• Broadsheet #11

    Broadsheet #11
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    ISBN: 9780707240510
    Title: Broadsheet #11
    Author: PIRIE MARK ED

    The eleventh issue features the North American poet Cameron La Follette from Salem, Oregon. The issue is the first journal to feature her poetry internationally. It includes comment on her work by editor Mark Pirie and Dr Niel Wright, her publisher in Wellington, New Zealand. Also included is new work by distinguished UK poet Richard Berengarten, Tony Beyer, Michael Duffett (USA), John O’Connor, John Dennison, Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle, Laura Morris, P V Reeves, Mark Pirie, and posthumous or republished work by two poets of New Zealand’s literary past: Erihapeti Murchie (1923-1997) and O E Hugo (1855?-1915).

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