relaxed and sometimes - as you might expect - very funny Palin style.' David Baddiel, Daily Mail

    'Magisterial . . . Brings energy, wit and humanity to a story that has never ceased to tantalise people since the 1840s.' The Times

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Europeans: Three Lives & the Making of a Cosmopolitan Culture
    Europeans: Three Lives & the Making of a Cosmopolitan Culture
    ISBN: 9780141979434
    Title: Europeans: Three Lives & the Making of a Cosmopolitan Culture

    From the "master of historical narrative" (Financial Times), a dazzling, richly detailed, panoramic work--the first to document the genesis of a continent-wide European culture.

    The nineteenth century in Europe was a time of unprecedented artistic achievement. It was also the first age of cultural globalization--an epoch when mass communications and high-speed rail travel brought Europe together, overcoming the barriers of nationalism and facilitating the development of a truly European canon of artistic, musical, and literary works. By 1900, the same books were being read across the continent, the same paintings reproduced, the same music played in homes and heard in concert halls, the same operas performed in all the major theatres.

    Drawing from a wealth of documents, letters, and other archival materials, acclaimed historian Orlando Figes examines the interplay of money and art that made this unification possible. At the center of the book is a poignant love triangle: the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev; the Spanish prima donna Pauline Viardot, with whom Turgenev had a long and intimate relationship; and her husband Louis Viardot, an art critic, theater manager, and republican activist. Together, Turgenev and the Viardots acted as a kind of European cultural exchange--they either knew or crossed paths with Delacroix, Berlioz, Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, the Schumanns, Hugo, Flaubert, Dickens, and Dostoyevsky, among many other towering figures.

    As Figes observes, nearly all of civilization's great advances have come during periods of heightened cosmopolitanism--when people, ideas, and artistic creations circulate freely between nations. Vivid and insightful, The Europeans shows how such cosmopolitan ferment shaped artistic traditions that came to dominate world culture.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Exterminate All the Brutes
    Exterminate All the Brutes
    ISBN: 9781847081988
    Title: Exterminate All the Brutes

    Over twenty years ago, Sven Lindqvist, one of the great pioneers of a new kind of experiential history writing, set out across Central Africa. Obsessed with a single line from Conrad's The Heart of Darkness - Kurtz's injunction to 'Exterminate All the Brutes' - he braided an account of his experiences with a profound historical investigation, revealing to the reader with immediacy and cauterizing force precisely what Europe's imperial powers had exacted on Africa's people over the course of the preceding two centuries.

    Shocking, humane, crackling with imaginative energies and moral purpose, Exterminate All the Brutes stands as an impassioned, timeless classic. It is essential reading for anybody ready to come to terms with the brutal, racist history on which Europe built its wealth.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Exterminate All the Brutes &, Desert Divers
    Exterminate All the Brutes &, Desert Divers
    ISBN: 9781847082329
    Title: Exterminate All the Brutes &, Desert Divers

    Published for the first time in one volume, Sven Lindqvist's uncategorizable, beautiful and angry books about the African continent and the legacy of colonialism. Exterminate All the Brutes takes us on an intellectual trip to 'the heart of the darkness' of the European mind and its attitude towards Africa, tracing the legacy of European explorers, missionaries, politicians and historians in Africa from the late eighteenth century onwards.

    Its sequel, Desert Divers, describes Lindqvist's journey through Algeria and Morocco, and explores the way European writers of the early twentieth century plunged into the stony, baking expanse of the Sahara, drawn by their own strange dreams.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Eyewitness 1917: Year That Changed the World The Russian Revolution Through Eyewitness Accounts
    Eyewitness 1917: Year That Changed the World The Russian Revolution Through Eyewitness Accounts
    ISBN: 9781906257279
    Title: Eyewitness 1917: Year That Changed the World The Russian Revolution Through Eyewitness Accounts

    - Groundbreaking approach to popular history based upon the unique 'Project1917' website that tells the story of 1917 in the form of social media, introducing a multitude of diverse voices recounting events as they happen- New material uncovered by an ongoing team of researchers and experts in Moscow, including previously unpublished photographs- Will be published to coincide with publicity marking the centenary of the October (November as per current calendar) revolutionIn the lead-up to the centenary of the Russian Revolution in 2017, a team of researchers led by writer Mikhail Zygar posed a question: how to make the story of one of the most extraordinary years in Russian and world history relevant to today? Their answer lay in going back to the source material - diaries, memoirs, letters, news reports - and presenting it as a digital project, a daily feed delivered through social media platforms. This was Project 1917: each day subscribers would receive posts not from twenty-first-century contemporaries but from those living through the events of a hundred years earlier. The reader was able to eavesdrop on intimate conversations, trenchant commentary and ferocious debates on all sides of the revolutionary struggle. The reaction was remarkable: posts were 'liked' and 'retweeted' by thousands, many of them prompting real-time responses, as if readers hoped to strike up a direct conversation with figures from the past.In the two years since 2017, Project 1917, in collaboration with Pushkin House and Fontanka publishers, have worked to bring this rich source material together as a book. Presented in 12 chapters and illustrated throughout with archive photography, the book charts the course of an extraordinary year encompassing two revolutions, the end of the Romanovs and the rise of the Bolsheviks. Eyewitness 1917 is almost entirely unmediated - it is an account of the year in the words of those who lived through it: not just powerbrokers like Nicholas II, Kerensky and Lenin, but many others whose voices are often not heard - private citizens, ordinary soldiers, child diarists. The result is a dramatic retelling of the revolutionary story, as the reader shares the excitement and confusion of those caught up in events beyond their control.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Fallout: Conspiracy, Cover-Up & the Deceitful Case for the Atom Bomb
    Fallout: Conspiracy, Cover-Up & the Deceitful Case for the Atom Bomb
    ISBN: 9781471164514
    Title: Fallout: Conspiracy, Cover-Up & the Deceitful Case for the Atom Bomb
    Author: WATSON PETER

    Between December 1943 and August 1944, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill ignited the Cold War, a superpower rivalry that would dominate the world over half a century, by building an atomic bomb and excluding their Russian allies. Peter Watson tells the pulse-pounding story of how two atomic physicists tried to counter this in two very different ways. While Niels Bohr sought to convince President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill to share their nuclear knowledge with Joseph Stalin, nuclear scientist Klaus Fuchs, a German Communist emigre to Britain, was leaking atomic secrets to the Soviets in a rival attempt to ensure parity between the superpowers. Neither succeeded in preventing the World War II allies from unleashing the atom bomb on the world.

    Fallout proves that the atomic bomb was not needed, and was made as a result of a series of flawed decisions. The Americans did not tell the UK that the atomic research was compromised by Soviet spies; the British did not tell the Americans that in 1943 they knew for sure that Germany did not have a nuclear bomb program. Neither country admitted to the scientists developing the bomb that it would never be used to counter the (non-existent) German nuclear threat. Had the scientists known, many of them would have refused to complete work on the bomb.
    This story shows how politicians fatally failed to understand the nature of atomic science and, in so doing, exposed the world needlessly to great danger, a danger that is still very much with us.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.00
  • Fifty Years On: The Troubles & the Struggle for Change in Northern Ireland
    Fifty Years On: The Troubles & the Struggle for Change in Northern Ireland
    ISBN: 9781786496669
    Title: Fifty Years On: The Troubles & the Struggle for Change in Northern Ireland

    An evocative memoir that explores the Troubles in Northern Ireland and their legacy, published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the start of the armed violence that marked the beginning of this period.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Figuring Out the Past: The 1,073 Vital Statistics That Explain World History
    Figuring Out the Past: The 1,073 Vital Statistics That Explain World History
    ISBN: 9781788161923
    Title: Figuring Out the Past: The 1,073 Vital Statistics That Explain World History

    What was history's biggest empire? Or the tallest building of the ancient world? What was the average life expectancy in medieval Byzantium? The average wage in Old Kingdom Egypt? Where did scientific writing first emerge? What was the bloodiest ritual human sacrifice ever?We are used to thinking about history in terms of stories. Yet we understand our own world through data: vast arrays of statistics that reveal the workings of our societies. So, join the radical historians Peter Turchin and Dan Hoyer for a dive into the numbers that reveal the true shape of the past. Drawing on their own Seshat project, a staggeringly ambitious attempt to log each piece of demographic and econometric information that can be reliably estimated for every society that has ever existed, Figuring Out The Past does more than tell the story of the past: it shows you the large-scale patterns.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $33.00
  • First Contact & Cult of Progress: Civilisations Series
    First Contact & Cult of Progress: Civilisations Series
    ISBN: 9781781259979
    Title: First Contact & Cult of Progress: Civilisations Series

    Companion to the major new BBC documentary series CIVILISATIONS, presented by Mary Beard, David Olusoga and Simon Schama.
    Oscar Wilde said 'Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.' Was he right? In Civilisations, David Olusoga travels the world to piece together the shared histories that link nations. In Part One, First Contact, we discover what happened to art in the great Age of Discovery, when civilisations encountered each other for the first time. Although undoubtedly a period of conquest and destruction, it was also one of mutual curiosity, global trade and the exchange of ideas. In Part Two, The Cult of Progress, we see how the Industrial Revolution transformed the world, impacting every corner, and every civilisation, from the cotton mills of the Midlands through Napoleon's conquest of Egypt to the decimation of both Native American and Maori populations and the advent of photography in Paris in 1839. Incredible art - both looted and created - relays the key events and their outcomes throughout the world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
    First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
    ISBN: 9780732265915
    Title: First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
    Author: UNG LOUNG

    A daughter of Cambodia remembers.Until age five, Loung Ung lived in Phnom Penh, one of seven children of an educated, high-ranking government official. When the Kymer Rouge stormed the city in 1975, the young girl and her family fled from village to village. Fighting to hide their identity, the Ungs eventually were forced to separate to survive. Loung was trained as a child soldier in a work camp for orphans. As half her family died in labour camps by execution, starvation, and disease, Loung herself grew increasingly resilient and determined - armed with indomitable will, she miraculously managed to outlast the Khmer Rouge and survive the killing fields. First They Killed My Father is her astonishing story, a memorable human drama of courage and survival against all odds.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $31.00
  • Four Hundred Souls A Community History of African America 1619-2019
    Four Hundred Souls A Community History of African America 1619-2019
    ISBN: 9781847926906
    Title: Four Hundred Souls A Community History of African America 1619-2019

    Four Hundred Souls is an epoch-defining history of African America, the first to appear in a generation, told by ninety leading Black voices.

    The story begins with the arrival of twenty Ndongo people on the shores of the first British colony in mainland America in 1619, the year before the arrival of the Mayflower. In eighty chronological chapters, each by a different author and spanning five years, the book charts the four-hundred-year journey of African Americans to the present - a journey defined by inhuman oppression, visionary struggles and stunning achievements - in a choral work of exceptional power and beauty.

    Contributors include some of the leading writers, historians, journalists, lawyers, poets and activists of contemporary America. They use a variety of techniques - historical essays, short stories, personal vignettes and fiery polemics - and approach history from various perspectives- through the eyes of towering historical icons or the untold stories of ordinary people, populating these pages with hundreds of extraordinary lives and personalities. Together they illuminate countless new facets to the story of slavery and resistance, segregation and survival, migration and self-discovery, reinvention and hope. Through its diversity of perspectives the book shows that to be African American means many different things and demonstrates the startling range of experiences and ideas that have always existed within the community of Blackness.

    Four Hundred Souls is an essential work that redefines America and the way its history can be told.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • French Revolution
    French Revolution
    ISBN: 9781846685415
    Title: French Revolution
    Author: DAVIDSON IAN

    The fall of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 has become the commemorative symbol of the French Revolution. But this violent and random act was unrepresentative of the real work of the early revolution, which was taking place ten miles west of Paris, in Versailles. There, the nobles, clergy and commoners of France had just declared themselves a republic, toppling a rotten system of aristocratic privilege and altering the course of history forever.

    The Revolution was led not by angry mobs, but by the best and brightest of France's growing bourgeoisie: young, educated, ambitious. Their aim was not to destroy, but to build a better state. In just three months they drew up a Declaration of the Rights of Man, which was to become the archetype of all subsequent Declarations worldwide, and they instituted a system of locally elected administration for France which still survives today. They were determined to create an entirely new system of government, based on rights, equality and the rule of law. In the first three years of the Revolution they went a long way toward doing so. Then came Robespierre, the Terror and unspeakable acts of barbarism.

    In a clear, dispassionate and fast-moving narrative, Ian Davidson shows how and why the Revolutionaries, in just five years, spiralled from the best of the Enlightenment to tyranny and the Terror. The book reminds us that the Revolution was both an inspiration of the finest principles of a new democracy and an awful warning of what can happen when idealism goes wrong.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • From Here to Eternity: Travelling the World to Find the Good Death
    From Here to Eternity: Travelling the World to Find the Good Death
    ISBN: 9781474606530
    Title: From Here to Eternity: Travelling the World to Find the Good Death

    As a practising mortician, Caitlin Doughty has long been fascinated by our pervasive terror of dead bodies. In From Here to Eternity she sets out in search of cultures unburdened by such fears. With curiosity and morbid humour, Doughty introduces us to inspiring death-care innovators, participates in powerful death practices almost entirely unknown in the West and explores new spaces for mourning - including a futuristic glowing-Buddha columbarium in Japan, a candlelit Mexican cemetery, and America's only open-air pyre. In doing so she expands our sense of what it means to treat the dead with 'dignity' and reveals unexpected possibilities for our own death rituals.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • General Theory of Love
    General Theory of Love
    ISBN: 9780375709227
    Title: General Theory of Love
    Author: LEWIS THOMAS

    Drawing comparisons to the most eloquent science writing of our day, three eminent psychiatrists tackle the difficult task of reconciling what artists and thinkers have known for thousands of years about the human heart with what has only recently been learned about the primitive functions of the human brain. The result is an original, lucid, at times moving account of the complexities of love and its essential role in human well-being. A General Theory of Love draws on the latest scientific research to demonstrate that our nervous systems are not self-contained: from earliest childhood, our brains actually link with those of the people close to us, in a silent rhythm that alters the very structure of our brains, establishes life-long emotional patterns, and makes us, in large part, who we are. Explaining how relationships function, how parents shape their child's developing self, how psychotherapy really works, and how our society dangerously flouts essential emotional laws, this is a work of rare passion and eloquence that will forever change the way you think about human intimacy.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Genghis Khan & the Making of the Modern World
    Genghis Khan & the Making of the Modern World
    ISBN: 9780609809648
    Title: Genghis Khan & the Making of the Modern World

    The Mongol army led by Genghis Khan subjugated more lands and people in twenty-five years than the Romans did in four hundred. In nearly every country the Mongols conquered, they brought an unprecedented rise in cultural communication, expanded trade, and a blossoming of civilization. Vastly more progressive than his European or Asian counterparts, Genghis Khan abolished torture, granted universal religious freedom, and smashed feudal systems of aristocratic privilege. From the story of his rise through the tribal culture to the explosion of civilization that the Mongol Empire unleashed, this brilliant work of revisionist history is nothing less than the epic story of how the modern world was made. "Reads like the Iliad...Part travelogue, part epic narrative." -- Washington Post "It's hard to think of anyone else who rose from such inauspicious beginnings to something so awesome, except maybe Jesus."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • German Genius
    German Genius
    ISBN: 9781416526155
    Title: German Genius
    Author: WATSON PETER

    From the end of the Baroque age and the death of Bach in 1750 to the rise of Hitler in 1933, Germany was transformed from a poor relation among western nations into a dominant intellectual and cultural force more influential than France, Britain, Italy, Holland, and the United States. In the early decades of the 20th century, German artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, and engineers were leading their freshly-unified country to new and undreamed of heights, and by 1933, they had won more Nobel prizes than anyone else and more than the British and Americans combined. But this genius was cut down in its prime with the rise and subsequent fall of Adolf Hitler and his fascist Third Reich-a legacy of evil that has overshadowed the nation's contributions ever since.

    Yet how did the Germans achieve their pre-eminence beginning in the mid-18th century? In this fascinating cultural history, Peter Watson goes back through time to explore the origins of the German genius, how it flourished and shaped our lives, and, most importantly, to reveal how it continues to shape our world. As he convincingly demonstarates, while we may hold other European cultures in higher esteem, it was German thinking-from Bach to Nietzsche to Freud-that actually shaped modern America and Britain in ways that resonate today.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.00
  • Germany: Memories of a Nation
    Germany: Memories of a Nation
    ISBN: 9780141979786
    Title: Germany: Memories of a Nation

    From Neil MacGregor, the author of A History of the World in 100 Objects, this is a view of Germany like no other For the past 140 years, Germany has been the central power in continental Europe. Twenty-five years ago a new German state came into being. How much do we really understand this new Germany, and how do its people now understand themselves? Neil MacGregor argues that uniquely for any European country, no coherent, over-arching narrative of Germany's history can be constructed, for in Germany both geography and history have always been unstable. Its frontiers have constantly floated. Konigsberg, home to the greatest German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, is now Kaliningrad, Russia; Strasbourg, in whose cathedral Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany's greatest writer, discovered the distinctiveness of his country's art and history, now lies within the borders of France. For most of the five hundred years covered by this book Germany has been composed of many separate political units, each with a distinct history. And any comfortable national story Germans might have told themselves before 1914 was destroyed by the events of the following thirty years. German history may be inherently fragmented, but it contains a large number of widely shared memories, awarenesses and experiences; examining some of these is the purpose of this book. Beginning with the fifteenth-century invention of modern printing by Gutenberg, MacGregor chooses objects and ideas, people and places which still resonate in the new Germany - porcelain from Dresden and rubble from its ruins, Bauhaus design and the German sausage, the crown of Charlemagne and the gates of Buchenwald - to show us something of its collective imagination. There has never been a book about Germany quite like it."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
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