• Aotearotica

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    ISBN: 24636657
    Title: Aotearotica

    Aotearotica is New Zealand’s only erotic literary journal. It explores sex, sexuality and gender expression in New Zealand and beyond.

    Yet another slickly presented, beautifully styled journal filled with exciting and thoughtful art and writing about sex and gender. But come on... that's what you expect from us.

    Featuring comics from Nacho Casanova and Eddie Monotone, illustrations from Sonia Hensler, Senju, Xavier Schipani, Cinocefalo, Dennis Palacio Solano, Abrean Weidell and Chantelle Bunce, and writing from Ali May, Rachael Lundy, Breton Dukes, Annie Potts, Edward Spencer and Laura Borrowdale, Eled Duncan, Zoe Roland, Magenta Brown, Jessie Kollen, Steph Burt, and Teoti Jardine.

    Format: Paperback
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