• Burmese Labyrinth

    Burmese Labyrinth
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    Title: Burmese Labyrinth

    A Nation in Perpetual Conflict with Itself In 2011, Burma embarked on a democratic transition that promised to distance the country from the legacy of a brutal military regime. Four years later, the first free election in decades saw a landslide victory for the party of celebrated Nobel Prize-winner Aung San Suu Kyi. Yet as the international community celebrated the end of the country's isolation, old conflicts were starting to rage. Burma has always existed in an uneasy balance between multiple ethnic groups and religions. Sardiña Galache examines the deep roots behind the ethnic divisions that hardened during the colonial period, and which so shockingly exploded in recent years. The new regime's oppression of the vulnerable Muslim Rohingya community rapidly intensified. By 2017, the conflict had escalated into a military onslaught against the Rohingya that provoked the most desperate refugee crisis of our times, as over 750,000 fled their homes for neighbouring Bangladesh. Combining first-hand reportage with in-depth analysis, The Burmese Labyrinth explores the historical origins of the nation wherein the roots of the contemporary crisis are to be found. Book jacket.

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